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  1. i cant zoom in the gun sight in vr how do you do it, it says r alt and mouse wheel does nothing for me.
  2. How do I get involved with MP and tanks, are there any servers?
  3. I have the Index. Other wise would go for the reverb g2 it has the best long distance clarity. But for comfort and audio. .. Index all day long, AND you get Alyx for free. I sue it for ETS2 and DCS.
  4. TY whats your discord? My friends has the cv1 is it? said resolution was terrible.. he tried my index and blown away.. says he is ordering one this weekend plus the reverb g2 is out even better clarity apprently. This is the type of training i have started in DCS hope for something similar in il2
  5. This could be the most amazing experience I have had in VR. Even better than DCS for immersion. Tried to jump straight into MP for a quick look and went gunner in the back of a German plane.. (no idea what).. Game started on landing pad with other aircraft taxing and taking off to my right and behind... I could of wept... goosebumps. On the index at 200%SS it looks incredible... the ground textures and view distance are fantatsic and when we went up and through the clouds... 🤪 Well the entry price of the index was well worth it, I can never go back to a flat screen in this game, not after that experience. The aircrtaft had depth and scale, and your 'in' that world rather than watching it. The MG in front of me was large.. (difficult to aim up in vr) but wow I am sold on VR and IL2. As a new player would love some more experienced flyer to teach or guide me. Would like to learn and take part in coop missions bot authentic or fun. Not sure how or where to tturn for that, nobody was speaking in game unless there is an SRS like in DCS? Anyway thank you devs, its fantastic in VR with a HOTAS blew me away.. I hope you keep supporting the VR side.!! ty.
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