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  1. Not yet. And i dont know when i will be able to. Im currently mostly unable to spend time at my PC for medical reasons (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labyrinthitis) So i have only been able to test it very briefly. And to meet the requirements for that benchmarks it feels like it would require far more time/effort then i feel like im able to do atm. Though from my limited testing it does seem like there might be some performance issues with it in Il2. Since the breif tests i did when i first got the GPU showed better FPS in DCS then in IL2 and that does not
  2. While i dont have a 6800XT or 6900XT i do have a Reference 6800 Non XT card. And since there have not been any other 6000 series responses i figure that might still be useful info. I have not been able to play a lot since i got it (two weeks ago) due to monitor and health issues. But it has worked perfectly so far. I upgraded to 1440P at the same time and maxed out at 1440P the 6800 (Non XT) runs great for both IL2 and DCS. So the 6800XT and 6900XT should be even better.
  3. It was not an uber machine. But when used by skilled and well trained pilots who flew it to its strengths and that knew which tactics to use against which opponents etc it proved to be a formidable aircraft for the first few years of the war. And this is something that his lectures make pretty clear. http://www.virtualpilots.fi/hist/WW2History-CaptainWindsAirCombatTacticsLecture.html
  4. This is very much referring to his time flying the Brewster... (Which he Scored 39 kills flying) His unit only started receiving 109s in August of 1943 (but it was not until May 1944 that they had fully converted to the 109) and in October 1943 he was taken off active duty (and that is when he wrote his lecture) before returning to service in February 1944. So some time after that he converted to the 109 and his first kill in the 109 is recorded as being on the 27th of may 1944.
  5. And While there is no new SP content for the P-47D-22 it can be used in the BOBP career mode (As the P-47 units of that time still had a mix of Bubble tops and Razorbacks). Personally i really like the P-47D-22 (Its Faster then the D-28 though with worse visibility) but if you are not interested in the D-22 then you could just wait until more content has been added before you buy/pre-order
  6. Only 1 aircraft so far (P-47D-22) and no map.
  7. I’ll just repeat what Andy said. Welcome to the community. And don't be afraid to ask for help or advice about the game etc.
  8. Yea i hope they add more aircraft for the 1941-1943 timeframe using this map. The Allison powered Mustang Mk.I would be awsome to see ingame for example and it could also be a good place to add something like a Spitfire F Mk.IX with the Merlin 61 etc. (Since if they want to make a Italian theatre Expansion for example they still have spit variants like the Mk.VIII) And they could make some Paid SP Campaigns set in that time span to accompany them. (Since there was plenty of action in that area during the timeframe including some larger events like the Dieppe Rai
  9. To start with yes. The Finns did have a single captured Mk.II hurricane. But i dont think they ever flew it in combat (since by the time it had been repaired back to flyable status the Finns had retired their Hurricane Mk.Is from frontline status). And in addition the aircraft on the picture it not the original aircraft just a restored Hurricane painted like the original HC-465 / Z2585 Here is an article about it. https://www.historynet.com/multinational-hurricane-phil-lawtons-hawker-fighter.htm So while sure they could add a Finnish skin
  10. Well the Finns only had a single Hurricane Mk.II (a Captured Soviet hurricane). So they had more of other Soviet types (I-16 etc) then they had Hurricane Mk.IIs. The Hurricanes they bought from the Britts were 10 Mk.Is (They ordered 12 but 2 did not make the trip). And Romania also flew the Mk.I (That were bought from the Brits before they joined the Axis) But i dont think any Axis power flew the Mk.II (Except for the odd captured aircraft).
  11. That interview was not from the view of a 109 pilot though. (And Finland only started getting 109s in 1943) Hans wind scored 39 kills in the Brewster Buffalo (B239) He flew the Brewster in combat starting in August 1941 Then in Oct 1943 he was taken off combat duty for a period and this is when he wrote that lecture series. and at that point he had only scored kills flying the B239 and not the 109. (So all of the comments he made regarding the Hurri was from the view of a Brewster 239 Pilot) It was only after he returned to flying in Febuary 4
  12. But when my Hurri though? 😉 Jokes aside. Great Write up!. This is one of the things i love the most about You guys (Especially lately) is how good you are at communicating with the public. You listen,you then investigate and do research based on your findings and then you act on the new information, but not only that you also explain to the public what you are doing and why you are doing it! Its awesome and i love you guys for it!
  13. Our Hurricane does not makes much sense on the Finnish side though... Finland only had a single Captured Hurricane MK II. As well as buying 12 Mk 1s (though two were lost on their way to Finland). And the 10 MK1s saw very little use due to spare parts. On the other hand the Hurricane saw significant use with the Soviets so its a perfect fit for the Soviets in 1941-1942 scenarios. So im really happy to get it since it will really help to flesh out the Battle of Moscow Scenarios. (And seeing as the only Fighters we have on the Red side that actually to
  14. I completely agree that changes need to be made in certain areas. But its the mention of "High-G loads" that has me confused. Since the areas that primarily need tweaking is not the High-G area (But rather Onset and Negative G as you both mentioned). I completely agree that it needs to be tweaked (and i said as much in that thread) but since the high G component is to my mind (Max G before blackout) is the part of the system that im completely fine with (as it seems does a majority of people). But yea on further reading (going through the
  15. Well the Recent Poll on the G issue showd that a Majority thought the current High G tolerances to be fine. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/64918-g-resistance-of-the-virtual-pilot-opinions-and-discussion/ Which has me a bit concerned/confused, since my reading of section about "modeling a pilot reaction to high-G loads" makes it sound like they will increase the tolerances. But that confused me since the poll shows that those that want that are in the minority so if they want to follow the communities voice on the topic why change it? (And with the m
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