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  1. My settings look mostly like that but with the complex engine management off and external views on. I'll compromise for a start, chase view only for take off and landing. That is for the most part how I fly in the GB series anyway. When I go back to GB I'll turn off the HUD. Then I'll buy Tobruk, I really wanted to fly the North Africa campaign. I'd love to see the Balkans & Crete/Malta eventually. Thank you again.
  2. 343KKT_Kintaro Thank you for the offer, I'll perservere with it for as long as it takes. I'm a veteran of the original (pre'46) IL2 with the far east expansion, aces expansion etc. Microsoft combat flight sim 1, 2 and eventually 3 as well. The problem was it was too easy to 'play' with no cockpit, gun sight only or with HUD. I am a player not a 'simulator'. I have little interest in complex engine management but I want/like something better than an arcade game. I only got involved with the GB series late last year so I'm still 'finding my feet' with it but getting better each time I fly.
  3. Thank you, is there a HUD option in Tobruk? Ta.
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did look through the FAQ but couldn't see anything related to HUD. I've only recently launched CoD after a year of IL2. I am a terrible pilot and never will rise to the lofty heights of most of you guys (no pun intended) but I love it. My problem is that I need a virtual cockpit/HUD type affair on screen so that I don't need to look down at my dials, I usually takeoff/fly/land in chase mode and only go to cockpit view for combat but even in cockpit view I'd like my speed/altitude and heading as a HUD. Is there a HUD option? If so how do I turn it on?
  5. Thank you, the forum is quite large; any idea on where I may find the guide please?
  6. Hi, I brought the BoS/M/K through STEAM, if I buy addtional material through the store here is it easy to assimilate the bits together? Or do I now have to buy everything through STEAM? Many thanks.
  7. Can I have more than one career going at the same time? I'm midway through a BoS career and I downloaded Moscow and Kuban, can I launch a new career without finishing my other one and go back to it later? Thanks.
  8. Maybe a silly question but do I need three monitors to use head tracking? Thank you.
  9. The Balkans, Crete, Malta. Many have suggested Finland; I really liked Finland in the original IL2 'Complete Edition/Forgotten Battles'.
  10. I remember reading some years ago that shorter, slightly overweight and older men made better Stuka plots, can't remember where I read it. I should be great in a Stuka.........
  11. I've said it twice now but Crete, could easily be boxed up with Greece and Malta and the Balkans. May not introduce too many new aircraft types but the scenery would be stunning.
  12. Sorry I meant that if I stick with GB and move to VR going to CloD and DW and non VR would be like going backwards. I liked Flying Corps back in the day so brought RoF LITE a few years ago. I will go to WW1 again some time. I have regularly moved between theatres and periods over the years.
  13. Ok, so at the moment I'm not using VR, now would be a good time to go to CloD and desert wings (if I'm going to at all) because if I stick with Great Battles and move to VR then like you it will be like going backwards. Unless of course the GB people are looking to migrate /create a Crete/North Africa great battles campaign. Thank you all again. And sorry for any confusion; the BlitzPig_EL post above is just what I needed.
  14. Very helpful thank you, I am now seeing the full picture. To fly 'Desert Wings' I need to first add 'Cliffs of Dover'? Cheers.
  15. Thank you, I do understand. There are many similarities though, and not just the name. The original game/sim came with a keyboard quick reference card and around 90% (I haven't counted) of the keys are assigned to the same controls/functions within the game. I really liked flying a Gladiator or Fiat G50 in Finnish colours during the Winter War, but I am looking forward to flying over North Africa at some time in the future. The possibilities are almost endless, how about Barbarossa? Crete?
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