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  1. I always fly zoomed out to maintain SA. I only zoom all the way in to ID bogies long distance. Then if I latch on the tail I'll part zoom in for accurate fire to finish the job. Other than that it is zoomed out. High speed run in for a slashing attack - zoomed out. Keeping track of a bandit in scissors etc. - zoomed out. It helps to establish the true direction of travel of your target and lead appropriately.
  2. From Jason: "Not all planes support bare metal finishes. Only some of our later models." And from ICDP: "Only some aircraft have the bare metal effect added to the 3D model. IIRC Spitfire Mk IX, A20, P47, P39, P40, Mc.202". I tried the D9 as well - no go. You could at most achieve a painted silver type of finish, results will vary. Good luck.
  3. samson, Your error is in the alpha channel. If you change the pure black on the rear cockpit area to say dark grey then you won't have that transparency error. Unless that was what you meant to do ... Try an RGB value of 20 across each. Tested and works. It is a fix done in under a minute :) Nice job on the skin overall, looks real good!
  4. Same here, you can try the direct download. https://sjc3.dl.dbolical.com/dl/2017/11/26/BOX_Quick_Guide_V2.8.pdf?st=NAHqrTt5YJ5t03Fj7B8evA==&e=1572262989
  5. Mauler

    Close Call

    Popping boats when I got a bit close to one going up! Got away but a little damage sustained. Brings me back to IL2 of old! <O to the devs for a great game. <O Mauler
  6. Hi all, I'd like to see some actual reports from the day regarding fighter combats and the official discussion at the time. I think it provides good hindsight to the time and can raise some interest questions. So please only provide actual reports or extracts from official sources from any countries forces. Below are a couple interesting tidbits I picked up whilst skimming through some. The first an interesting comment on Zekes and Grummans (reckon the F4F-4 with 6 X .50cal). The second even more interesting and perhaps evidence of the failings of human empirical evidence, from Hudson aircrew, saw what "appeared" to be cannon fire from the center of the aircraft. I am no expert on development of the zeke but was there ever cannon in the nose? I don't think so? Could it of been another enemy aircraft. This is 1942 mind you. So yeah, it would be cool to see a collection of fighter combat reports / intel reports etc. Feel free to post up as you see fit. Just keep it to official documents please.
  7. Wow mate, how to win friends and influence. Try to be less entitled hey? ... I just shoot shit and play the game. I try to improve my abilities using what the sim offers and just enjoy the brilliance of the sim! I'd recommend the same. The above would IMHO gimmick the game to a degree. Oh and calling the developers "bull headed", lol they have to be one of the best developer communicators in the business! They can't please everyone and neither should they, geez you'd end up with a homer car! - FAIL.
  8. Would be curious about the CRC PTFE dry glide. I have read in a forum that it contains a resin of some type ------> http://www.woodworkforums.com/archive/index.php/t-99725.html Now this guy may have just used too much but the last post advising the CRC people's advice about it's use on worm gear might preclude it's use on our X55s ... The tech sheet states it penetrates materials so that would seem to agree with the resin statement. 808 works S! Mauler.
  9. Well I used CRC 808 Silicone Spray. It drys um errr dry It is cleared for use on plastics so no problems there. I took the spring off and kept cycling the spring base in an effort to free up a too tight a tolerance on the shaft coming out of the base, no luck. Applying the 808 and working it for a few minutes it became less sticky. Put the spring back on, grip on and a job done in five minutes. I now have a smooth stick that will afford accurate movement so hopefully a gunnery percentage improvement too. I'm in Australia and got it for $17 at Supercheap Auto - Autobarn wanted $25 !!! http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/online-store/products/CRC-808-Silicone-Spray-500mL.aspx?pid=1779#Cross http://www.crcindustries.com.au/crc-808-silicone-spray --------> Check the tech data sheet if you want. MSDS there too. Give it a whirl! It works S! Mauler.
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