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  1. Thanks, @LukeFF! That set me on the right path. In case anyone else stumbles across this thread looking for the same answer, map: "Water radiators shutters control axis" to control the water rad. "Oil radiators shutters control axis" to control the oil rad.
  2. Hi - I'm trying to learn the E-7 and not having much luck. I can switch the water rads in the F-2 and F-4 from auto to manual and set the amount open in the F-4 but can't figure out how to control the E-7. The keys I use to open / close the water rad in the F-4 don't seem to have any effect and I'm completely clueless re: what line in the key settings section of the game relates to the E-7's oil rads. Can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks!
  3. Padlock fail in cockpit view but works in external view happened again last night flying 109 F-2 in BoM career - no idea why.
  4. just flew a mission in career mode and everything worked the way it's supposed to accidentally used the hat switch to change view before padlocking on an enemy (habit) but everything still worked until end of mission sorry can't be more helpful
  5. @vonNutz - thanks for the heads up - I'll test that this evening and report back
  6. ^^^ this just happened to me - replying so I can track this thread external view - padlock works go back to cockpit - not working
  7. I can confirm you don't get them if you buy through Steam. I was told that this is because the two companies don't share that info so there's no way for the forum software to know about your Steam purchases. I could argue...but I'm generally happy with the game and it's a relatively minor disappointment. ps - can you guess which module I bought on Steam to start playing?
  8. Well that's embarrassing - I just checked myself you're absolutely correct. I got them reversed. 109 F2 - opens 100% when not on auto control 109 F4 - controllable percentage open when not on auto control And when I read what LukeFF said more closely, he didn't confirm that the F2 / F4 behaved how I had described them, only that the F models did behave differently. Thanks Yogiflight!
  9. Hi Yogiflight, thanks for the reply. It might have changed since you used it last. I'm pretty new to the game so I don't know. These days, as confirmed by LukeFF, on manual the F2's water rads can be adjusted but the F4's water rads go to 100% open and stay there. EDIT: I was wrong - Yogiflight's post is correct - see below.
  10. Hi - hope this is the right place for these questions: I'm flying SP career in BoM bouncing back and forth between the 109 F2 and F4. I don't "need" to manage the water rads but I want to slowly get used to the concept of taking a more active role in that type of thing so I've been experimenting with it. I noticed that in the F2, when I switch to manual control using RCntl+R, the water rads remain at the same setting they were at when I changed from auto. Then, if I use RCtl + Equals and RCtl + Minus I can change the percentage open. But in the F4, when I sw
  11. Two great things about this community appear in this thread: 1 - the DEVELOPER responded to the OP's complaint almost immediately. That is rare. 2 - everyone's responses to the OP are relatively civil. Also rare. I like it here.
  12. I'm dealing with a programmable keypad that does a poor job of sending key combinations. (ie: right-control R) A workaround is to program the keypad to send a keyboard code that isn't used in-game, then re-map in-game controls to accept these codes instead of a key combination. For example, the keypad is programmed to send 'F13,' or HID code 104, and the in-game control in IL-2 is changed from 'right-control r' to F13. There's a list of all the codes a keypad can be programmed to send attached. However, not all of the HID codes are recognized in
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