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  1. Thank you very much...I was trying to convert my version to a lower one so that I could try the SAS material but I'm not sure the "downgrade" worked and the files I downloaded from the mirror on SAS website said file was corrupt so I took a break from it...besides, I've found my Saitek X52 is kinda screwed up in the rudder and pedals seem to be malfunctioning too...I might pony up for a new Joystick but holy crap has it gotten expensive!
  2. Hello all...I used to play online (hyper lobby) until about mid 2008. Career and life in general pulled me away from the game though I occasionally patched game, flew offline, and have been somewhat aware that development continued. My current version is 4.13.4m and I see there are many other off shoots of the game. What is the latest version available and where is best to find it? Some of the other games like cliffs of Dover and others...are they stand alone or do they build off this version? I apologize in advance for asking questions that likely exist right here in this forum but as I started reading through threads, I just can't easily piece together what all has transpired in almost 12 years.
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