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  1. 150 octane impacts all engine modes though. Continous power in the 47 with 150 octane is up around 50 inches of manifold which gives it much higher cruise speeds and climb rate. Combat power (15 mintes) with 150 octane is 65 inches of manifold so you can maintain higher speeds for a significant period of time. And then you have the Wep at 70 inches MP which gives you an extra 200hp as compared to wep with 100/130 grade fuel further boosting performance. I find that the P-47 with 150 is a great preformer and i will confidently take on any german prop plane with 150 octane (especially in the D-22 that thing is a beast). And im having no issues with the guns. I run it at 340 meters convergence and usually a short burst is enough to secure a kill. And yes the way the timers work are not perfect but that is true across the board and not something unique for the P-47 (Though i do wish you could regen WEP time with time spent in combat mode like in the German fighters) So i find the P-47 (D-22 especially) is highly competitive with 150 octane.
  2. She is faster (more Aerodynamic and a different prop) but it has less Water for the water injection (so you only have water for 7 minutes of wep while the D-28 has water for 15 minutes). So she is slightly faster but for long missions the D-28 might have the advantage due to more water (Since with the D-22 you have enough water for 1 5min run at wep even using 150 octane, but after that you are out of water while with the D-28 you can go back to continous and let the WEP time regen and you still have water for another 5 minute run later in the flight). And the D-28 also received 150 octane with this update. I prefer the D-22 (first i just think it looks much better and also every little bit of speed helps) but i understand that many will probably prefer the D-28 due to the better cockpit visibility. and im sure there is "somebody"😉 here with more indepth knowledge about the P-47 that can correct me if i missed anything (or if im incorrect about something)
  3. oooh boy im in love 💓 the Razorback is quick! with just some quick testing on the deck i can get her up to 600km/h with 150 octane. and 585km/h without 150 octane. Not to bad for a Jug!!!
  4. They are most likely being saved for a new Battle expansion though (Battle for Berlin etc). Since they have no place in any SP map or Campaign. But im sure we will get them at some point.
  5. I wish they would both allow us to set it on a plane to plane basis. But also to allow us to set Convergence on a Gun-Gun basis (Each pair of guns) to be able to create different convergence patterns.
  6. Well the Typhoon is part of the Normandy pack. So its already on the way. And we are also getting a AI C-47 as part of Normandy so hopefully that gets made into a Flyable at some point. But yea getting a German light recce aircraft like the Fi 156 Storch or Focke-Wulf Fw 189 could be fun.
  7. At this stage i feel like we need to find a balance for collectors aircraft. It should not just be any aircraft that we want but we also need to consider if a type is needed for a later Battle Expansion and as such maybe should not be a collectors (For Example the Bf-109G-10 should probably be saved for a late war scenario like Battle of Berlin etc as its the last Major late war 109 variant not yet added). So i try to focus on aircraft that i want and that would be important to the existing scenarios/maps without making it harder to create future planesets. So my top 3 would be these. 1.Macchi C.200 it was the primary fighter for the Italian Expeditionary forces in Russia (Much more numerous then the C.202 in Russia) and since we are unlikely to get North Africa in the next few years (due to Wings over Tobruk) it would be a perfect choice for a Collectors aircraft as we are unlikely to see it elsewhere. 2.Lagg 3 Series 4-7 (A Earlier Lagg 3 suitable for Moscow, With its more unique Nose armament of 1 ShVAK + 1 UBS + 2 ShKAS) as this is an aircraft that would be a great addition to Moscow and early war scenarios and if they needed a Lagg 3 for another early war Battle like Barbarossa etc they still have the earlier Lagg 3 Series 1-3. 3.Polikarpov I-153 as it was an important Soviet fighter for the early stages of the war and i think a few were still operational during the early stages of Stalingrad. And similarly to the Lagg-3 if a earlier Eastern front Scenario was added centered around Barbarossa or Leningrad etc then they still have the I-15Bis left to add. I would prefer to have the IAR 80/81 before all three of these but i feel like the IAR 80/81 might be less likely due to being harder to get enough information on so i feel like the 3 listed are more likely.
  8. From its state it looks like it might be the next Normandy aircraft after the P-47D. And Cool to see that it has both the C and E armaments. I wish that was the case for our Mk.IX as well.
  9. First of all i would love a Far-East scenario (Pacific or Burma etc) But if that is still not possible then i would want something in the med. (Which could give us some new and unique aircraft to what we already have) Personally i think something focused on the Invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky) could be really fun. And maybe even having two versions of the map similarly to what i planned for Normandy (One that had Sicily,Malta a bit of the Italian West coast and then extends all the way to Tunisia for the initial invasion and then another for later scenarios that does not include Tunisia but instead extends further into Italy as Allied aircraft were starting to base out of Sicily) And the planeset could be something like this. ALLIES. P-40F or L A-36 Apache P-38F,G or H Spitfire MK.VIII (Or Alternatively a early Mk.IX with either the Merlin 63 or 66 engines but the early Tail and armament) Bristol Beaufighter Mk VI or Mk X (Hard to Pick which would be the Collectors aircraft as they were all important to the Battle) AXIS. Macchi C.205 Reggiane Re.2002 Reggiane Re.2001 (Or Re.2005 though its unlikely they could get info for it and very few were present) Fiat G.50Bis (G.50s flew more attack missions during the invasion of Sicily then any other Italian aircraft) Collectors:SM.79 Sparviero (While they were present during the period they primarily flew Night missions as they were so vulnerable to attack during the day) This would be something different instead of the same 109s and 190 for the axis, and would also add some often overlooked allied aircraft (Merlin Powered P-40s and the Allison powered A-36 which is a commonly overlooked variant of the Mustang, the Spitfire Mk.VIII which often gets overlooked in favor of the Mk.IX and the Beaufighter that also does not get enough love) This would be the perfect time to add in Torpedos. And a map like this would also be perfect for earlier scenarios like the Siege of Malta and Operation Pedestal etc (and we have most of the aircraft needed for the later parts of the Siege already in the game) Though it might be hard to get the info for some of the Italian aircraft. (I just want something different from the same German aircraft we have already seen and flown in BoX for 6 years)
  10. Dburne. Do you have Skype or Discord or something? If you want we could do a training session. Either right now (Though its getting late for me) or tomorrow etc whatever suits you. Dont give up on the P-47. Its a little tricky but its worth it. And i would be happy to help.
  11. As Legioneod stated we need to consider the condition of the P-47 in that test. " Condition of Aircraft Relative to Tests A. Flight tests were conducted at a take-off gross weight of 13,230 lbs. with the c.g. at 29.9 MAC, wheels up. This weight corresponds to the full combat weight of the airplane and includes full internal fuel, 15 gallons of water and ballast for 300 rounds of ammunition per gun. B. All tests were conducted with landing gear retracted and wing flaps neutral. In level flight the cowl flaps were closed and the oil and intercooler flaps neutral; in climb cowl flaps, oil intercooler flaps were wide open. Gun blast tubes and wing racks were installed and all antennae were in place. C. The airplane was finished with standard, service camouflage finish. " () As that has an impact on the speed . So a Clean D-22 with no racks and half fuel etc will have a higher top speed then that of the P-47 in that test. (also what was the configuration of the P-51s in those test?,Pylons? Fuel Load? etc) Yes a P-51 (even with 100 octane) will still be faster but this will reduce the gap somewhat as compared to the D-28 with 100 octane.
  12. I could be wrong. But the way i had it explained is that at a certain point the large prop will generate enough drag to prevent it from reaching a higher speed, and reducing the RPM / prop pitch slightly will reduce that drag thus allowing a higher top speed. Though there is probably somebody else that could explain it better.
  13. ? Considering our current P-47D-28 can do 570-580 on the deck with 100 octane fuel. (If you reduce the RPM slightly) 150 Octane will increase that. And the D-22 will be faster then the D-28. Logically This should bring it closer to the 600 of the P-51. And what is the source for that graph? and what does HOK JUG even mean?
  14. For max speed use Water injection (Boost) + 100% throttle for 64 inches of MP and 2550 RPM (88%) And for max acceleration or climb go 100% RPM. keep Oil and Inlet at Neutral (50%) for most of the time with Cowl flaps closed. And if you want more time in wep you can go down to around 55-56 inches of MP which gives you closer to 10 minutes instead of 5 at 64 inches (a little more at 2550 RPM) though at the cost of lower speed obviously (I generally only use max power for when i really need it and otherwise stay between 56 with boost or 52 without boost) And then as soon as you are no longer in combat go back to continous power (42 inches MP and 2550rpm) to start regenerating combat/boost time. Also remember that you dont really need full fuel. the P-47 has so much fuel that you rarely need more then 50-55% for most MP missions and the change in weight helps. and lastly at what altitudes do you feel slow? All altitudes?
  15. Well 580km/h is still competetive with most of the German fighters of the time. (its also faster then the P-38 and comparable with the Spit using 150 octane) Its comparable to the G14 and FW-190A8. And better then older German fighters like the G6,A5 etc. (Or those we will get in Battle of Normandy) Only the K4 and D9 are clearly superior. And with the addition of 150 octane in the next patch it will be even faster on the deck (so at that point it will be faster then the A8 and G14 on the deck). and the D-22 will be even faster... So a D-22 with 150 octane might even be close to the Tempest with +9 boost ,K4/DB and P-51D/100oct (With the Tempest with 11+ boost ,K4 with the DC engine,P-51 with 150oct and D9 still being faster) etc while significantly faster then the Spitfire,P-38,A-8 and G-14 etc So i would not say that its slow... Its not the fastest at low altitude but its certainly not slow...
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