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  1. Can't wait to hear... I find myself using Q2 and dreaming about what it would be like to have retina quality in the center!
  2. Very cool! what about the controller and the belt to connect the gears?
  3. I agree with this post, I owned both and the Q2 is a great value. I also have 58 IPD and couldnt get a clear image with G2, much better with Quest2
  4. I have turned HUD off but still have the same problem. Any word on this from Devs looking into root cause?
  5. Anyone still monitoring this? The issue still exists, here is a snapshot of my frametimes-- mostly OK and average frametime (71) is very close to the target (72) but "hitches" that seem to be CPU driven (I have a Ryzen 5600x)
  6. Can't wait to hear about the Varjo VR-3. Its price is less than half of XTAL and getting closer to something I might buy. I have the Quest2 and for $300 it is amazing but I can't help feeling like I would gladly pay 5x as much and you should be able to have much much better quality with that kind of price bump. To me a sweet spot would be: Oculus Quest 2 [including inside-out tracking, and ability to use virtual desktop), but with Varjo VR-3 context displays (2880 x 2720 per eye), a "Halo" headstrap, and XTAL style lenses -- all for $1500
  7. ANy updates on this issue? this is exactly the problem I am having with VR. My fpsVR looks the same, usually green but with orange/red spikes just like this Very frustrating and really detracts from the experience which would otherwise be very good.
  8. Any progress on this? I am having the same issue, orange spikes. In single player they seem to go away after about 30 seconds except when zooming in; iin multiplayer they keep happening just like Qpassa shows
  9. Very interested to hear your thoughts! I am curious did you consider the Varjo VR-3? It doesn't have the same FOV but I am quite eager to hear some kind of review on the Varjo VR-3 and the sharpness.
  10. The type of request you are making here is notorious for inducing nausea. What works well in trackIR when moving you head and looking at a fixed screen is very different in VR. It can't hurt to offer it as an option but for most people the snap view as currently implemented will be much better. Personally, I *thought* I would like the auto function as it's currently implemented but for me found that the manual button press was better.. this puts me "in control" and only uses the functionality when I command it. Kudos again to NobiWan for such an awesome tool!!!!
  11. This is amazing, you are a genius!! 2 questions: 1) How can I donate a little $$ to thank you for your awesome effort? 2) Is it possible to make it work with other sims as well?
  12. I loved Rise of Flight, was a day 1 buyer of FC, and will buy FC2, possibly very soon. I never knew I was a fan of WW1 aviation until ROF, and made me realize how awesome WW1 simulators are. Realistically, this is the only game in town, so I'll be a customer. That said I am kind of a little frustrated with Jason's awareness but non-committal response to the damage model issue. I think his reference to "mixed opinions" implies that it's debatable whether there is an issue with the DM. It is not debatable, there is an issue. I do not know how anyone can watch this video and think there is no
  13. Not an answer to your question, but I also got the Reverb G2 and the Quest2 and found that for me the Reverb was really not much clearer than the quest.. could be because my IPD is 59, just below that of the Reverb.. but what do you think? For me, I kept the Quest 2(agree wireless HL Alyx is awesome!!!) and sold my Reverb.. just not worth it.
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