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  1. Photo is from the book, P-51 Mustang vs Fw 190. I think a bigger problem is the lack of negative G-Force, red outs, especially when 109/Spitfire pilots slam their stick forward and they go from 300kph to 100kph in less than 2 seconds without their eyes popping out of their heads.
  2. It's back in full force. I knew people who exclusively fly German would say everything is a UFO once they face planes that are just as good. But the 109's stabilizer is more War Thunder than anything else. https://streamable.com/zpb12 https://streamable.com/pfb9n https://streamable.com/f4ql2 Like this? https://streamable.com/xx4nw
  3. I don't understand why there's so few P-38's, yet so many Tempests. There was a couple maps in a row where the P-38 wasn't available. There's no reason the P-38 shouldn't be in every map and the Tempest should be fewer in numbers. I have a few friends who avoid this server because they're always running into 3-4 Tempests at a time, only 1 Tempest is a nightmare to deal with. And why is 150 grade fuel only available when the Germans have K-4's and 262's? 150 fuel was used in every aircraft by July 1944, God forbid the Germans have a slight historical disadvantage.
  4. It feels like the vertical is like 0 by default. If I set my convergence to 150m, the slightest turn will cause my rounds to act as if it is a high deflection shot and I undershoot. If I set my convergence to 400m, the slightest turn will cause my rounds to act as if it is a high deflection shot and I undershoot. It's getting really frustrating. I remember being able to do blind leads easily with the P-40 but they're almost impossible in the 51. For an example, in this clip, my convergence is set to 350m, yet notice how they're still coming up short. Before the BoB update this guy would have been roasted. It's confusing my mind. https://streamable.com/0dygq
  5. Have to remember the battle of Normandy lasted until August. Have you ever read Ernie Pyles book, Brave Men? I'm reading comments on how maps aren't big enough, or it's not relevant because it's only frontline battle, but a couple days after D-Day, the US launched a massive bombardment of B-17's that actually killed a few friendlies, and almost Ernie himself, so they did bomb on the front line. I think it was called Operation Cobra. They carpet bombed to destroy mines, communication lines, and especially, the heavies bombed the rail yards. I don't know why everyone is so antagonized like it's a requirement to have 100 B-17's for a mission. Why can't it be a single formation of 6? Is that more odd than P-51's already escorting a 6 B-25's in 1944? Personally, I would buy a Premium B-17 for the full price of a theater and I know a GoFundMe page would explode for the development of it. And for this AI lag bs... Nothing like this is impossible to fix when it comes to computer programming. It is getting odd and immersive breaking that Americans are stuck with a bomber from 1941.
  6. 262's are kind of ruining the server. It's not fun chasing 3-4 Me-262's for 10 minutes until your engine runs out.
  7. The BLW guys are being toxic af. Disconnecting, camping, and shooting parachutes.
  8. I was hoping the service stations would finally work.
  9. It's kind of pathetic the only bomber America has is the A-20. I would pay for a B-17 as much as a whole new game. And I know they can easily find flight data for every US heavy/medium bomber if they're adding the Arado...
  10. I just cheat. It's easier. http://svaf.net/windcalc/wadc.html
  11. I've only managed to start the first one, the 2nd one always blows out.
  12. The margin of error in starting this plane is so ridiculous.
  13. 12-15k feet? It's not as fast in acceleration but I am so sick of this myth that originated from War Thunder than American planes for some reason, can't perform under 10,000ft. If that were the case, the P-47's would have been massacred by all the K-4's and D-9's during Bodenplatte. The entire battle was on the deck.
  14. But the American planes are still spewing that black smoke with auto-rich while in combat mode, it's utterly annoying, they didn't do that in real life. The black smoke from the engine mixture is almost as if the engine is damaged.
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