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  1. Very excited by these announcements!!! Have been hoping/wishing for an update ro ROF forever, this is fantastic!!!!!
  2. Any updates? Very excited to hear news on vr support but if this stuttering still happens in vr it will be vomit city!
  3. I gave this a try and here's my results: FFB on and TrackIR on: horrible stuttering (even with 120 fps in a 1on1 quick mission) FFB off, TrackIR on: very smooth FFB off, trackir off: very smooth FFB on, Trackir off, mouselook: not as bad as case #1, but still some small stuttering Its hard to say for 100% certain but it seems the engine does not like FFB and that it may have nothing to do with TrackIR, its just that TrackIR makes the stuttering MUCH more noticeable since when your head movement is linked to in game head movement we are more sensitive to the stuttering due to physiological effects???.. you stil get great FPS but the microstutters feel terrible
  4. Any updates on this? this sim is collecting dust on my pc and I'm holding off future digital nature sim purchases till it gets fixed for me I had the same problem in rise of flight but smoothing was an effective fix in rof, smoothing set to max in bos makes head movement feel like you are drunk and still leaves stuttering. It's very smooth with ffb disabled but once you go ffb you cannot go back
  5. The stuttering in the new dx11 version is even worse!!! I have a pretty good pic and am seeing fps of 90-120 on a gsync monitor but it feels like 10 gaps because of the stutters!!!! I was really hoping dx11 would fix this! Any comments from devs? Note I have no stutter problem in clod! Maybe now that they have clod source code they can use that to figure out the problem?
  6. Awesome news!! Really like this move! Will def buy kuban now!!!! Awesome news!! Really like this move! Will def buy kuban now!!!!
  7. Excited for the pacific theatre! Personally I'm skipping Moscow but will def be a customer for PTO. Btw for all the team fusion haters... I did not like clod either till I gave it a fair shake, of course it's not perfect (what sim is?) but it's really very fun... I say this as someone who owns BOS and clod but basically flies clod exclusively now... Well until we have PTO
  8. its hard to understand how they went so backwards with the flight modelling in il2.. the well modeled planes in rise of flight, like the se5a, feel great.. probably close to the best of any sim. These il2 planes are a wobbly mess for the most part. The flight models in dcs (p-51 and fw-190d9) feel much better, but their gunnery / damage model is pretty bad and there's no realistic maps or scenarios il2 clod w/team fusion is definitely the best "all round" ww2 sim atm in my opinion (considering all factors)
  9. I hated dcs p51 fm until I got ffb. With ffb the feel is good, without its terrible
  10. If you haven't, you should, it's also made by 777 and is a great game, especially since they appear re-committed to fixing some longstanding issues with the flight modelling. Anyways, at one time I was not very interested in WW1 aviation but after playing both ROF and BOS I can honestly tell you that everyone should give ww1 a try, its a really fun experience. Sooo.. in appreciation of the game, to celebrate the new year, and get some new players to try the game I would like to give away 4 airplanes to the first four people who respond and are NOT actively flying ROF. (your choice, either SE5a, Nieuport 28, or Fokker D7f) . Just PM me with your choice and the name of your ROF account (you will have to sign up at riseofflight.com if you haven't already) Maybe some other ROF fans will also join in on the holiday good cheer and add to the giveaways
  11. Happy to say it's working well and performance is better than expected at 5260x1600. Average fps is quite good, still some stuttering but seems resolution independent so not really related to triple screens. Anyways thanks for the fix, now please add custom graphic options back in And maybe I can get rid of the little stutter
  12. nope, i have that off. still much worse performance since the release version
  13. Performance seems to have gotten quite a bit worse with recent patches.. on medium preset I was doing pretty well with the release version but past couple weeks now get bad stutters periodically.. anyone else?
  14. Rise of flight is my favorite game, so I don't want to trash it. albatross is not the only fault. It is embarrassing how they have let the performance of the alb ( too slow and unstallable) camel (too fast) pfalz (too slow but unstallable and with ultra docile qualities) and other faults persist. Honestly if I was working there and had a passion for this genre I'd come in on my own time and fix it if there wasn't budget. We all do that kind of thing in our jobs just due to pride, I have no idea why they don't.
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