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  1. **************************** Edited by Bearcat 12/21/14
  2. Hi, Thank you both for your responces. cleared up a few things, now i can get on with enjoying the game . I have come over from cliffs over dover, so i was hoping to get my controls setup something like i have there. I appreciate its a WIP, so i obviously have patience while they work on it. Cheers
  3. Hi, Just confirmed it, i dont seem to be able to change radiators at all, even in expert... with keys mapped etc . This is still in the 109f. if someone could confirm whether this is normal it would be awesome. Cheers
  4. Hi all, So i have recently bought the premium edition and am looking forward to loosing many of hours of my life to such a good flight sim. Whilst i appreciate this is still a WIP, i am encountering some issues with controls. So as an idea of my setup, i have as follows: trackir 5 saitec cesna trim wheel saitec throttle quadrant thrustmaster t flight hotas I am reasonabley familar with the BASIC controls needed to get a plane up in the air, however, for some bizaire reason i am unable to get the radiators to work in the 109F. So i figured out, the radiators are automatic ... or at least can be in expert, but in beginner and normal they are auto is this correct? The first flight i took was in a custom game, all help turned off , full real. I set the open/ close action on both radiators to two of the throttles, with the other being for ... throttle This didnt work, no matter what i did i could only increase throttle. I mapped a key to turn auto rads on / off, but again this didnt seem to work. Now i did figure out the funky way to set an action to an axis, makes sense now i think about it, however, i have spent at least 4 hours now setting my keys to something like i have in cliffs over dover and am desperate to get stuck into learning the planes! Any help / advise appreciated! Regards
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