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  1. I don't know... From my side both existing and new carreers have been broken in the last two weeks and this flight path error where you start from the far south-west of the map is one of the most common symptoms I'm experiencing.
  2. Having only BoS and a few collector planes, I would choose Macchi202 for its nimbleness, good visibility inside the cockpit and also for its aesthetic qualities.
  3. The last update broke the career mode (player starting on airfield in enemy territory, missing squadrons insignia, etc). The problem was reported several times in the technical problems forum and devs said they're working on a fix. The only way you can experience a carrier like mode at the moment Is PWCG (which is great by the way!).
  4. Hello, I started a Luftwaffe tour with the new version of the campaign generator using Stalingrad map. So far everything is fine but I noticed my squad mates don't speak over the radio (no take off message, no entering combat zone message, no spotting messages, etc), same thing happens with my pilot (no enemy spotting message for example). The other ally squadrons keep communicating as always... maybe I touched something in the configuration options? any ideas? thanks
  5. Update: I tried starting two new Soviet carriers selecting different squadrons. Now the mission plans start from the correct airfields but all the insignias are gone, so there's no way to ask for a unit transfer for example. What is happening?
  6. Hello, both my BoS careers (Fw 190 A3 and La5) seem to suffer from the same bug: after several missions my squadron disappears from the usual airfield and my missions start from a point in the far south-west of the map in German territory (images attached). I played the game 90 hrs and this is the first time it happened, I also had two CTDs and a BSOD while playing recently and never before. I couldn't find a known solution in the forum, anyone can help me? Thank you.
  7. I'm interested in the track hat clip solution, Is it possibile to place the camera on top of a laptop screen? If this is the case, do I need to recalibrate every time I close and reopen the laptop?
  8. Hello I think the campaign generator is really great but I find it strange that most of my squadron members do not report any victories even after dozens of missions and that only a couple of them have 1/2 victories. I also tried to adjust the fighter AI to a +1 with no sensibile results. I'm not just talking about my wingmen but also the other members whose results, I think, are fully simulated. Is it a settings problem or maybe just a coincidence? This obviously is not a real problem per se but it makes me look like a top ace (and really this isn't the case!).
  9. Hello I need some help setting up the pilot views. I use a joystick without head tracking and I fly with gradual views enabled, I'm quite happy with it but I would also like to give a quick glance at 180° pressing a single key without changing the camera mode (F9), is this possible? I really can't find a way ti do so...
  10. Hello I really would like to try the campaign but after I installed it i see there's no mission descriptions...I only get a "mission description is loading" message. Is it normal? Update: now I also see the first mission doesn't start ...any suggestions? thanks Update2: Ok opening the missions and re-saving them with editor solved everything I think
  11. Thank you, yes I use trim controls but actually I never touch the radiator... I should experiment more with it!
  12. I'm flying a Spitfire Ia during the Cliffs of Dover campaign and I'm regularly outflied by 109s E3 and maybe it is normal cause they're faster (right?), problem is my wingmen also fly faster than me when I'm at full throttle, prop pitch at 60-70%, rich mixture and this happens at any altitude. Am I doing something wrong? Are there other parameters I should consider?
  13. I cannot agree more, AI can sense when I'm starting to fire. 109s usually manage to avoid my bullets when fired from 6 o'clock from 15 metres...that's frustrating since I only play for the SP content. Also not being able to choose the loadout of my plane on quick missions is absurd.
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