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  1. Basher

    Bionic FW190

  2. Hot dog! Tacview export....been hoping for that one.
  3. Like everyone else has said ground attack only for now, it never seems to gain energy back once you lose it in a turning fight. I have never dived with it but they say it can't be matched in a dive. In ground attack, I can lay waste to almost a whole airfield with 4 .50's and extra ammo. You can take out the AAA for the bombers to follow afterwards...keeps the bombers alive and happier. I think it is the best at train busting!
  4. Basher

    Obelix' Films

    Now that is what I call "pressing the target"!
  5. Was doing some train strafing when a opportunity arouse to get a He-111. I recorded the track and played it back from several angles. First time making a movie, so go easy on a nugget.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIh872FK8ZU
  6. Lets put it this way Chief...if Dog could strap me to the landing gear on a Stuka....he would hand me a Kar98 and say aim true!
  7. I had a great time flying with the guys (once I could get my engines started in the PE-2...lol). I am glad to see that people are going to start flying more, since my nightly ritual was to log in to TS and see if anyone was on there flying. It was tumbleweed city for the longest time, however I hope that we can change that for the better.
  8. I just found the pic on the Net and photoshopped it to enhance it. But it inspired me to want to do some screen captures and make my own images to use. I hope that we see a Kursk Spring or Summer map in BoS.
  9. Mastiff, Are you as fascinated with the Stuka as I am? I know its slow and gets shot down a lot, but its great to drop bombs with and can be pretty precise too. I love to load up the 37mm pods and go hit some T-34's.
  10. It's called BoS frogger. You take off in a Stuka and get squashed by a Yak!
  11. I made this after finding a pic on the internet. Then i got to thinking about taking screenshots of various aircraft in BoS and using that to make posters like the old propoganda ones from WW2. Never was good at graphic design so I am learning as I go.
  12. I have found some maps of Stalingrad that are pretty detailed. In reading books about the battle, I have heard of places like the Tractor factory and other locations mentioned but never knew where they were in relation to each other. Hope that this aids people in their pursuit of making historically correct missions. http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/stalingradassortedmaps/Library%20of%20Congress/index.html
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