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  1. I only got mad because finding out about the event today made me wish I had known about it before, looks very interesting 🙂 It might be too early for my timezone unfortunately, but I'll be following this thread.
  2. Congrats. Communicating here just 1 day before the event is stupid though.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to add a 'personal notes' column for myself to add things like "my entire squad got wiped out 😭"
  4. Thanks! This is the main reason I play CloD SP over other flight sims (coupled with interesting AI). I wonder how feasible is it to edit the player crew gunner level... What I miss the most in flight sims is any kind of crew stats for multicrew aircraft. I guess an abstract way to implement crew progression would be gunner KDR (or only kills if death ratio cannot be computed) + number of missions flown in order to increase overall gunner efficiency (Pat implemented something like that for fighter pilots - not for bomber crews - in the Great Battles dynamic campaign app).
  5. I have noticed that in many campaigns throughout the il-2 series, it's better to select airspawns (assuming you are taxiing/taking off each mission).
  6. serious wish: Follow me command when leading a flight of AI. Info on waypoint altitude in the briefing or map, just like in 1946 and Great Battles. As it is with no info, it's confusing to fly single-player escort missions. willful/personal taste wish: stuvi sights. more of those sweet, beautiful early/mid war big airplanes, no mid/late skinny fighters.
  7. Improvement of the crewmen models. It is so much worse than other assets (which are great). It's a marvelous game overall, kudos to the team. Edit: the gunsounds are actually ok, the only problem comes from firing 8x.303. The overlap is very weird. The problem of the tracer also becomes noticeable, being made of small spirals that appear every 10ft or so. I'm glad that the crew models are being worked on. Keep it up, this is gradually becoming my favorite combat sim
  8. @unreasonable unfortunately no way to do that in the dover series 😄 @Blitzen if you find out, be sure to share!
  9. Hi there. is there any way to remove the crewman that sits right next to you? his creepiness is stressing me when i fly the Ju 88. Maybe I could just delete some specific file? cheers!
  10. I have an error similar (perhaps the same) as bluefox. Update: confirmed the error doesn't occur in 11.10.1 - error only happens in 11.10.2 PWCGErrorLog.txt
  11. When I had an activation problem between my website and steam accounts, I contacted the staff (https://il2sturmovik.com/support/) and it was eventually fixed. Took about a week.
  12. I'm quite the new player. The most used module in MP in western (as in RL) servers is Bodenplatte, after that Stalingrad. About premium, it's all a question whether you are personally interested in having the extra planes because you think they are cool or some other reason, you could get them later after finding out what you like the most. I only have a stick with twist axis for rudder, it's very satisfactory.
  13. I also agree with the posts above. @SCG_FeuerFliegen Concerning the radiators, how am I supposed to know the cylinder head temperature and the outgoing oil temperature? There seems to be only an incoming oil temperature gauge in the cockpit. Is there any place where I can learn cruise controls for the 8 series? Air Combat Tutorial only deals with takeoff and landing. Ontopic: R-Hl. - Rakete Hohlladung - shaped charge rocket Sprgr. - Sprenggranate - fragmentation high explosive. Edit: found this info in an older thread: on a warm map, 50% cowl open for level an
  14. A soviet howitzer just killed my ironman pilot. I was feeling ultra-safe, the enemy AAA was destroyed. Just a "THUMP" and there goes my plane. Poor Werner... he was my first and only ironman pilot. 😭
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