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  1. yep, been complaining about this for a while and the devs haven't done anything to fix it. Neither of the ground attack orders work, the AI will not do anything. It'd be cool if the developers could actually fix this because its somewhat game breaking.
  2. Flying the IL2 in the campaign, AI wingman still refuse to attack any ground targets regardless of the type of order i give.
  3. The lagg3 was severely underpowered and the early yak series whilst better, still were no match for the 109s during this period of the war. They are suppose to feel heavy as they are completely outclassed in engine performance. As for the constant movement of the aircraft, i agree its quite off. Planes don't constantly move around like they do in this sim, especially at high speeds.
  4. There are a few of us that fly together if anyone is interested in joining us, we use vent as comms. Just hit me up on steam "Kogru" is my tag and add me to your friends list.
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