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  1. A great fight and a great video, J5 Daedallus. Returned to base with a few holes in my trusty Se5A. Bulldog
  2. Hello Wellington! Would love to join and the Se5A is my favourite. Bulldog
  3. Seagoon: I've told you about Tangmere Pilots and will link up with Discord. Will check out 41 Squadron. Flying Circus this evening, squire? Bulldog
  4. Hello Bunny, I think I used to fly with you quite a lot when I was with Tangmere Pilots. Fly the Tempest, 109, Ju 88 and Se5A mainly these days. Can I say hello and buy beers? If Mothy is still there, perhaps not... Cheers, Bulldog
  5. S! Are there any friendly and knowledgeable Tempest and Se5A squadrons out there who fly without external views and are fly GMT? We are two experienced pilots. Bulldog
  6. Me too as CPS_Bulldog. First sim was B-17 Bomber on the Intellivision. Bulldog
  7. Some other recent titles from Fonthill Media...
  8. Hello! Sorry, have no idea. That was a while back when I was at Ian Allan Publishing.
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