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  1. I just put 2 passes on a Bf-110 and gave it a couple leaks, it was still able to prop hang at 150m and pull out of it while my P-51 stalled out and hit the ground.. There is a problem with German DM's. This type of War Thunder crap needs to be addressed... The Bf-110 was pulled from the Battle of Britain, yet it's one of the best dogfighters in this game..... Our patience is running really, really low. I hate to sound bias, but the German planes completely float, have no torque effect, and have no damage effect. You can be hit on your right wing, then you're left, and you're 100% maneuverable again.
  2. Not that you need them in the Tempest lol.
  3. After I wasted all my ammo on him and he was still able to maneuver like nothing happened.
  4. Either .50cals are crap, or the German DM's are broken. Six, .50cals should do a lot of damage, EIGHT, .50cals hardly a difference. How is this 109 still flying? https://streamable.com/ybg5xe
  5. This crap is game breaking for me. https://streamable.com/pfb9n https://streamable.com/f4ql2 Totally unrealistic, their eyes should have popped out of their heads pulling that bs.
  6. So does that mean he has to re-write the scripts? I find it hard to imagine no one wanting to donate funds.
  7. Before my post gets removed again I know spotting is a controversial topic, I just want to find settings that work best for me in spotting aircraft. With that said, I can see planes very far away, so far that I can see furballs from across the map, they show up as white dots. A good way to know what I'm talking about is you can see the 1943 dogfights from the Allied 1944 spawn in the Berloga server. However, I can't see anything when planes are close and I don't remember having this problem on my old setup. I don't know if it's my monitor settings or what. I have.. HDR disabled, Sharpen, Land filter blurred, and 4k textures on ultra. In the photo there's a BF-109 below me. I'm at 2500m, the Bf-109 is at 500m.
  8. What do you think was more effective in real life? Turning into a enemy dive, or let your gunners have him? I can't imagine trying to rear gun doing those maneuvers!
  9. So you can padlock the enemy? Now I finally understand how some people just know where you are at all times and ignore the AI. That's messed up!
  10. Not really about the FM, but can someone tell my why the P-47 doesn't have HVARs? The P-47's from the 9th AF received them right after D-Day, why don't they have them in Bodenplatte??
  11. The 30mm was big, but it was still a bullet, that was meant for bombers, Chuck Yeager even said the 30mm rounds would explode outside of the wing and not damage and flight controls, but this game it's acting like artillery. There's no way it should be ripping planes in 4 pieces like it does now. But the P-38 seems to only have 1 damage model...
  12. Was hoping to see DM improvements especially on the P-47 and P-38... They seem to only have 1 damage model, and that is breaking into 4 pieces. One time my P-47 was broken in half by a K-4 from the fuselage, 30mm is bigger than a 20mm, but it's not as big as Anti-Aircraft-Artillery to break an entire P-47 in half, I guarantee that never happened in real life. P-38 just breaks in 4 pieces by default even when you hit the strongest point, the engine. Way too many planes are losing wings it's like War Thunder right now and it's always from the root, the strongest part.
  13. Photo is from the book, P-51 Mustang vs Fw 190. I think a bigger problem is the lack of negative G-Force, red outs, especially when 109/Spitfire pilots slam their stick forward and they go from 300kph to 100kph in less than 2 seconds without their eyes popping out of their heads.
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