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  1. Nah, I'm a nonbreeder by choice as much as by nature Sadly, I'm also a full-time geek with a workload that's utterly stupid, which has me reprogramming about 60 firewalls to accommodate a new layout during the off-days of Easter, which incidentally is barring me from getting much time off to do anything even remotely close to playing anything. wtb new job pst
  2. Thanks, Wiseblood! Grabbed STYZW-XHV39-ASLLY-VQRXQ-AK9F5 And thank you Sid, for T5ZLS-BLDTM-4UCLN-HABYK-PDG5R Now, if only there was some free time to actually get online and play for more than 5 minutes at a time
  3. Thanks, Gunsmith! Grabbed key 3: 8ABR6-SAFRC-JUAM7-V4C8G-BGW34
  4. Heh, wonderful. This topic again. Because it went SO well on the bananaboards, heh...
  5. Thank you, Wiseblood :D Grabbed the first key.
  6. Welcome to the world of raaaid It's sort of like the Twilight Zone, just more confusing.
  7. It was (and still is, althought these days it's more about lofting a missile at someone from outside visual range and then bugging out before the opponent can fire back) a tactic that works, and worked well with the performance and capabilities of Hartmanns aircraft. Boring? Sure, not as flashy as the turn&burn. Cowardlike? No. Effective? Yes. And that's what counts in a war. Using a tactic that will send the other guy off to die for his country is far, far better than you dying for yours.
  8. The loss of a pet is always hard. I've so far lost two dogs to old age, and four cats to either cancer, diabetes or bad vets). It's never easy, and it hurt to let them go every single time. What I do is to try to remember the good times while they were in my care, and try not to dwell too much on the bad moments.
  9. raaaid: Implementing an ingame voice-system saves people the hassle of setting up their own TeamSpeak/Mumble/Ventrilo-servers, or paying for having such a server hosted. And in many tactical shooters, like CS, BF3 etc, having voicecomms makes for way easier communications when you play on a more professional level. Same with flightsims. Having the ability to keep hands on the controls but still warn your wingman that he's got a Spit on his tail is a good thing. Whether it's essential or not is something that can be discussed, but it does make things way easier than having to rely on text only. Either way, communication is key if you want to dominate.
  10. It's a nice function to have, for sure, but it's not something that's 100% needed. We'll have to see how it goes.
  11. Comment on his ideas without pulling CLoD into it. This isn't a CLoD-board, and that crap should be left at the door.
  12. I'd love to get a dog, but the wife-unit and me are a bit opposed as to what kind of dog it should be. She wanted a small, somewhat docile beast, although her idea of a docile beast was a Jack Russel Terrier, which is one of the few dogs out there that simply does NOT have impulse-control. At all. It's a 120% zammagawdsBALL!!! type of creature. I'd love to get a Rottweiler or a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but the problem with both is that they're not exactly small dogs, and they require a lot of time, dedication, money and not to mention space put into them. And while I have the money and dedication for it, I don't have the time nor the space. One day, though...
  13. I'm a bit on the fence about voicechats, depending on what type of game it's in. For example, I ALWAYS disable voice in any FPS and MMO I install. Period. It's simply not interesting to listen to 5894.2 muppets wail, rant and froth at the mouth because they got killed etc. Then again, a system that you describe would be awesome for a sim-type game of this nature, especially given simmers severe focus on performance above all else (look at the debate of Steam being a requirement for CLoD, or how FSX'ers go nuts killing processes to eek out another 0.5fps). I'd have to actually try it out in BoS, if present, if I were to say aye or nay. Could be good, could be bad. It'd also have to be limited to side, of course (blues can yak at blues, reds at reds etc)
  14. That would be the easiest, yep. Or better yet: leave it to the server-admins that run, host and operate the server. Then you could join and accept that the server has a ruleset where everything goes, or you could not join and find some server that disallowed certain things. Much, much easier, and far more constructive. Some of us like the give-no-quarters-ask-for-none way of doing things. We don't usually go to servers that has limitations on vulching, killstealing etc.
  15. Thanks, AH_Sid! I grabbed ZFJXF-XC7MZ-UCEMJ-NM2P2-C65PJ Many many thanks :D
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