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  1. Good news chaps. I have already determined my priorities to get as soon as possible: Priority 1: Yak 9 T Priority 2: Hurricane Priority 3: Yak 9 I may switch 2 and 3 around at short notice.
  2. Bugsy we have been waiting for you....fond memories of your P47s😀
  3. Looking forward very much to the green Old Crow.
  4. I would also like to throw in Millie G for consideration... http://www.station131.co.uk/55th/images/Plane%20Profiles/343rd%20FS/P-51D%2044-15701%20CY-G%20'The%20Millie%20G'.jpg
  5. Hi Legioneod. Great skin. Thanks. Just a question: Is it not missing the hun hunter texas on the black arrow?
  6. I feel so good when Jason's says.... Dear Pilots. Bloody good show chaps. I have a new screensaver now.
  7. Hi Raps. Thank you very much looks great and also loved the video. About scratching I can make no promises. If I dont get shot down anyway....any landing that I can walk away from is a good one. Can you please also check the download link to this one also: Bf 109 E7 based on 'Yellow 3', an E3 unit that flew with 2./JG 51 out of Krefeld, Germany in late 1939.
  8. 100% correct Raptor. Its a G6AS. The profile of the G6AS is similar to K4...no bulges for MG and canopy...i think the call it the Galland Hood etc.
  9. Hi Raps. I hope I understood the question correctly. As always thanks for your skins. I have downloaded now the Ross last aircraft. I have always wanted Walther Oesau's last ride in the k4. I know it was a g6as but the profiles are similar. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/bf109g-6-as-green-13-the-last-ride-of-oberst-walte-t495848.html Many thanks.
  10. Great update this week...great dd. Very innovative on pilot phys..the aircraft are as expected excellent..view distance and lastly the great news abt new programmer and ia. Good show chaps.
  11. I would also like you to write on this. Angles..energy ...In Pursuit..Shaw...many others simhq..youtube etc. I have quite a collection. Acm vs bfm...never quite understood difference. I remember a few years ago you did some stuff also it was very good to read.
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