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  1. Hi, could you tell me please what buttons do you use? Im using rft S, and when I use the designed zoom buttons or the mouse wheel, nothing happens.... only If I play en 2d (without VR) the zoom works. Thanks!
  2. Frosen is right, only the first mission is very difficult, the others are not. I enjoyed this campaig a lot! it is one of my favorite campaings so dont give up and play it. If the first mission is too dificult for you, I think you can skip it by just taking off, turn around and landing on the airfield. That works with allmost all campaings.
  3. Hi, I think that you have to resave them with the Editor. Dont open them, just go to Tools/resave all missions in folder, select the folder of the campaing and Done.
  4. Hi Netscape! Develpers made improvements to AI in the last update! Coud you check it please and tell us if there is a chance to bring back Siren of Death or your others proyects/campaings with HS129 and Bf-110? 😎 https://il2sturmovik.com/news/586/update-4502/ "Aircraft AI corrections 54. An AI issue that could cause a fighter AI to be unable to engage a slowly moving target flying in a circle has been fixed; 55. An AI issue that could cause an excessive error in aiming the forward-firing armament at the ground and air targets (especially in a frontal aerial attack) has been elimi
  5. Hi Frosen! could you tell me please how can I do that? I'm new in this sim, and I was having problems becouse this campaign and other didnt work for me. I own BOS, BOM, BOK and BOBP. I asked for assintence here: but no body helped me. Thank you very much!
  6. Brief description: Users made scripted campaigns dont work. Detailed description, conditions: Hi! I have tried to play 2 user made campaigns (Panzerknacker and Fire and Ice) a they dont work. They apper in the campaigns menu, but when I tried to start a mission, and clicked start, nothing happens. I installed them manually and using content downloader, but the same problem happened equally. I have all Great battles maps except FC and TC, and all paid campaigns for them, and all worked perfectly. I'm using steam version of the game. I'll really thank you if you could help me with th
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