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  1. Ok, and Stuka have not limited 37mm or SC1000?
  2. This is really interesting, VVS win last campaign although LW (sorry, but if i read this topic, i can think of only marking for pilots LW - Lazy Whiners) have in most maps superiority and still lose the maps ... This says something about the quality of pilots ... And solutions? Thanks to blue whiners we have planets set and victory conditions change and locking some modification for our aircraft ! , this campaign will be really short .... Really gj, now it's the worst campaign I've ever played. Sorry but last campaing was 1000% better. (And yeah i like LW pilots heroism to shooting on already crash landed aircraft and trying kill the pilot) The best solution would be to give all changes back + add pilot balance on server, is not really fun flying vs 3:1... many people want historical correct plane set but in historical case there were more VVS pilots than LW... Next interesting fact in my bomber history - flying in LW is really frustrated, you write in the chat for help and nothing (all wants to be Hartmann in stratosphere), but in VVS i do not write and fighter cover come themselves
  3. I know, but statistics from last map in campaign 1 - before the message on website "Tour "Campaign #1" ended." was counted like a new mission in campaign 2 - then anybody rename that "November 2016" and back to "Campaign 2". But statistics - air kills and ground kills was deleted. Last mission "Campaign 1" from yesterday is not counted to statistics for overall "Campaign 1" If i look on last sorties from yesterday, that flights missing on roster. Last mission is not in Campaign 1 or 2. Just missing.
  4. I have a question, why statistics on last map in first campaign dont count to overall statistics on website?
  5. Ok, i know - 3 missions = 1 bomber, but if i prefered bomber, why is "+1" in fighters? Is possible in future change that to the bombers? Thx, Tistar
  6. Kathon, can you pls answer on my question?? Thx...
  7. Im bomber, so why i have in TAW aircraft statistics Bf 109 E-2 +1 and Bf 109 E-4 +1? That is nonsense, why i do not for example Bf 110 +1 or Ju 87 +1?? And yes, i'm registered with prefered aircraft - bombers....
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