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  1. Ahh, okay, thats good to know. Thank you very much.
  2. Hey Andre, does tha auto updater also update the sound effect files or do these need to be updated seperately?
  3. Thank you Alonzo - this is much appreciated. To all other server admins, please feel free to further discuss solutions that work and that don't. I believe an open exchange here could improve the game experience for a lot of people.
  4. Dear Server Admins, we (ACG) are planning to upgrade our campaign server, and we're reaching out to server admins of current popular servers like WOL, C-BOX, TAW to ask if you would be so kind to share your're specs and experience on how to build a stable server for BoX. A couple of specs we're interested in are listed below, but please let us know if we missed anything important: - CPU Ghz & # of Cores - RAM size & speed - Disk size, type & bus - Native O/S: Linux, Windoze - VMs required? - Access methods required; ssh, https, etc - Latency required - Uptime SLA - # of Public interfaces/IPs required - Pre-installed O/S or user installed/maintained
  5. What a great idea! I'm currently using two bass-shakers in my seat cushion enhancing the low game engine sound. I've ordered an additional amp, sound card and two bass-shakers to add shim-shaker output, so I'll try putting one below my rudder pedals and one on the center mount of the stick. Imagine if you can give out G-force vibration on the rudder and buffeting on the stick, or vice versa.
  6. You can build your own butt kicker. You need an amp and a pair of bass shakers. I've been using two 50W bass shakers under my chair with quite good results for the past year. It really improves felt low sound. I've got so used to it, that switching it to sim shaker output feels flat. So I'm going to get another set to add sim the shaker effects (G-force and ground handling only).
  7. I agree that shoulder straps don't hinder rearward view too much, as you can loosen shoulder straps to allow you to move your torso and they will still stop you from hitting the dash with your head. Also, straps can be tightened up within seconds i.e. before landing. I'm using the Rift CV1 and I'm more impaired to check my six because of the narrow FOV compared to TrackIR or even real live. However, I’m okay with loosing a bit of that ability because VR offers other advantages, like precise head movement (tracking targets and looking around struts is a lot easier in VR than with a monitor). Being able to compare both sides, I think that TrackIR and VR is quite well balanced, both with their pros and cons. By restricting rear view for TrackIR this would tip the balance towards VR. So no, I don’t think that we need limited rear view in fighters. Interesting discussion thou.
  8. Looks like a Leo Bodnar button interface board https://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=205&zenid=ff2a926fe863317318ccd99f2210fedf
  9. When alone 10-15 seconds. I do sweeps from L6, 9, 12, dashboard, 12, 3, R6, above and back to L6. I have to pause for navigation. When I'm leading a Wingman, I focus more on 9, 12, 3 and check my and his six every 20 - 30 seconds. Gives me more time to navigate. When I'm flying as a Wingman I focus more on the 9, 6, 3 area and keep an eye on the leader. The Wingman rule applies only when the procedure is agreed on by both. I use VR and consider it a good neck mobility training
  10. If Chuck Norris was a fighter aircraft, he'd be piloted by chuck yeager.
  11. The idea to somehow give more visual feedback for the G-effects a real pilot would feel is actually quite good. I wouldn't go so far and display a G-Meter, but a bar or something similar indicating the G-force that the pilot feels could work.
  12. Fantastic lefuneste, thank you very much. Have you seen the notes in the newest dev update? It seems that the team is working to implement a cloud fix.
  13. Type of improvement: Improved weather visuals and effects, i.e. icing, lightning. Explanation of benefit: More realistic aviation hazards for more immersive game play. Imagine the fun when flying thru cloud and you see ice build up. Also, improving clouds in general would be a way to improve visuals in all scenarios. And weather is an important factor in all aviation, usually ignored by most sims. Benefits: More appealing visuals and realism.
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