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  1. Thank you Oyster. Great work. And appreciated. Afterall you dont fly an aircraft by sitting on the wingtip. The looks of the office is important!
  2. I think it is a good solid announcement. Also read Jason's comments in the officers club which give more info on other areas in FC. The planeset well that is part of being solid, some heavies, some two seaters and the fighters, representing a balance between the french, the british and the german. Good show chaps.
  3. I am really hoping that we can get this skin as well...mainly for that beautiful jg emblem...the overpaint and its uniqueness
  4. What I really like about this this release and I also know it to be the truth from my experience with this sim since 2014 with this dev team is this: will continue to benefit from our work on the game engine and we will continue our work on the infantry feature so we can make an even more interesting battlefield. Like all of our products work is never truly "finished" and there will always be bugs to fix or features to improve Great statement of intent and all of the best Jason and team in your continued quest for excellence.
  5. Possibly the best Hartman skin in my hangar guys. Thanks for the update btw the timing of the release caught me offguard...nice variation.
  6. Some nice ideas for collector planes. E3/E4...Spitfire MKII.....perhaps then also a G6AS?
  7. Jason created a very good perspective of the circumstances that the team is working under in another thread, due to COVID. In the regard I take my hat to the team. It is very praise worthy.
  8. So sad. My heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family. Tom was a great community member and with his own unique skinning style/brand.
  9. Flow that also why I love that T34 skin so much....the browns and greens combo😄 perfect
  10. I have not flown the Hurricane but I think the cockpit etc is very well done. Definitely worth the wait. Very glad I bought it. Of course although the Hurri is the main attraction allround many other improvements and updates which should not be discounted. Congrats and well done. Long live Great Battles.
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