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  1. Thank you for the detailed info and tips! Didn't know that there were variations for each individual planes depending on those factors. So with a lack of colour photo the best option is to trust the scale models. In fact I found some scale models online but wasn't sure whether to trust them over Wings Palette. Now it's time to update the skins!
  2. I found out that in 1918 to 1920 the Japanese army invited a French group to receive trainings in military aviation, and bought multiple SPAD XIII's alongside other aircrafts. The skin is for one of those SPADs which I presume was used for the trainings. The camo should be that of standard French according to literatures but the reference photo shows slight deviations, so had to use some artistic liberty there. Parts of markings in the aircraft denoting the manufacture/service location were also illegible, so they were guesstimated using markings from other types of aircrafts in the sa
  3. First time making and posting skins. The skins are for Ishak which I've been flying a lot recently. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qka13listwgc5/I16t24 I-16 Type-5 flown by ace 柳哲生 (Liu Zhesheng) I-16 Type-18 piloted by 韋鼎峙 (Wei Dingzhi) I-16 Type-18 of 24th squadron I-16 Type-10 I'm still struggling with getting the colours right, but had fun making these. The Wings Palette which I used as the reference has slightly conflicting colours, and I haven't found info on colour schemes/paints used by Nationa
  4. When serving the Soviet Union Ekusupurosion shrine altar to pay honour to for a good fortune in bombing missions
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