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  1. Type of improvement: Improved weather visuals and effects, i.e. icing, lightning. Explanation of benefit: More realistic aviation hazards for more immersive game play. Imagine the fun when flying thru cloud and you see ice build up. Also, improving clouds in general would be a way to improve visuals in all scenarios. And weather is an important factor in all aviation, usually ignored by most sims. Benefits: More appealing visuals and realism.
  2. Hey lefuneste, I just tried out 12.1. I really like the 15° feature. It's still an effort to check six, but it now feels more like doing it in real using periferal vision. Thanks for making IL2 GB in VR an even more immersive and enjoyable experiance!
  3. Any way to improve the jetseat experiance, now that UDP output API is included with 3.012?
  4. FIXED. no more issues with 10.1 I uninstalled the mod using uninstall.bat and recopied the files. Now it's working. I have to mention that I uninstalled the previous version using the uninstall.bat too. So if you have issues with cloud glitches or cocpit shadows projecting on clouds, simply try uninstalling via .bat and recopying the files into the game directory.
  5. Hi lefuneste, clean installed 10.0, flew above clouds, can confirm flyus747 cloud glitch when zoomed in. Also showing cockpit shadows projected on clouds when zoom not active. Using oculus CV1. Keep up the good work!
  6. So the game crashed twice today, once in singleplayer and once MP on WoL. Game just crashes to deskop without any message whatsoever. Anybody experiancing the same issues?
  7. Does anybody have experiance with Brunnner Force Feedback Sticks and Rudder Pedals? https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/ As far as I know they have FFB support for some civil FSims but not for IL2, because they don't have directX drivers yet. I've heard that they are planning to develop so. Anybody interested in their devices? (yea I know, price) Maybe if we rally some interest, they can push development of Dx with brunner.
  8. Cloud blurring: I noticed that the position of the observed plane in front of the cloud seems to matter. If the plane is below the cloud (looking up at plane and cloud), no cloud blurring. If the plane is above the cloud (loking down onto plane and cloud), blurring occurs. Can anybody confirm this?
  9. Tried out the latest version - really happy with it. Keep up the great work!
  10. Hi all, has anybody added map textures to tacview terrain yet? I'd love to see maps like these displayed in tacview.
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