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  1. Oh, gimme a break - raaaid has always just been an attention seeker - "look at me, I have special talent and knowledge! And if you say anything negative about me, I will harm myself." He's been stringing you all along for as long as he's been on any internet forum.
  2. "so the moon is wrong modelled" No, it's not. Stop it with these bullshite crackpot topics of yours. Do you not get enough attention at home?
  3. Wow, that was really rude and uncalled for. I don't know what your beef with him is, but it doesn't belong out here in public.
  4. It's pretty amusing here to see all these wannabe desktop gamers who've probably not done any flying other than sitting in an airline seat claim that they know more about aerobatics than real-world fighter pilots and those who fly restored warbirds.
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