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  1. Focus on aligning the edge of your propeller with the wingtip of the flight lead and your mind will take care of the rest.
  2. Y-29.Silky

    It was a long way

    The only one I knew before that was Janes WWII Fighters. The Wiki is outdated to 2008. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IL-2_Sturmovik_(video_game)
  3. Y-29.Silky

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Italy has never been covered.
  4. Had my go for a few hours in and against the P-47 in Berloga. 1. Wing comes off. 2. Engine on fire. (What are radial engine?) 3. 7mm burst to the wing and the plane spins out of control In the 109 alone, it only takes a short burst to put the P-47 into pieces while it still takes half a belt of 20mm to bring down a Lagg or Yak. This thing should be as sturdy, if not more, than an IL-2. This Brazilian pilot hit a chimney with his P-47 and returned it for crying out loud. Please tell me this isn't final?
  5. Y-29.Silky

    Winter on Y-29

    Nice 😎
  6. Y-29.Silky

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    Straight out of Wiki: On the evening of that same day, Reschke was to demonstrate that the Ta 152H could be used as a low altitude fighter. A section of four Hawker Tempest Vs of 486 (NZ) Squadron were out on patrol. After attacking a train near Ludwigslust, the section split up into pairs; Wing Commander Brooker ordered the Tempests flown by Flying Officer S. J. Short and Warrant Officer Owen J. Mitchell to make their own way back to base. On the way back, this pair, which was strafing targets along the railway tracks near Ludwigslust, was spotted by lookouts posted at Neustadt-Glewe. Three Ta 152s—flown by Reschke, Oberstleutnant Aufhammer and Oberfeldwebel Sepp Sattler—were scrambled, catching the Tempests by surprise. Reschke recalled:
  7. Bombs - Set your bomb timer to 5 seconds, line up the belly with a 100, do a shallow dive from 2000m, pull up and release when he's right under your nose. You'll be blow/treetop level but that's what makes the IL-2 such an adrenaline rush to fly and you won't miss. Rockets - Single fire is tricky, so start with firing in pairs (one from each wing). Start from 2000m, dive almost straight down on a tank and release your rockets from a steep angle right on top of them. I found this to be 110% more effective than trying to broadside it from a 45 degree angle. Turn this image on it's side, I'm talking about a 20-50 degree slope.
  8. Y-29.Silky

    No Servers Showing

    Soooo.... Are they going to surprise us with a massive update... Orrr knowing how Russia runs their internet, a massive Chernobyl explosion happen in their data centers. Because I can believe one, and I can definitely hope to believe the other..
  9. Y-29.Silky

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    It was up to the pilots. I've read a couple memoirs where P-51 and P-47 pilots stuck with their razorbacks rather than bubble canopy.
  10. Y-29.Silky

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    The Bodenplatte planes should be separated in their own zone rather than the 1941 planes. The P-40 and 202 can compete with Kuban planes, but the Bodenplatte planes are way over the top. Would also be insanely fun is having a map with that spawns at 6000m during the winter. Good ole contrail ballet.
  11. Y-29.Silky

    Wings falling off

    Eight .50 cals, I cannot wait. Heyyyy, I thought American planes couldn't compete below 15,000ft? The lovely War Thunder myth that spread like wildfire.
  12. Y-29.Silky

    Tactical Air War

    I get a kill on a He-111 with a Pe-2, 2nd engine is damaged from flak as we were attacking a train, nurse it home, land perfectly... Shut my engines off feeling satisfied of a good sortie... Ditched. lose a plane. wtf. only my 2nd engine was damaged, did not even produce smoke, yet I lose the pe-2?
  13. Y-29.Silky

    Berloga duel & dog fight server

    You separated 1941 aircraft from the rest.. Please separate Bodenplatte aircraft from the rest. For crying out loud, people are flying the G-14's and A-5's to 6000m in a dogfight server because they have to deal with the clipped winged Spitfire (unless they're from the JG clan because they still go to 6000m in the 1941 spawn in a dogfight server)! Please, for the love of God, give Bodenplatte their own spawn area, not 1941!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P-40 and 202 Meatball shooter, they can compete with Kuban, but Bodenplatte planes are absolutely ridiculous. Since the Bodenplatte planes came out in this server, it's been 100% cancer.
  14. Y-29.Silky

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    I just want to be able to see aircraft past 10km. That's all I want. Ohhh man if we could only trigger those ammo explosions!