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  1. Yup, this seems to be related to the mipmaps only. Mipmaps aren't a side effect.
  2. Born '94. My older brother gave me his Amiga and since then I've been hooked to technology. I'm an animator by trade. I have a confession. I started playing IL-2 in 2004... but I never had a joystick. I played with a mouse and keyboard for 8 years. Turns out I could fly better than a lot of people but I just bought a new joystick so have to relearn everything. Lol.
  3. Perhaps it's because the engine architecture was originally created for light WW1 planes so the physics don't translate perfectly to heavy He111s. Whatever the reason, the devs consistently display their inability to have a constructive debate.
  4. Here, here! They must have had a reason to prevent us from changing options, it probably wasn't a good one though. Lol. Also, what is this? Is this like an old build or something?
  5. People will be put off by the price. I have nothing against it but £39.99 / £69.99 is a big investment.
  6. He means transferring the product to Steam the same way Kerbal Space Program did it etc. Steam still supports that. Hopefully we will be able to do it sooner or later.
  7. ... Wait, did they just alienate their entire hardcore playerbase? What.
  8. Add me too, please. Hopefully you add everyone to your ignore list so you stop posting.
  9. Someone on this forum said WWII pilots couldn't typically hear .303 rounds hitting their wings, I forget who though and I'm probably misquoting. Is that true? Even loud engine and wind noise can't drown out a high speed chunk of metal smashing into the plane chassis. At least, I'd assume so. Either way, impact sounds will obviously be added. Every other IL-2 game has them. Even if in some cases it isn't historically accurate, they can add to the immersion.
  10. First stick came threw the post. Flying is so much easier now. I love flight simulators. Haven't played a flight sim properly for years. BoS has been an amazing purchase, well worth it. Tempted to buy RoF after playing the demo for ages.
  11. The game has not been finished yet, it is still in Beta. A major reason for the early access program is so they can let people test the features and give them feedback. The backlash (which isn't really that big, but still) is unneeded.
  12. Flying low over a big infantry charge would be pretty amazing.
  13. A large proportion of folks are having CTDs with the new update. Just sit tight, there will be a patch in due time.
  14. A ping of 200 shouldn't be too bad really, I'd say the rubber banding is a real issue around 300 - 400 ping. I can notice it at 150 ping but it's so small.
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