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  1. Before I adjusted colors I did feel like sde was as in Pimax 5k+, but after I added more saturation and contrast to the picture for some reason it felt more like vive pro. I even hooked up pimax back to see how it looks with adjusted colors, but it still was not close to index and vive pro.
  2. My index was getting really hot when I tried it first time, but now I think it was due to bad display port connection I had, that also led to snow like effect visible on black and couple times it lost connection from pc. But after I reconnected headset to a different display port, connection issues were gone, and I feel like the headset is not hot anymore, it still tends to warm on the front top, but not as much.
  3. I had the same feeling when I put my index at the beginning. But the thing is that it is not that lcd display colors are bad, it is that game developers used oled display vr set, and they set colors for that type of display. So, I used lefunestes mod to adjust colors, and now i set them pretty much what I feel like I had in vive pro with lens mod, but with wide fov and without those lens distortions. I love index's sound and mic. The only thing that I don't like is godrays.
  4. I use only 10x factor, so I tried to set w=10 on other two keys and adjust vertical shift there with no luck. Edit: Used jsgme to install and remove mods. 11.3 mod started working with some red text warning about invalid key inputs on start of the game. Also 12.5 seems to work for me now. Not sure what changed, but zoom settings somehow got saved, I did not even need to change them after several times reinstalling.
  5. Hello, I am trying to set zoom using 12.5 version on vive pro, but currently was only able to adjust horizontal offset. For some reason vertical shift gets adjusted, but when I press zoom key by itself it is still zooming too high. Although vertical shift adjustment is saved somwere, because when I try to readjust it it goes to last adjusted spot. Changing settings manually in the file does not seem to have any effect. Also when I tryed remove 12.5 using uninstal bat file and installing 11.3 back game would not start with different error messages.
  6. I tested this version with shades disabled, and can confirm that zoom works properly now.
  7. I found the reason why it didn't work. I turned off shadows, and that led to zoom not working. After turning it back on zoom is back at normal
  8. Was there another game patch that broke zoom again? On my pimax 5k+ seems, that right eye zoom is zooming way too far to the right (I tried to change zoom factor in user settings file without success) . I started game with 10.7 mod today, and it had this issue. Afer removing with bat uninstal file and updating to 11.0 still have the same issue. I see in the steam that there were IL 2 download 59.8 Mb today.
  9. Yes, seems that zoom is broken. Buildings are detached, at least planes and transport still zoomable.
  10. I have i7 8700k @ 5.0MHz, RTX 2080ti card. Do you use in game antialiasing? What gamma level do you prefer?
  11. Just got my Pimax 5k+ yesterday, and trying to set it in IL 2. Knowing that some players here have their pimaxes for some period of time, I would like to ask them to share settings they find the best for spotting and identification of contacts in IL 2.
  12. Move you head(headset) to the desired cockpit position and press F10 to save. Recenter using in game key (numpad 5 by default I think).
  13. I have the same issue as others with shadows. I didn't try low shadows (I will when I get to my pc). I was able to get rid of the issue only by disabling shadows or turning off cloud fix. With the cloud fix off almost all shadows that block clouds dissappear, but the shadows right next to cocpit frame still blank out clouds. Tested on Stalingrad and Kuban summer and spring maps. Vive pro, settings: balance preset, low shadows, high clouds, sharpen on, antialliasing 2, mirrors off, ssao off, hdr off, 70 km distance, normal grass, blured ground. Also tried to turn on ssao and hdr with no luck.
  14. Same thing on vive pro. Zoom works onStalingrad map, but on Moscow map objects separate from landscape. For vive pro having IPD 67.4 I was able to set zoom correctly with following settings: zoom x10 - x6 = 0.19, y6 = 0.19, x7 = -0.85; zoom x5 x6 = 0.1, y6 = 0.1, x7 = -0.45
  15. what is the bloom effect glitch? I have somwhat double vision on the horizon line when turn Alt+left arrow ipd like correction mode. Is this it or something else? edit: not Alt+u, Alt+left arrow
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