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  1. =LG=Coldman, thank you for the explanation.
  2. Well then please explain what the random warehouse icon looks like and where was the last one placed? I've never seen one. Is it titled depot or warehouse? Do we have recon photos like depots??? Can someone explain this? Otherwise the VVS is left searching for a new warehouse created by wizards at the end of a rainbow that only seems to activate when the LW gets low on tanks. If it isn't clearly marked for both sides immediately when spawned, it is a definite LW/=LG= advantage.
  3. Are you saying they are just additional buildings at an existing depot?
  4. So it appears the map ended in a draw... Still wondering how we would know where these warehouses that generate extra resources will show up. If no icon, I call BS.
  5. This is my 2nd TAW campaign....So, right now LW has 8 tanks remaining. I predict that the "magic" warehouse will arrive soon and bring more tanks to LW than VVS receives allowing them a miraculous comeback. Seems to me, if the developers are flying for LW, then they will know WHEN and WHERE this "magic" warehouse will arrive. Is there a new icon on the map that marks the warehouses so both sides can see? If not, then they know when they will spawn go kill ours and defend theirs on that particular mission. The fact that they are down to 1 depot and we've held most of the map for a good portion of this round is now functionally irrelevant?
  6. Sooo.. I'm guessing this may be the only place to ask, how do you reset your TAW account password? Whatever I put in originally won't work. If there is another place to ask this, by all means I'm happy to go there. Thanks.
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