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  1. All I can get is 574 Kph (ATA 1.59) at sea level. How can 1.65 ATA be reached? I understand both, A8 and A5U17, are using the same C3 boost (max 1.65), but all I can reach with both is 1.59 ATA (570 Kph with A5 and 574 Kph with A8)
  2. Tested in campaign as well as in 8 vs 8 all set in ACE. These packs of 190A8 seem unstoppable, they not only fly very aggressively, they also know to use all that fire power. I tried even 8 ACE Tempest vs 8 ACE 190A8, and the result was 0 - 8. While the AI for the 190A8 seems really challenging, it looks like the rest of AIs don't know how to fight against them.
  3. Problem I see with a well simulated carrier attack would be the massive AAA fire and its impact everywhere, CPU, GPU.
  4. After testing many times the result is that: - P51 AI always go for the HO while being outgunned by the 190, it ends being destroyed or severely damaged even before the first pass over and over and over again. - FW190D AI always avoids the HO with a very gentle turn which allows you to get into its tail in few seconds with any plane, it doesn't matter whether the 190 clearly outguns the opponent or not. Might be the reaction of both AIs for a head on pass could be switched, or at least greatly improved-
  5. Mandoble


    VIP related missions could add some more content to the careers: - Intercept and kill the VIP's vehicle/aircraft (strongly protected by the enemy). In some cases these VIPs could be ACEs flying combat planes while in most cases would be flying in transport planes. There could be a VIP counter as an extra score. - Protect the VIP's vehicle/aircraft. - Drive intercepted enemy VIP transport plane to a friendly base (if scorts are eliminated and no more enemies are engaged).
  6. Is not only that most (not some) of us don't have time for that, is that this would be a total waste of that time. Most of us don't sleep in barracks to feel more immersed in the simulation, do you? BTW, in real world there were interceptions, there were unexpected encounters also when returning to base after scort missions, I'm yet to find a single one here. That would make these endless trips at least more exciting.
  7. I think there is a clear gameplay issue here. I have no problem with x8 (still exceeding 120fps) but it is clearly not x8. Flying at 500 kph the x 8 should put me in 4000 kph at low level, but in practical it is like flying at 800 (if lucky). There are scort missions in Kuban, but also any mission in western Germany using D9, where you will waste a lot of time just trying to reach the "action" area and then return 5 mins later. I think the solution is not just avoiding these bases (and planes) or scort missions, the solution must be applied in the game itself. I bought D9 just to find out the career allows me just one base far far away from anywhere else, rendering the D9 career absurd. As the war progressed in Kuban and your forces retreat to the West, the same happens with any kind of mission and plane.
  8. You might try yourself, activate boost after starting the engine and just wait there on idle until MW50 tank gets empty (which should not happen).
  9. Fullscreen 1080P, Thrustmaster T16000M+TWCS+Pedals. As said before, it doesn't happen with any other similar game where the inputs are always immediately read and executed (DCS, MS FS, Elite Dangerous, ...), I tested also with MS Windows joystick tool, which reads the inputs immediately as well, not a single miss, not a single delay. In the background I have the default Windows 10 processes, normally Steam is running as well while IL2 is not the Steam one. I've found this issue is not new, check here. EDIT: I've found that setting a target FPS number in something different than deactivated increases the problem even more. You asked for a video as well, but in a video you would never "see" when I'm pulling the trigger, moving the joystick, pedals, etc. While setting the target FPS to a number makes the problem even worse, I suspect it is mostly a CPU related issue as it happens in situations with dense mix of units fighting while not necessarily drawn on the screen (I have the career options set to "Hard" and "Dense"), perhaps most people with the career not set to Dense would never notice the effect and I guess the effect in MP is gone if the CPU is not loaded handling many AI units. Remember as well that not only the input is affected, also the rate of fire and the "delays" of the gun's sounds when substaining the fire. This effect is present with FPS above 60, so it looks the input is not read synchronized with frames drawn, it "seems" like instead of reading the input buffer the game is reading the input states at a particular time and missing what happened between previous state read and last state read, but reading the states in a frequency way lower than the frames drawn per second.
  10. Of course no power saving mode, quite the opposite. I suspect it has no relation at all with the video driver but with how the game works internally, when the game reads the inputs and when the game executes them. It is totally missing joystick trigger clicks. It never happened to me before in any game, and currently it happens only in this one.
  11. Playing in singleplayer mode, FPS going from 150 to 60. In many cases clicking the trigger (single shot) results into nothing, in some others pressing the trigger results into a delay of up to 1 second for the first shot and then a noticeable degradation in the rate of fire (substained), not only in the time between tracers, but also in the time between shot sounds, control response seems to be affected as well. This happens frequently (almost all the time) in the middle of dense combats, very rarely in 1 vs 1 situations. When this happens I can perceive that the graphics are not very fluid, but checking FPS I still see 80, 90, 100, while the visual perception is more similar to 30 fps. i7 16GB RTX2060 6GB (latest drivers), game running on SSD (520 MB/s).
  12. All and every AI Spit outturns (and most of the times outclimbs and outzooms as well) my 109G6 with no effort.
  13. Reallistic should be the flight model, damage model, weapons effect, effects on the pilot, etc, there is no such a thing as reallistic career as probably every pilot you ask about will have a very different experience, personal and militar. But at least the career could be exciting and thrilling. Fear to fail and need to win is what is missing here.
  14. Actually reflected in anything that affects you as a player, so that you are really interested into winning the missions. I don't care at all about the outcome of the war, not even about ground lost or own if this doesn't affect the player and the way it plays. Having a career where you simply can skip due innaction the random missions you don't like shows how incredibly rudimentary the career actually is. Is not that it is reallistic, is that it is extremely basic, raw and rudimentary. And about the "incredible" effort that a dynamic campaign might take, well many many years ago we had Falcon 5, perhaps you remember it,
  15. 100% agree with that, while way more difficult to implement, specially when AI rarely will do their best at all.
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