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  1. Just wondering, all the other german aces are listed, Galland, Bär, etc. but where is Hartmann? With 352 confirmed kills!? Or is it something "political".
  2. So I was just awarded the Ritterkreuz with Oakleaves and Swords, and the Original Ritterkreuz without Echenlaub, well just vanished!? Probably a Bug?
  3. I don't believe a Mediterranean Map would be necessary, I'm just talking about the Italian Squadron in Russia, flying for the germans! Like the Spanish "Blue" Squadron. Ooops, we could do with them too I know its probably too much, will probably never be made due to the amount of data required. But back then when IL2 Forgotten Battles came out, well it worked there!?
  4. As we can fly with Italian planes, i doubt they had germans flying. I think it would be cool to have an italian story behind and appropriate ranks and medals!
  5. When will this be a full blown game? Campaign mode, etc.? Anybody know any dates? And if you look at my Military Beret Badge I served in for 12 years, well no comment Leopard II, if anybody wondering
  6. Is there any chance of the Battle of Britain planned, as a campaign like Bodenplatte?
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