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  1. Thank you for working hard, doing your best and always seeking and testing to confirm accuracy.
  2. Brilliant update. Love even the small things. The message abt the round being loaded and the type... for tank crew. Helps me greatly.
  3. Thanks Cavok. Beautiful plane.
  4. Don check this post. See the graphics section and then check out everything else. Power management etc etc
  5. Truly sorry to hear. Rest in piece Kwaitek.
  6. Hi. What could be a possible plane set for Papua & New Guinea 1942 - 1943
  7. Hi Geronimo. Thanks for asking. 1. Control sensitivities. I see today there is a post abt this again. I guess hearing what others do is always good. 2. Opentrack. My trackir croaked. So i bought a delanclip..a year ago. What i did with trackir is i used profiles that i found in the forum and adjusted. Bhh also has a big post here on opentrack. I would welcome any inputs that you have also on the setup of axis etc. Many thanks.
  8. . ..I plan to finish the graphics segment soon then begin on controls sensitivity and opentrack segments next. Stay tuned for more information as I continue to update this thread!! Lots more to come. ... Reallt looking forward to this as well. Many thanks.
  9. 😀😀. We already have some aircraft such as p40..p39...p47..soon p38&p51&mitchell ia...and spits of which the variants could be used as basis. My guess is not first up carrier battle but usaaf&marine 'land/island' battle. Just my guess. See also dd217 that refers to a distant secret island.
  10. Hi Bugsy. Daddy rabbit is awesome.
  11. Its a seperate aircraft from premuim. Great other buys is yak1b..bf109g6..ju52..u2
  12. So much to look forward to 😁
  13. Hi guys got silent hunter 5. Does not work on my windows 10. Runs an intro movie type clip in top lefthand corner of screen and then crashes. Amybody know this and can point to a quickfix. I installed it on my windows 7 machine and no probs there. I thimk i am going to like it. Brings a nice 3rd option to my simming...il2 aircraft and tanks...now subs. Found it! , so I think I may have fixed it. after much tinkering and install/reinstall, i've figured out that for me, the SH5 EXE needs to be run in Admin, Win7 compatibility, AND "disable display scaling on high DPI settings" needs to be checked ON. hopefully this fixes my problems from here on. I've never had to use this setting before, but this monitor I am on now, I don't believe I've ever played SH5 on it and it is a 1440p monitor
  14. Hi Gustav. That is really a nice/great skin.
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