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  1. Guess what this thing is used for? "My eyes are dim I cannot see, I have not got my E-6B with me, over the Valley of the Ruhr". (World War II USAAC ditty) "His computer is the instrument on which he stakes his life ... Don’t ask for his computer, for he’d sooner lend his wife". (Navigator's Song, 1943)
  2. It's like gears in a car. The coarser the pitch, the higher the gear. You use coarse pitch to go faster, but you need to be fast to use it. Just like gears in a car. You don't start a car in fifth gear, but you need to be in fifth gear to get as fast as the car can go. You start the plane in fine pitch, but when you have some airspeed under you, you can get more coarse. Also, you wouldn't climb a hill in fifth gear in a car. When you are climbing in the plane, you would expect to go more fine with the pitch.
  3. TeamSpeak - It's just a matter of getting folks to use it. It's even got this lovely WW2 plugin that adds static crackle and radio 'colour'.
  4. Great work, I've been trying to get something like this for BoS: Authentic. But then so much doesn't match when you put it agains the game map as an overlay.
  5. That's a fantastic link. I'm hoping to see a 1:500,000 that looks like this: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/stalingradassortedmaps/Library%20of%20Congress/slides/M-38-114-B.html
  6. These are pretty Good Too.: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/stalingradassortedmaps/Library%20of%20Congress/index.html
  7. Personally I'm hoping to find something like this in a 1:250,000 or a 1:500,000. Or this in a 300 DPI version: If anyone knows where we can find the next maps in this series (to the left) that would be an awesome find.
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