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  1. Salute all! Finally got new PC setup and had these old clips lying around from last summer so got around to edit them finally and also to learn Davinci Resolve more in depth. What an amazing program! The guncam clips were easy to color grade in-style of the real clips from 1945. Used Hitfilm previously but now I see why people like it. These clips are from Combat Box server, when bunch of randoms are on discord on same channel and wanna do stuff together you get amazing experiences and meet nice people. This was with old update and I think CB didnt have SRS yet... Highly advice you
  2. I used in-game recording, later went on without VR-mode on and recorded it with better settings, it still keeps your original head movements. Though if you wanna stream live OVR-plugin is way to go, or if youre on Oculus you could open Oculus mirror and record straight from that.
  3. First online sortie in Flying Circus. Was a nice fight.
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