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  1. In my current p47 campaign I've had multiple instances of "chasers" breaking off and giving up. One chased me for a while until I saw a couple thunderbolt stragglers from another group about 5 miles to my left, I flew as fast as I could to get to them, flew through their formation putting the 190 between them and I, and as soon as the 190 saw the other two fighters, he broke off and ran home without even taking a shot. I was pretty amazed. One other time (same campaign) had 3 109s chasing me because I was straggling trying to get "one last kill" on the ground targets in our missi
  2. I've noticed that in all of my ground missions (P47 career) the friendly AI will only use rockets and never drop bombs no matter what the target. They make a first pass, fire rockets, then make several passes sometimes just firing guns (with 3 bombs still hooked). Then after several passes when enemy fighters show up, they engage the fighters with 3 bombs attached. I guess they thought being a jug dogfighting at 1000ft wasn't enough of a disadvantage.
  3. I really like the new effect as well. I am wondering though, if the enemy AI is actually affected by it, because it seems they still have g-resistance like they are wearing a modern g-suit.
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