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  1. Hi, Jason, I would like to be part of this project. Me and other mates are in the same air squadron above. We got quite a few mates living in overseas either working or studying so English and Chinese would not be too much a hassle. Hopefully we can be some sort of use to the project.
  2. Other than I can't zoom in for the search, all the others work pretty fine. I managed to get the pimax to 1.25 which smooths out the texture of the game and makes the game more beautiful. I have not experienced any downside of the update yet.
  3. We would have to find out through one of the INDEX users. Also the 200 degrees sounds nice, but does it have too much distortion around the lenses' edges?
  4. certainly, the performance is quite good now, with my setup, I can only go as far as pimax=1 60% for the supersampling before the update, but I can crank it up to pimax 1.25 atm, still 60%. I am waiting on the mod to be updated. Very excited. It would be even better if the FFR can be sorted out.
  5. what is your performance like for the new pitool 180
  6. I do not have enough time to test it out the new 180 version, however from what I have heard from my mates, the FFR seems to be working to some extent (better than before), and also you can crank up your pitool 1 to 1.25 or even more, without significant loss on performance. Is that true, what are your experiences like there?
  7. He believes that the vertical screen adjustment can reduce your eye strain (someone may have the sweet spot while having an uncomfortable head strap position, vice verse). He reckons that is only merit coming out of this version. He adjusted minus 2 for his headset, it works wonderfully. And the sweet spot resides right in front of him, and it explains why he always has eye strain after wearing it. He had played for two hours straight and no hassle from then. No eyedrops needed any more. Also, please be patient with others on the forum. Not everyone can speak good English but can still try to be helpful.
  8. With new Valve Index coming out in this week, I sincerely hope that the Dev would seriously consider to optimize for Canted VR headsets since it is becoming more of the trendy thing now. @Jason_Williams
  9. somehow, my experience with PIMAX 5K+ is mixed, good with FOV all that, but the clarity is not that great, when you look out from your cockpit, it feels blurry and fuzzy somehow. I am not sure what happened here, anyone share the same feeling?
  10. mine is like 135.7 MB on steam update for IL2, not sure what it means for all of us.
  11. yeah, it is back online, I already order one, I just hope it would be as good as it was told over the youtube by those youtubers, just sad that the VR optical frames are not available to order, not sure what to do with my glasses.
  12. @coconut I would say so, however it can be easily tested out before rolling out to us. It is a bit pity that it has to end like this.
  13. I am pretty upset that it tells you the 1st round is finished now and you have to wait for the 2nd round to start pre-order, if everyone is having problems with the pre-order,who actually bought it? and how many are actually available for pre-order? just ridiculous
  14. same problem here, but the alipay works fine, I have the account there, however I live in overseas and I wish to pay USD on it.
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