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  1. Ive noted something else about this server also that might or might not be related. This server also does not seem to allow Custom Paint Schemes (Where as most other Mp servers do) So maybe its an issue where the Skins for the LA-5FN are treated the same as Custom Paint Schemes are for some reason?
  2. For some reason im unable to change Skins on the LA-5FN on this server. It works fine on all other servers and on SP. And its only happens with the LA-5FN so im guessing its a server side thing. Is this a bug or it it simply an option on the missions that have not been enabled.
  3. Personally i feel like the best would be to remove the hard engine limits and instead tie it to the points system. To where it would penalize you score wise if you come back to base with an engine with significant wear from going to far past the engine limits (Or otherwise giving a bonus if you keep within the limits). This would also add some flexibility where it might to go over the limits in certain situations. For example if you go for a mission without getting anything done (no kills or many ground targets destroyed) but with significant engine wear you would be punished. But if you go past the reccomended limits in order to either secure kills or to make sure you get back safe its still worth it (as you will still get some score where as dying would not). So maybe somewhere along with the current system where death gives you 0% score and Bailing out but surviving gives 50% then returning to base could give between 55-90% depending on how much wear there is on the engine with 100% being for those who return to base with the engine still in good condition (having kept to the limits mandated in the manuals).
  4. Any ETA for how soon the P-47 and 109K-4 will be added to the mission?
  5. What about World war 3 through 10? Are those also on hold or can we expect them soon?
  6. Any ETA on how long untill the Hs 129 B-2 is added to the missions?
  7. the F2A-3 is a must though together with the F4F when it comes to US fighters. Since the F2A-3 was one of the most important (most numerous) fighters of the US forces at midway with the majority of Fighters based on midway being F2As. so my hope/guess for the Us stable would be the F2A-3 the F4F (Either F4F-3 or F4F-4) as fighters and then the SBD and TBD for bombers with either a PBY or B-26 as the Collector edition aircraft. Since those 4 core aircraft are VITAL for the battle of midway where as other aircraft like the PBY or B-26 etc fit the scenario but played a lesser part during the fighting due to numbers involved etc.
  8. Yea I had an I-16 outrun and outclimb me yesterday (Multiplayer)... So yea Acceleration and climb rate is not the P-40E-1s strong suite =P.
  9. For me i would think the Med/North Africa would be a natural choice for the next theatre. As many of the Aircraft needed are already available. We more or less have all the German aircraft needed. And we have the P-40 and Mc.202. So with some basic Desert Air Force aircraft (B-25,Martin Baltimore,A-20,Beaufighter,Hurricane and Spitfire etc) as well as maby some more Italian aircraft (Mc.200,Cr.42,Sm-79 etc) As well as the possibility of them adding Carrier functionality later on (RN carriers with F4f Martlets and Fulmars etc). And its a Theater with great possibilities and also represent one of the easier non soviet theatres to implement when it comes to the aircraft that are already available while also adding many aircraft that could also be used in the current theaters.
  10. Great news about the unlocks. And for me thats a great bonus. I only really enjoy playing the MP so thats what i want to play. But the unlock system more or less forced me to play SP if i wanted to unlock anything for the aircraft. This caused me to play less and play fewer aircraft because i wanted some of the unlocks for MP but i did not want to have to farm for them in SP (since thats not what i enjoy doing). So for me this is a great step forwards and thanks for the change =).
  11. Im kinda Curious to why they Picked the P-40E instead of the P-40C (Tomahawk IIB). Sure the P40E was used in far greater numbers by the soviets and was more important overall. But no P-40E was the Russia during the battle of Moscow (as far as i can find if you have sources showing other wise no1 would be happier then me) But instead the P40C was the P40 in use by the Soviets during the winter of 1941 and they also server during the battle of moscow (Mostly Tomahawk IIs Built for the RAF but diverted to the russians) From what i can find it was not untill May 1942 that the P40E enterd service with a unit in russia. And thats far after the battle of Moscow. The P-40E fits great for the Battle of stalingrad but it dosent fit the timeframe of the battle of moscow. But then again the Mc.202 should not be there either. The P-40E and the Mc.202 are both aircraft that should be in the battle of stalingrad but feel very out of place in the battle of moscow.
  12. am i the only one that feels that the Mc.202 feels kinda off at the battle of Moscow =P. First saw service on the eastern front untill August may 1942. And even then it was no where close to moscow. It did see service at the Battle of stalingrad though. Personally id rather theyd have added the IAR 80 (or the 81) => First of all its an aircraft that served on the easternfront from day one of Operation Barbarossa while it did not see action in the battle of moscow (as they where stationed farther south) its plausible (much more so then Mc.202s since those where not on the eastern fron untill may 42 as stated =P ) The IAR also served over stalingrad. Its also a very interesting aircraft that would have plenty of upgrade options. But then Again none of the "Bonus" aircraft for Stalingrad or Moscow fit in perfectly for the battles.
  13. while Kurst and Bagration will be nice in a while i for one would like an addition to just germans and Soviets.
  14. Any1 else feels like the next addition should be North african theatre? I mean we have alot of the aircraft needed (to start with) We have the Bf 109s E7 F4 and G2. We have the 110 Ju87 and He 111. Aswell as the Mc-202 and the P40E. so with a hurri and spitfire (and maby P40B) u would have a pretty good Tree (to start with) And also lets go somewhere warm for once ^^ Winter in stalingrad and now winter in moscow. Why dont we ever get to go somewhere nice ^^
  15. Id rather have the IAR.80 (or (81) Over the Folgore even though i love them both. I just feel the IAR 81 has more of a reason to be over stalingrad and the Mc202 is more likley to be added in later as it was a more numerous aircraft that saw action in africa / Mediterranean Theatre whilst the I.A.R 81 only saw service either on the eastern front or defending against US bomber forces. I really like both aircraft and i would buy both if they arrive but i would rather see the IAR 80 first in the skies over stalingrad. The IAR would also have many more modifications and optional loadouts and changes (and the abillity to carry bombs)
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