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  1. If the removal option will not be included, at least the option to do not load any ammo for external guns should be there.
  2. What I mean is that 190A3 MGFF (M) was using only minengeschoss rounds, and so it could effectively cause more damage than 151/20 AP/HE rounds when hitting.
  3. And wasn't A3 MGFF always the M variant by default? It was my understanding that the mine was the safest projectile to preserve the life of the gun compared with the older heavier shells.
  4. It is my understanding that HE rounds of 151/20 were normally not Mine, the opposite applies to MG-FF were 100% of the rounds were mine shells. So, even with worse ballistics and RoF, actually 190A3 MG-FF could be more lethal than 151/20 when it hits.
  5. All the 190A6s were using C3 with or without extra boost.
  6. For sure it would have had plenty of use in the eastern front but also in the west after Torch and Normady. Lets not forget that one primary role of a fighter is to hunt enemy's ground attack planes at low level which were normally scorted as well. In no way air was was reduced to fight high level bomber formations.
  7. Interesting that the Germans only applied the extra boost above 1.42 to ground attack variants and not for clean fighters.
  8. That document is listing 1.68 and 1.69 ATA?
  9. One thing is clear, all the Focke-Wulf performance charts are showing curves for 1.42, 1.58 and 1.65 ata, not anything in between or above the upper limits.
  10. Actually that was my understanding as well, that the ATA limits were imposed by design, not by physical limitations. But I guess some original source would be needed to confirm (or deny) that.
  11. Note that the OP implies a situation where you are outnumbered by the P51s, not a 1 vs 1. Cannot think on a single advantage of the K4 in that scenery.
  12. Without any doubt D9. At least in SP D9 dominates easily at these altitudes. Probably better armament and better overal acceleration make the difference. K4's Mk 108 is a real problem if you are already outnumbered, not easy at all to get quick kills/damages with it. And under 5K K4 is not exceptional at all.
  13. You will get maximum boost at the super charger critical leves, first sea level and then 5000m if I remember well. This applies as well to A5 and A8.
  14. I don't get why the negative impressions on A6. Better zoom climb, better dive, way better armament, similar speed, similar roll rate, it is overally a better fighter.
  15. That is the point, so A6 >>>> A5.
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