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  1. But the American planes are still spewing that black smoke with auto-rich while in combat mode, it's utterly annoying, they didn't do that in real life. The black smoke from the engine mixture is almost as if the engine is damaged.
  2. In reality the P-47 should be as fast as the Tempest but I stopped flying it because of the damage model. I love the P-51, I have no idea how the developers did not add the blue noses as a default skin. But what's also been unanswered for me, is how the American planes spew this black smoke because of the mixture. The mixture should be automatic like the German planes. I can always spot an American plane miles away now because he's always smoking.
  3. The Tempest should be more comparable to the P-47. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47.html http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/temptest.html But the P-47 isn't performing how it should.
  4. I thought the American planes had automatic mixture? I haven't seen a P-51 or P-47 hadn't had a long black smoke trail behind it. To counter this in other allied aircraft you lower the mixture but with the P-51, it's always there all the way down to idle cutoff. It's really annoying especially when it doesn't seem to happen with German aircraft, who also have automatic mixture.
  5. Russia only gets 2/3 I-16's. Germany gets 3/3 E-7's. How is this still a thing?
  6. I honestly can't wait to see how much payload Wings of Liberty is going to lock on the Tempest and P-38.
  7. I wouldn't get my hopes up for speed even though the air frame was built for speed combined with the packard-merlin. Every recent WWII flight sim likes to believe American fighters were sluggish, only high alt potatoes.
  8. What ever happened to passing/redding out and stall speed? I remember in Beta if to took too steep of a dive in a G-2 or Lagg and pulled out, you'd be blacked out for a solid 30 seconds. I you pushed forward on your stick, you see a bunch of red. If you'd maneuver like an idiot, you'd end up in a flat spin, yes even in a Yak in those days. I can't remember the last time I've seen a flat spin in this game. And while the Luftwaffe pilots go bat sh*t crazy if they see a soviet use their flaps, they're not really concerned about how the are able to do unrealistic snap maneuvers that would blow the pilots eyes from their sockets or would cause a flat spin. Laugh at my aerial gunnery all you want, but it'll be hard to convince me what this 109 pilot was doing was natural flight. There were times we were under 100mph torque did not affect at all, he was still able to jerk around without losing speed, 50 seconds is a good example, idk wtf that fish tail was but if he did that in real life he would have fell like a rock. This is type of crap is the reason I went from flying every day to once a month. https://streamable.com/qpnwq
  9. All server admins have to do is make the 262 airfields far back so the pistons get bored. But from my understanding in reading this thread, people are just going to use the 262 to vulch for personal kills rather than help the team. What is everyone worried about if you're going for a 1 way trip in the first place?
  10. More than the Germans vulch already? Allied planes don't even last 20 seconds above German airfields.
  11. Focus on aligning the edge of your propeller with the wingtip of the flight lead and your mind will take care of the rest.
  12. The only one I knew before that was Janes WWII Fighters. The Wiki is outdated to 2008. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IL-2_Sturmovik_(video_game)
  13. Had my go for a few hours in and against the P-47 in Berloga. 1. Wing comes off. 2. Engine on fire. (What are radial engine?) 3. 7mm burst to the wing and the plane spins out of control In the 109 alone, it only takes a short burst to put the P-47 into pieces while it still takes half a belt of 20mm to bring down a Lagg or Yak. This thing should be as sturdy, if not more, than an IL-2. This Brazilian pilot hit a chimney with his P-47 and returned it for crying out loud. Please tell me this isn't final?
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