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  1. Those are amazing artifacts I think no other gaming genre have.
  2. Because it is a business.
  3. I very much agree on you with everything here. As a tool VKBs are near perfect and impressive design. Would not buy any other all things considered, of which one unmentioned thing is that you can connect the pedals and VKB stick to the same box, saving you one USB connection.
  4. I have been thinking that maybe Brits were a bit more ferocious, they were defending their home island. So maybe they flew to the edge more daringly, and took wins they would had not taken above France for example. Brits afaik were though impressed by commitment Polish did, which afaik was literally ferocious. Maybe Luftwaffe pilots were a bit too rash? I don't know, there can be and most surely is many factors contributing some to the outcome. BoB is anyway an interesting battle because it was so decisive to the course of war. Will have to take a look can I find books you mentione
  5. They could make smaller maps and use recon photos and other film footage available to reconstruct big cities. Or they could use machine learning to make maps out of normal drawn paper map scans. Not very cheap as for now, but maybe someday, after academics has made some research more easily applied to game dev.
  6. There was talk that Hurricane was good in Battle of Britain, the tactics British used play a major role in it, and it can't be denied populist by saying that they had vic formation so tactics were bad. But maybe I best just find a book about it.
  7. How it was "good natured" by you when I wanted to talk about tactics British had, without going with the meme "they had vic formation, they were all bad"? You become "baffled" of that? There is much more to fighter tactics than vic/finger four formations. I asked a question, and you begat passive aggressively ridicule me. That was not good natured, and you know it. Edit: Who is silly, you saying with all your "master's degrees" on history Finland had it easy? That is just not silly, it is plain ignorant. You go fight against overwhelming enemy with dated fighters you have only in v
  8. Well, there are very bad radio coms in career mode when compared to flying with proper squadron, so that makes it a bit harder. You are "lost" a lot more. On the other hand AI is not very good, so that makes it more easy. I like to play Ironman modes in any game it make sense, so I like to play Ironman career modes too. They are good practice grounds, you can try different things without getting shot down at once.
  9. Oi! We have a victim here calling daddy. "Breaking news."
  10. FYI, Finland got 16 new bf 109-G2 at march 1943 14 second hand bf 109-G2 at May 1943. G6 Finland got a year later, March 1944. Finland fought against Russia with dated fighters all the time, and also had only very limited numbers of those dated aircraft. Remember that all those same "limited hours" Russians flew with various other aircraft, so If Finnish pilots agreed Hurri is the most easy to shoot down, then it was so. Period. I understand this is very very "baffling" for you since you want to wishfully think Hurri was "magical" and have absolutely no fucking real knowledge of history, just
  11. I think British tactical flying played a part in that too.
  12. You can toss NVIDIA ray tracing to where the sun does not shine. It is the single one most over hyped feature next three years.
  13. Damn, maybe I buy that game someday, but first it need to have BAE Systems Hawk, some old Russian jet, Eurofighter, WW2 or WW1 fighter. Not interested to fly civilian aircraft. Wish they make WW1/2 combat sim, would like to see if it would obsolete other combat sims.
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