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  1. Hi there, Rheinland, new campaign. First day. After an extrange vision in Tacview I have checked the .mission to find out that: * All trucks (fromm convoys) are: - Underground - And some under a bridge ramp *The programmed general WP to E (to german) or NW (to allied) bring all trucks soon (mostly) or later to the bottom of a river. May be setting them with 'On Road formation' would alleviate the problem but this is an often blown up bridge scenario and IA doesn't check for bridges... Very dificult task keeping this enormous world working.
  2. No joy. This mod doesn't work even with JSGME May be it is a stupid question but, should I check "enable external mods" on setup page in order to use this mod?
  3. No, I haven't any other mods, so conflict. Thank you. Ok, I will recheck file hierrarchy. I will check also how JSGME and OvGME works to find differences. If nothing works I will use JSGME to see what happens. I will report here. Thank you all I have just tried the build in A-20 Dessert Air War mission, but I'm goinf to check this by myself too. Just te be sure.
  4. Hello all! First of all, thank you very much for this incredible worlk! So, I'm trying to give this mod a try. But something goes wrong. It doesn't works. Probably my fault so I put here in detail all my steps, for some HELP. 1) I use OvGME, not JSGME. I suppose that is not a problem. 2) I have unTARed Mod file on my custom mod folder. (lights mod.zip is another mod that yes, it works) 3) I have enabled it 4) And I have checked that changes are applied on correct folders: (Note 4/6/2021 date in affected folders on the left, 12/16/21 the rest of original
  5. I'm sure it is a CPU saver feature just for big smokes. As they are... really big, visible and very numerous on battle lands. Probably all the rest is ok.
  6. Yes sure. We have played PWGC coop missions generated on a PC, and played on another machine server in a subfolder doing this: Mission Generation 1) On GameMaster-PC, create mission. 2) On game Master-PC, open mission on editor, then just save on data/cooperative/another 3) On Server-PC, copy mission files on replicated path data/cooperative/another 4) On Server-PC (or using Remote Console), launch SDS 5) Play mission Combat Report 1) On Server-PC, get log files. 2) On GameMaster-PC, paste log files where machine config states (defaul path is data) 3) On GameMaster-PC enter
  7. @jollyjack Following my smoke-and-wind research, smokes on big fires are a "movie" not drived by wind, but juts for icon orientation. So wind doesn't change appearence on that kind of fires. Anyway, I have found usefull to reduce fire densisy so allowing fires to show in between smokes. Less CPU, nicer look. Great. I have tried too, adding lights over the somke clouds with this mod: But doesn't work. This lights are good enough for land lighting but are not strong enough to iluminate a big 3D space. I'm finishing details for a simple but effective Wilde Sau (dogfihgt
  8. Ok. I skipped MiMec fix so now I return on this project.
  9. Thank you @c6_lefuneste I didn't see your reply until now. I'm going to continue with smoke-orienter.
  10. Hello, Is there any way to change the folder where PWCG creates mission files? Specifically from data/Mutliplayer/cooperative to data/Multiplayer/cooperative/another Thank you
  11. Hello there, I'm trying to edit some Wilde Sau missions but city fires are too much smoke and too few light: I have try with dummy_large_light mod but difference is negligible. Nothing to be with this: Any idea? If at least I could get rid of that smoke cap over the city... Thx
  12. Buenas, Quisiera aprovechar la ocasión para señalar a la comunidad hispana un nuevo server con misiones llenas de acción arcade: aviones, tanques y banderas. Lo mismo se genial para partidas cortas o viciarse unas horas. Jugar sólo con una avión o un tanque (hay IA bien programadas) o un montón de humanos por bando. El autor es @super-truiteque es un editor y programador muy competente y abierto siempre a sugerencias. El hilo original esta aquí. Parece un poco complicado iniciarse, pero sólo hasta que se comprende el mecanismo del juego y su representación sobre el mapa. Para ayu
  13. I tried A&S yesterday and it's GREAT! I will promote it on my squadron and spanish community because it well deserves it! Need to play more before to start suggestions, but at first it seem very fun and quite balanced. Don't remove IA, since action is needed high, even with few human players. May be you can reduce it as more human players ente (as I have read you planed). For begginers It is quite cumbersome to learn on how to play by reading on game instructions plus all this thread for further details. Documentation is the very boring part on development, but may be you can
  14. Thanks @caryatid23 for share. I have written a short 'first impressions' review on my virtual squadron board here (in spanish). I want to gather time to study your system as it is a very interesting concept. Unfortunately the result is really complex to be a general public succes but I'm sure it well deserves the time to learn about it. Thanks for share.
  15. Help wanted as critical errors show in complex missions. See last comment on
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