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  1. As I said, it can’t be a resource thing. WOFF team is just two or three people IIRC, and they delivered amazing AI and alive world in which other planes are flying around the map, conducting their own missions and everything feels authentic. And all that on a modded CFS engine. How card can it be to make the AI at least not pursue you from miles away? It’s such a shame that it’s still not fixed.
  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like you offended me. I just understand that it’s a touchy subject so I wanted to clarify why I want them in my game. Thanks for your suggestions!
  3. So is the AI always attacking you and always knowing where you are not an issue anymore? Also, how much does using PWCG help?
  4. I don’t understand the skin structure. There are default skins, PWCG skins and the historical skins pack. I’m confused how to replace them all, so that I don’t end up with some planes with swastikas and some without them. Being of Jewish descent it’s very important for me to have swastikas in my game, I feel passionate about history and I hate washing it down, trying to cover nazism under the carpet. Pretending that Luftwaffe planes did not carry that shameful symbol. It feels so incredibly wrong. We must never forget and removing them is shameful.
  5. Is there a skin pack that eliminates ahistorical skins from the game and uses accurate ones instead?
  6. I have a new gaming PC on its way and thought about trying Il-2 again. I wonder if AI and encounter ratio are still bad. One thing that made me give up on Il-2 was it’s absolutely terrible encounter ratio and AI that always attacks you, rather than consider its odds first. It’s especially bad when I get jumped on every bomber mission, and the enemy always knows where I am, even from miles away. Is it still the same? It’s really odd as the tiny dev team behind WOFF made their AI absolutely amazing, while such a big budget project didn’t.
  7. IL-2 with B.A.T. mod is absolutely amazing. It improves graphics immensely and expands the plane number to around 2,000, if memory serves. I'm not even playing the new one as this one has all the maps I like - Mediterranean, Pacific, Battle of Britain - all the maps that are not available in the new version. Freedom is something I enjoy a lot.
  8. I remember that there were plans to introduce the Pacific Theatre to the game, any news regarding that?
  9. Where can I find skin names? I tried the data/graphics/skins but I can only find the default ones there.
  10. Is it possible to manually change squadron’s skin?
  11. Playing as an Il-2 pilot near Rjev in October 1941, I’ve noticed two bugs. 1. German artillery unit spawns in the river. 2. My pilot was seriously wounded and didn’t receive the wound stripe but instead got the Order of Glory which didn’t exist at the time, it was introduced in 1943. Actually, one more - I returned to squadron and it’s November 30th now but all Soviet planes are still green. Is this intended?
  12. I’ve started recruiting players for a campaign set in the ancient China, or more specifically, the time of the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Player characters will embark on an adventure in the southern part of Liu Bei’s country, fighting barbarians and rebels, uncovering plots, catching spies and generally pacifying the untamed lands so that they may prove useful to the noble Liu Bei and support his struggle for a unified China. I plan to have a dynamic world, where players’ actions change the landscape of the land, which would still remain realistic with masses of refugees and Liu Bei’s support. Players will make vital decisions on the province’s development and perhaps in the future, they may even be put in charge of it. Overall, I plan a realistic campaign, with a lot of roleplaying but also quite a bit of fighting - things can sometimes be avoided by diplomacy, but people like the fanatical Yellow Turbans are unlikely to negotiate. Similarly, while mental skills will be useful to uncover spies, they will try to do everything to escape so expect hired bandits and traps along the way. Should you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/recruitment-to-sow-a-thousand-pears.847446/
  13. I’ve played 8 missions in my Il-2 after a rather long break from the game and I’ve noticed that the enemy will not bother going after anyone else but me. This makes the war seem not about sides fighting each other but about a bizarre hunt. Even when one of the planes in my squadron got damaged by the AA and struggled to stay in the air, the enemy AI wouldn’t bother to finish him, but choose to follow me instead, almost all the way to the airport. Friendly AI meanwhile does nothing - there are always some friendly fighters in the area, but they are not attacking the enemy who tries to kill me right next to them, or anyone else for that matter. I tried to fly closer to them, hoping they would assist me, but all they did was circle around. This happens in every mission. Is this caused by the PWCG? I haven’t played the game without it in a while so I just don’t know.
  14. To be honest, I don’t mind playing these missions like that. Flying above a well defended area can be excited on its own for people who like regular flight sims like me.
  15. U-2 certainly is, and offers possibility of not just recon but also cargo and liaison missions. Pe-2 was also used as a recon plane IIRC.
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