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  1. Thanks, DarkP. Glad you like 'em.
  2. Hey guys! Great shots! I've been taking some 8K shots lately. I've got a whole album of 4K and 8K (mostly 8K) shots of BOS at my Flickr account. If you're into high quality screenshots, you might appreciate them. Here are some of my favorite 109 shots so far:
  3. Thanks for checking them out, and have a happy holiday yourself.
  4. I've been taking some 4K and 8K screenshots. You can see the full album at my Flickr account. Here are some of my favorite shots so far: Check out my Flickr account for more. If you've got an account there, show me some love .
  5. British pilots said that the 109s that they flew (testing) were very slow to respond in a dive. I think it's modeled pretty well here. Last time I flew a 190, it seemed a little too extreme, but I've heard that it's better now.
  6. Well, first of all my argument isn't based on a feeling. The developers changed the FMs a while back, and we're all in agreement about that. I don't see what's so hard to believe. I never fly with 100% fuel. I've been doing the spiral climb maneuver, as well as other vertical maneuvers, in the 109 for over a decade. I'm not asking for advice on how to fly it, and I've never had any trouble shooting down Yaks in the F-4 or the G-2. I started this topic to see if anyone else noticed a decrease in the climb rate advantage of the 109 F4 against the Yak at anytime since July of this year, when I first started flying this sim.
  7. I knew if I made a this post the trolls would come out in full form.
  8. The official revisions several months back is when I first noticed the difference, but it has changed since then. I'm not asking for a better machine than my opponent. I'm asking for historical accuracy. Thanks all for the suggestions, however, I know how to fly the 109. I know it's advantages, and how to use them. That isn't the issue. I guess I'll say this again: maybe it's not the 109 that has changed. That's part of what I was thinking about when I started this new topic, but I didn't mention it. Also, I'm not having problems fighting anything.
  9. Maybe it's not the 109 that has changed. The issue is that the dynamic between the 109 and the Yak has definitely changed. I also disagree that the 109 FM hasn't changed in a while. They changed it's stability in the last update. I can feel it.
  10. 32, but my balls look 50 so...
  11. I'll just start this off by saying that I know this will be an unpopular post, because I've already heard many people complaining about how the 109 is too good. That being said, if you fly a Yak the way it is supposed to be flown against a 109 flown the way it is supposed to be flown, they are a good match. That has always been the case, since I first started playing this sim. However, it seems to me that with almost every update they've made to this game since I've been playing, they've neutered the 109 a little more each time. I mostly fly the 109 F4. When I first started flying this sim, I could climb away from a battle if I needed to get back some energy, especially against a lower energy opponent. I many cases, I was able to get opponents to give up their higher energy state, and turn the tables by using the 109s climb rate advantage. A while back, though, I noticed that the 109 F4 (at least) was not climbing away from the Yaks anymore. The best you could do (in many cases) in the F4 was to keep the opponent on your tail at a safe distance. Now, after the most recent update, the Yaks are chasing me down in a climb. Not only is this historically inaccurate, it defeats the purpose of flying different aircraft. The Yak already has a superior turn rate and speed advantage, which is historically accurate. Why diminish the 109s advantage, i.e., climb rate? Before someone says that I'm just going up against better pilots, let me stop you. I've flown against some of the best Yak pilots in this game, and held my own. It is getting harder and harder to do so, though, in the new, neutered, Yak-Light.
  12. I just want to turn up the cockpit shadow resolution for now. Those huge jagged shadows are not in alignment with the overall fidelity of the rest of the game.
  13. I did that last week flying with Newfie. I didn't say anything about it either. I didn't quite saw off the tail, but it reminded me of that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. "Son, I'm sorry. They got us."
  14. We all need to log on to the servers we want to play in, and then sit there for a bit - flying that is (it's does no good to sit on the sidelines, when you're trying to get a fight started). Nobody wants to join an empty server, but they will always be empty if someone doesn't take the initiative. Usually, when I do this, I will see someone log on, see that only one or two people are flying, and log right back off. A minute or less later, someone else does the same thing. If we all just stayed logged in for a bit longer, getting a small group flying would be no problem. When others see the populated server, they'll join it too.
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