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  1. The G-14 and A-8 are still very Dangerous aircraft and personally i prefer the G -14 over the K-4. (And will take the G-14 over the K-4 on all missions) The G-14 is still amongst the best climbers in the game and is not that much weaker then the K-4 in that area. (Especially a K-4 with the standard DB engine) So just get above the enemy and boom and zoom and there is little they can do about it unless you let them. The A-8 is indeed weaker in terms of performance but is an excelent strike aircraft and can still be an effective boom and zoom aircraft due to its powerful armament. And if anything having success in these aircraft should be more enoyable then it would in the K-4 or D-9 as you know you did not have all of the advantages.
  2. I thought i would revive this thread as this is still unresolved. And im just sick and tried of the Wings getting ripped of most flights (and even the MG 131 can rip wings with prolonged burst and ive even done it with the MG 17). The P-47 was famed as the most rugged single engine aircraft of ww2 where as right now i would say it might be the most vulnerable of the allied fighters. Here is some more examples of why this should not be the case.
  3. One thing i think they could do is limit the number of Tempests or P-51s able to carry bombs (or remove the ability from the Tempest all together as i think there was only 1 mission during ww2 where the Tempest carried bombs) and maybe limit the P-38 numbers slightly also to encourage (Force) people to instead use the P-47 as the standard fighterbomber as it was historically (as an example in June 1944 the 9th airforce which was the Airforce in charge of Tactical operations/ supporting the ground forces in in northern europe Operated 3 P-38 fighter groups, 2 P-51 Fighter groups and 13 P-47 fighter groups, and by Febuary 1945 only 1 remained with the other 2 having converted to the P-47 and P-51 in January and Febuary so the P-38 was pretty rare in comparison to the P-47). And due to its slower cruising speed its more vulnerable to interception then P-38 (and even more so then the Tempest)
  4. I dont understand how people mix aircraft up either. Atleast not to the point of Friendly fire occuring. If you are not 100% sure about what you are shooting at (atleast to the point of being sure if its German or not) then you dont shoot but instead fly closer or try to get a different angle such as approaching form behind / below since that way you will be able to close the range and get a better look at this wings / engine etc without him seeing you. Since sure its normal to misidentify something for a second or two forcing you to double take before you have the correct ID. But there is not excuse for people who sneak up on (Slowly approach) and open fire on a friendly. And if somebody has difficulty Identifying aircraft they should simply do some styding on their silhouette etc. Im just amazed that this is still a thing and also the excuses people make. The other day (on WoL) i had a friendly Yak approach from behind, i become worried he might attack me so i flash my lights and when he keeps approaching i turn hard and we do a full 360 degree turn. Only for him to continue after me and open fire... His excuse was that he thought i was a 190... I was flying a Yak 7b... People are just way to trigger happy...
  5. Brief description:The P-51 MP Skins issue. Detailed description, conditions: The P-51 now has the same issue regarding Skins in MP that the LA-5FN used to have. (Can not change skins on MP servers that have Custom skins turned off, Even the Offical Skins can not be selected). Hopefully this can be fixed quickly now that they now how to solve the issue as they were able to solve this issue regarding the LA-5FN in the 3.201 Patch. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): This was taken on Wings of Liberty (First time ive encountered the issue as the other servers i play on allow Custom skins)
  6. There are a number of P-38 skins in this thread for those interested. (Bottom of the page) Including 2 skins for a 9th airforce P-38 (9th Airforce P-38s were the only present in Rhineland map area in late 1944-early 1945)
  7. Nice! 😃 it looks amazing! Finally a 9th airforce P-38 This was a P-38J-10-LO. belonging to 485th FS, 370th FG,9th AF. piloted by LT.Jack M. Jarell. that was based in Florence Belgium December 1944. He was shot down on the 15th of december and was never seen again. https://www.fieldsofhonor-database.com/index.php/en/american-war-cemetery-ardennes-j/47538-jarrell-jack-m-jr Thanks for this skin and keep up the good work. Also if you wanted to release a post D-Day version of this skin (the way it would have looked when he was shot down). After the battles in normandy they pained over the white stripes ontop of the wings to reduce the visability from above using olive green spraypaint (but the Black stripes were kept), this repainting was done after they re-based to france on July 22 1944. The skin is perfect as it is just thought if you wanted to release a August-December version.
  8. Well due to the small size of Midway it would probably be pretty simple to make so they could probably make a number of island maps. In addition to Midway such as, Wake island, the gilbert islands,Marshall Islands and other similar islands etc which would give added depth to a campaign. On the other hand while making such maps would be very quick and easy as the islands are very small and the maps would be 99+% water and as such would be quick and simple to make we also need to consider the amount of work the team would have to spend on adding all of the ships needed and the carrier operations functinality etc. But again even if they just provided a Midway map and a open sea map (They could name it Coral sea) a large number of scenarios & battles could be simulated such as the battle of the Coral sea ,Battle of the Eastern solomons and Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands in addition to the battle of Midway itself (all major 4 carrier battles of 1942) But if they added some smaller islands such as the previously mentioned etc then we would be able to simulate a majority of the carrier battles / raids occuring during 1942 giving significant depth as most of the carriers saw action in several of these and there would also be plenty of missions outside of the large carrier clashes (such as intercepting scout aircraft or sinking lone ships etc)so campaigns could span from late 1941-early 1942 all the way to late 1942 Guadalcanal might also work but its a much larger map (large island more land) thus requires much more work and there is also the fact that most Japanese aircraft during guadalcanal did not fly from carriers but rather flew from land based airfields such as at Rabaul which are 1000km away from Guadalcanal with several large islands inbetween them so it would be impossible for them to make a map that spans all the way to Rabaul. So there would most likely be no Japanese land bases on the map. So either it would have to be semi-historical with alot more Japanese Carrier activity during the battle or else all of the Japanse aircraft would have to be air-started/Landed etc which might work fine for the US side of a campaign but would work less for the Japanese side. Then we also have the fact that guadalcanal needs a larger planeset as it saw the presence of both US and Japanse airforce aircraft (Ki-43 and P400 etc) so you cant fit all aircraft needed inside the normal setup of 4 standard and 1 collectors aircraft per side. They will do corsairs when they get to 1943-1944 battles... Since they are extremely unlikely to just do one Pacific expansion. (if they are able to make any) If there is one Pacific Expansion there will most liklely be several. It would not be logical to add the corsair to a Midway expansion just like it would not make scense to have added the P-51 for the Battle of Moscow expanion. And with the small number of planes included in each expansion they should not be wasted on aircraft that dont fit the scenario / timeframe.
  9. Nice 😃 looks beautiful and i just love the Green P-38s. Hope you keep doing P-38s as there is a lack of P-38 skins atm. In particular i hope you do some 9th Airforce P-38s (474th FG, 370th FG and 367th FG) as those were the only units still operating the P-38 in northern europe at the time of operation bodenplatte (since all 8th Airforce P-38 units such as the 20th FG that "california cutie" belonged to converted to the P-51 during the summer of 1944).
  10. I was pretty much expecting the new collectors aircraft to be for the Eastern front in order to balance out the new additions showing they had not completely abandoned the russian front (as the Russian community is very large and many of them might be less interested in the Western front) and in terms of the eastern front the Yak 9 and the Hurricane Mk II and very logical editions as they both played significant roles on the Eastern front and were two aircraft that were missing from the 1941-1943 eastern front aircraft roster.
  11. Nice 😃 we can always use more P-38 skins 😃 This particular aircraft / pilot also has an interesting story to it for those who are interested. http://www.1stfighterassociation.com/story-of-maloneys-pony.html I hope you are planning on doing more P-38s in particular 9th Airforce P-38s (474th FG 370th FG and 367th FG) as those were the only Units P-38s operating in Northwestern europe during December 1944. Keep up the great work.
  12. Nice ! 😃 The more the merrier! Keep up the amazing word.
  13. Nice finally a 9th airforce bird =). Hope to see more 9th airforce aircraft (51,47 and 38) as the 9th fits better with the map (Since they were the onces being based on the continent where as the 8th was based in the UK)
  14. Well for the MK.IX its historical for 1945 Scenarios. As historically units on the continent were supplied with 150 octane starting in Jan 1945. Where as to my Knowledge no US units on the continent did. But yes for any 1944 scenarios it should be limited to 100 octane. (Unless simulating Spitfires stationed in the UK)
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