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  1. Sorry for the late reply, Timezone wise most probably not, but I do wing up sometimes via sherrifs discord.
  2. The 1st login attempt always fails, the 2nd time works. It lengthens my login time and is irritating. Opening ports did not help.
  3. Game crashes to desktop when i opened the basic settings from main menu while flying. Happened twice using yak 1b with mirror mod.
  4. did the server building catch fire or something? hyperlobby is overdue for bos
  5. I have the same problem. Wastes my time after launch. Will try to uninstall nvidia junk after work and see.
  6. Hi, Tired of getting bounced when soloing. Looking for more coordinated play in multiplayer during evenings here. edited: to clarify on timezone not ethnicity/nationality Thanks!
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