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  1. CH Flightstick Pro+CH Pro Pedals+CH Pro Throttle or Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS+Rudder pedals of your choosing. I will be getting the CH setup myself shortly.
  2. Thanks man, I did set the Pilot head movements. Engine.. is a bit confusing. I'll turn it off but it will not come back on. Throttle is set, No idea what trim is lol. (rudder, maybe?) Weapons are set. Is there some sort of team speak I can hop on to learn a few things? Flying feels super clunky at the moment.
  3. SLI is disabled at the moment, but my setup is a tiny bit better than yours and I'm getting a smooth 144fps capped. That's with just one 780Ti. Triple monitor is unsupported at the moment as far as I know.
  4. I am able to stay at 144fps constantly on Ultra preset. i7 2700k @ 4.8ghz 780Ti X2 (just using one card for this game) Raid 0 SSDs
  5. Yeah I just got done installing the software. I had to map most of the movements. Just finished learning how to get off of the ground. Now working on reading the map..
  6. So I managed to find my old Saitek x45 from my IL-2 1946 days. I know, it's crap compared to what's out right now. I just need it for a few weeks till i can scrounge together the money for a proper CH or Thrustmaster setup. I was hoping the game would auto-detect the joystick and get everything setup for me. But the controls do nothing in-game for the most part. Only shooting or moving the camera around works. Is there some kind of profile I need to download? I may also need a guide to getting off of the ground as well. Thanks.
  7. I just bought the game 5 minutes ago. A friend showed me the light a few days ago. Used to play 1946 on the hyperlobby(?) servers back in the day. Had no idea this game existed.
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