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  1. Wrong way to go about what? I never said anything about making changes — I am simply saying that if you’re wondering how the planes are actually performing, it’s right there in front of us. For instance, if somebody makes the assertion that the American planes are performing on-par with the German planes it’s pretty easy to see they aren’t just by looking at the stats. If you want to go that extra step of attributing that to exceptional German engineering and claim the simulation is accurately representing this, then that’s all you, friend.
  2. Yes, I realize this but there are many using historical anecdotes to assert nonsense such as “the pilot matters, not the plane” when that is clearly not the case in practice. My point was that — despite some of the pedantry here — arguments about how things did or did not behave in real life really have no bearing on the sim. A better gauge of how things are working in actuality is to look at the stats on either of the big multiplayer servers. Whether historically accurate or not is up for debate. What isn’t up for debate is how our virtualized versions are performing.
  3. Too many caught up in historical arguments that don’t really apply to the game itself. In the context of online multiplayer aircraft performance absolutely does matter. It’s pretty obvious for anybody playing both factions and in varied aircraft online that HE rounds are stupidly effective, and .50 cal AP are spitwads in comparison. You can still kill with them (the US .50s) but the effort/skill/luck required to do so in comparison to something firing HE is an order of magnitude greater. If you don’t get that that you simply haven’t played online as both factions enough
  4. Not being able to trim for approach speeds in a landing config is pretty odd behavior indeed. Unless there is some account of this not being possible on the aircraft in question (welcome to being corrected on this), I think it is very strange behavior that should be addressed. In general I find elevator trim behavior to be a little odd in this sim. Generally in the game, through wide speed ranges, there seems to be surprisingly little need for it, and yet there are also regions of the envelope where it is ineffective as in the above example.
  5. Yes. The text specifically used examples of a Cessna 152, a Piper Cherokee, and a Mooney to illustrate the point that the trim response to flap deployment is wholly dependent on the airframe design.
  6. In that same section you quoted it listed two real world examples. Unless you’re talking about the sim?
  7. See How It Flies Link to section 5.5 of “See How It Flies”, an excellent text that is free online (and a great read), where vertical damping, roll damping, and stalls — and in particular how those things are affected by flaps is discussed. Of interest to the posters in this topic may be section 5.5.5, which talks about the effect of flap extension on trim speeds. The gist of it is there are a several factors that come into play when discussing whether or not an aircraft will pitch up or down with flap extension, and it really depends on the design of the aircraft. Great
  8. Wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm fairly new to playing online and due to the increased session length without reloading maps I've noticed that at around 2 hours of playing suddenly there is a big block of frametime lag that makes VR unplayable until I restart the game. I never noticed this happening in any single player career (the only thing I had played before), but it's rare for a mission to last that long in my experience. I am only posting because it seems pretty consistent and starts happening only after an hour and a half or more of playing. I am able to maintain a co
  9. There are two keybinds you need. One is "reset default vr view", which will recenter your head at a specified spot in the cockpit. There is another bind called something along the lines of "save current corrections in head snap position" under pilot view. Bind a key to that. Any type you fly where your default position is off (out of the cockpit for instance) just move your head in real life until you find a spot you want to make the new default, then press the latter key bind. From that point on the position for that particular type will be save
  10. Have to vehemently disagree. For background, I used to play the original IL2 back in the early 2000s with Track IR and a nice HOTAS and pedals set up. I've been a professional pilot now for only about 12 years, but I've had plenty of experience in Level D sims with 100% accurate cockpits and functional switches and avionics, not to mention full motion. VR is just on another level when it comes to something like a WW2 combat sim, especially when you factor in its ability to put you in the cockpit of some of these now rare and unique old war birds. It took me a long time
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