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  1. Q2 just started today. My bet is on April joke.
  2. It is 30% off already now.
  3. Speaking of which, wasn't there a team working on Leningrad or Gulf of Finland map? Edit: Number 4 means probably Battle or Tannenberg Line, fought in Estonia in 1944, as the other Battle of Tannenberg was in WWI.
  4. Definitely. I haven't touched or even upgraded my stable install for months. It is still on my hard drive only because I have free space there and had had no need to remove it.
  5. Wags's demo video from yesterday brought up multiple ATFLIR-related bug reports from viewers, so I guess they are trying to fix these before releasing 2.7.
  6. There is an old Polish cult-series called "Four Tank-Men and a Dog".
  7. My views exactly. IL-2 GB is the best WWII air combat sim for me. DCS is for jets and helicopters and operating the systems. One thing that I like about DCS is that the world looks more alive, with civilian cars, buses, trains, boats etc taking care of the daily business. IL-2 world is empty in that sense.
  8. Do you know then that it is that much different to operate compared to Litening? I have understood that the main difference is that ATFLIR has better magnification, so more capable when using from high altitudes, and is in general rougher and more durable, so more suitable for Navy and hard landings on carriers. I just wonder how much different it could be from the operating point of view.
  9. I am curious, are there any MP servers that don't show own plane in F10 map? So far it seems that even the more realistic-minded servers, like Blue Flag, still show your own plane in F10 map, which kind of makes realistic navigation irrelevant.
  10. In your experience, if a single street lamp is lit at night, does it make the surroundings equally bright 500 m from the lamp as it does 5 m from the lamp?
  11. It's time to get a well-modeled seal or whale.
  12. Yeah, I was just teasing you. As you probably already guessed, though, Einstein did not make a mistake. Simply put, E=mc^2 tells an object's energy while it is at rest. It tells the relation, how much energy you would get from mass, if you would turn matter into energy. Kinetic energy tells you only the kinetic part of the moving object's energy. In addition to that the object would also have it's "energy at rest" (mc^2), could have potential energy etc. Also, this kinetic energy formula E=1/2mv^2 is actually "about right" at low speeds. The full formula has v^2/c^2 element in i
  13. Neither of these formulas have nothing to do with Einstein or physics. But from math's sake, let's solve them. e=emc^2 => we can conclude that m=1/c^2 e=1/2*e^2 => we can conclude that there are two solutions, e=0 and e=2. Hope that helps.
  14. Looks quite interesting. I am curious, do these add-ons exist already, like the Harrier UFC that is included in the pictures or other things like that?
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