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  1. Can someone post a mission with 31,000ft (or near enough) clouds, I have the mods installed correctly, still haven't seen any massive high clouds? Does anyone have a photo or screenshot of some of the new high cumulonimbus clouds at 31,000 odd feet? I even replaced all summer heavy clouds with the sky config files inside the file from the cumulonimbus mod and still haven't come across them...they should be forced to load when heavy weather has been chosen...but nope, nothing. I haven't found them in quick missions, official missions or any generated mission made by PWCG. Otherwise the v12(.1) cloud mod is working as expected but the cumulonimbus mod doesn't seem to be doing anything.
  2. 1 Is in PWCG campaign generator 2 Plenty in PWCG campaign generator 3 Is in PWCG campaign generator 4 Not in any mod or PWCG campaign generator 5 Is in PWCG campaign generator
  3. I thought that was the alternative aircraft visual option in the before mission settings (NORMAL, COMPLEX etc) so was going to try and disable that to see if those outlines go away.
  4. Yip installed V12 BEFORE cumulonimbus I mod a lot so know my way around modded games. I'm trying a full complete reinstall to see if that makes any difference. I'm also playing through a PWCG campaign so hope to see the clouds pop in to one of those missions as well.
  5. I have run over 40+ quick missions on heavy clouds with this mod on. Clouds update fine and look great....except. Have the mods loaded via JGSME like this Clouds V12 Cumulonimbus gpresets No other mods installed. I have been unable to find or see any Cumulonimbus clouds at all, let alone going up to 31,000ft clouds. I have used all maps and different seasons as well. Is there a command to force the 'type' of heavy clouds set that will be used so I can test if the mod is working correctly as I can't believe in 40+ quick missions i have just got unlucky with the mission not selecting one of the 3/10 heavy cloud sets that contain Cumulonimbus clouds in it. Does this even work in the quick missions generator?
  6. It is already at ultra. Max detail on everything possible. This is an issue of color difference not graphical draw distance as it will never be spawning assets 150km out. They need to match the color patterns to fix the issue.
  7. Il2 is a great game. But all great games can improve as this one has been. I would like the team to look at altering the far distance forest textures to match the color of the teams that will eventually spawn when in view. The bottom photo show the vastly different contrasts of colors between the spawned trees and the out of draw distance texture. I propose that the colors need to change so this eye sore is not so apparent as it is, as it doesn't need to be. Changing the color of the texture to more closely match the soon to spawn forest will not take up any further resources which will effect FPS or performance. Well it shouldn't do. The top picture shows that sometimes a forest more closely matches the texture and the spawn line is less visible. Can anything be done to alter these far off forest colors or is anything getting done?
  8. https://www.pcgamer.com/germany-lifts-ban-on-swastikas-in-videogames/ Will this bring a patch change to il2 flightsim games graphically accuracy? Time to put the swastika where it should be.
  9. The returns is support for customers that are supporting the business. It is not hard to have the Ai select a target airfield for medivac, VIP, cargo and transport deliveries or a target spot for a paratroop drop. It would assign escorts as per usual in missions now and any defenders. We don't need kill stats etc. Just getting home safe is the goal. Its war after all not a leaderboard. If more content (dynamic campaign career) was available for the aircraft it could very well encourage more to players to purchase the aircraft. If they don't have content for it then why would you expect people to purchase it?
  10. The JU52 can have transport missions, cargo missions, VIP missions, paratrooper missions... you only need to add fly here land here or fly here drop out cargo/paratroopers here. Does it need to be that hard>?
  11. "should make up for this hard work and release delay" So what is the expected release date now that it has been delayed? No mention of a delay earlier other than this sentence now unless I missed a previous delay update. ALSO Is there missions in the dynamic campaign for the flyable JU52 aircraft? I can find no info on this question. I would like to have the choice to do a career in this aircraft for a change of pace. For a premium add on aircraft it is surprisingly unloved in its content within the game.
  12. Any chance the JU52 could be added to the PWCG? Could do simple cargo flights or parachute/cargo drops as missions. Is there any reason it hasn't been added before(code issue)? I know its not everyone's cup of tea but a relaxing JU52 flight before getting shot down seems like a nice change of pace to me.
  13. Han...can we have any update on the dynamic campaign or has nothing started on this yet? I know the timeline but I'm guessing things must have started on this by now..
  14. Looks like it is progressing nicely. It certainly has potential to be a great battle zone. Would be great to see the map/environment pictures without the blue fog in the background killing the draw distance (hopefully this is just because it is still Alpha) and I hope the water is improved as it develops as it looks more like a sea of shiny mercury right now than the beautiful blue of the black sea.
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