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  1. Someone forgot to put down their landing gear
  2. IL 2 scripted campaign Hell Hawks Over The Bulge mission 1 Arrival. Taxiing onto the runway, taking off, an uneventful relaxing flight & landed safely. https://odysee.com/@tcttgames:8/IL2HHOTB1:c IL 2 scripted campaign Hell Hawks Over The Bulge mission 2 Initiation. Taxiing onto runway, take off, flying, bombing & strafing run, heading home & landing. https://odysee.com/@tcttgames:8/IL2HHOTB2:f IL 2 scripted campaign Hell Hawks Over The Bulge mission 3 Hornet's Nest. Take off, fly, bomb & strafe, fly home, land. https://odysee.
  3. Just tried the first mission, gotta echo what other have already said, the added radio chatter really does make a huge difference, think i'm going to really enjoy this campaign, great job, cheers.
  4. Been playing this campaign the last couple of days, up to mission 10 at the moment, first scripted campaign i have tried, enjoying it that much (even all the times i have had to restart after going face first into the trees when trying to do a bombing/strafing run) it made me go and buy Ten Days of Autumn, Havoc Over The Kuban, Achtung Spitfire!, Ice Ring & Hell Hawks Over the Bulge, hopefully i enjoy all those as much as i have this which i'm sure i will, cheers.
  5. Just tried out the U2, quite the experience in VR, can almost feel the wind blowing through your hair (or flowing over the place where hair used to be in my case) think i may have to get the Flying Circus dlc at some point when i have some spare cash, thanks again for the amazing gift.
  6. For anyone having trouble trying to find out where to activate the gift, I had a little trouble trying to activate the wonderful gift from Tzigy myself till i realised i had to log into the main site and not just the forum, click on profile then license keys, activate it in there.
  7. Would love a U2 if possible. Very generous of you.
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