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  1. I am back from my holidays a but earlier than expected, is there a chance I can still join?
  2. Thank you Sketch for the great mission. Was really fun to fly with you all. Special thanks to Death-Merchant for leading the A20 and to our cover, S! Some screens from the A20 perspective Flying through the bombs of A20 leader: Angry Luftwaffe fighters: Lost tail, bent prop Lots of damage but still flying But not for long: Second mission All together: We lost JimTM: Hit the target again, but A20 leader is badly damaged by flak: He won't make it home:
  3. Can you please sign me up for an A20? If needed for the mission I can also give the ju88 a try.
  4. I was thinking the same! Requiem might have had a small head start because of his great RoF videos.
  5. This looks like great fun! On Saturday I have couchservice, so I cannot join, but I hope you will repeat it later or come up with new missions. Would have loved to fly the Ju52 with Nil! I will post it on our discord channel.
  6. You have removed me from the table, Tip ๐Ÿ˜
  7. They will be sent to you in a PM by Tip. He normally sends them on Thursday, so you can expect them today.
  8. Don't worry I switched from the Il-2 to the U2 so that Tip's plan could be executed. I would not have liked it if he made plans for the U2 and nobody flew it. I'll go back to my good old Il-2
  9. I'll switch back to the Il-2, so you can fly the U2
  10. Hi Tip, Can you switch me to a U-2VS? Otherwise we might not be able to complete our mission
  11. Can you put me in a Mark IX please? That will be fun for the Axis ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Anna Yegorova (one of the female il-2 pilots) talks about flying in the U2 in her book. She flew it mostly as liaison.
  13. Can you exchange my A20 for a Spit, so that Retnek can fly an A20.
  14. Have fun, Tip (hopefully with both business and family ๐Ÿ˜‰)
  15. Wow, Friday evenings will be different from the 8th on. Thanks for all your efforts Tip and DBS!
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