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  1. A lot of people are confusing the German's 20mm acting as artillery shells, I've ripped A-20's in half, it doesn't mean the ammo exploded. I personally have never seen the ammo detonate from either side.
  2. Oh yes .. The thing is with the German 20mm, they used HE rounds because they were mainly targeting bombers where if the bomber were hit in a wing, it would explode outside and damage the bomber engines, rather than the control surfaces that proved more effective. The Americans didn't have to face bombers, only fighters, so they used API, if they wanted, they used tracers, but it was armored-piercing-incendiary, now I'm not saying the engines should be caught on fire, but with six to eight, .50cals, it definitely damaged and disabled the engines. Again, most of the pilots opened fire within 30
  3. This is just one .50cal round... Now imagine 6-8, .50cal guns going on full-auto ..
  4. That would be as broken as the stabilizers/elevators already are.
  5. If you get the first one, Stalingrad, you'll be able to play in any MP servers, most German planes along with the Spitfire/P-40 are still available in the late war server. If you're strapped on $ you can always get a premium for any title without buying the entire thing. You don't need to own the series to play the map on multiplayer.
  6. It's only AP, the .50cals are absolute crap right now, no one can deny that. But I think it's kind of dumb that there's ammo for the Mig-3 that is tracerless and the .50cals don't which was common in real life.
  7. This is why I don't play single player, the AI are worthless. You're either getting 10 kills a mission because you have to do everything, or you're getting gang banged because the AI don't do anything. This is aside from their constant turns with perfect trim that make them impossible to hit.
  8. Soviet and American pilots won’t be invulnerable when holding a flare gun or a pistol; Lol wow ... The things you wish you knew about..
  9. This is ridiculous! It's to the point that even people who fly mainly German aircraft are calling it out. The .50cals DO NOTHING. DO THE DEVELOPERS KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW? And no, "aim better" isn't an answer, and no, "you got the wrong convergence" isn't an answer. Can we at least get a word from Jason Williams? No one is flying any plane that has .50 cals right now because they're absolutely worthless!
  10. Are you saying B-17s would require an 8 hour flight to the target and would require 1000 B-17s at a single time? Because what's the difference between what they "mean" when they could be doing the same thing the B-25 is doing right now? Technically, every He-111 should have required a take-off from Tatinskaya in Stalingrad but everyone was okay overlooking that. So much hostility towards an essential part of the air war in a simulator, and no one has answered the B-26 question yet.
  11. Sooooooo..... (Bump). Not even a "GoFundMe" would work for a B-17? Was that confirmed? 4 Engines is too much but not 3, 5 Gunners is too much but not 4, a single flight of 5 B-25's can work but not a single flight of 5 B-17s. What's the excuse not to have a B-26? We already have the A-20, the B-26 bombed Europe as much as the B-24's and B-17's. Is it the Norden Bombsite that's too complex to implement? The Allies need a bomber because it's beyond silly having P-51's escorting a flight of B-25's against K-4's and 262's. Yet we get the AR-234 before what A
  12. Just add AAA outside of the perimeter of airfields, it would scare away anyone who wants to camp airfields. Meaning, it would start firing on someone before the team gets the notification that someone is on top of their airfield. It would bring more of an incentive to focus on the objectives rather than k/d's. And SRS is pointless. It's just another Discord. You need to have it installed for people to hear you, you also need to be in the same channel for people to hear you. The only difference between SRS and Discord is the radio sound. People are wanting what already ex
  13. Can we use this as an excuse to get the MC-202 involved in some maps? 👈
  14. I just put 2 passes on a Bf-110 and gave it a couple leaks, it was still able to prop hang at 150m and pull out of it while my P-51 stalled out and hit the ground.. There is a problem with German DM's. This type of War Thunder crap needs to be addressed... The Bf-110 was pulled from the Battle of Britain, yet it's one of the best dogfighters in this game..... Our patience is running really, really low. I hate to sound bias, but the German planes completely float, have no torque effect, and have no damage effect. You can be hit on your right wing, then you're left, and you're 100
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