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  1. What got me was the fact you pulled up and got off a good PK kill in the clouds . I think i took four hits and dead . S! We need Russian planes ..๐Ÿ˜ I don`t think the P51 is first choice anymore .
  2. Ask for escort ..lol Looking forward to getting back to il-2 . Weekend is here .
  3. GOA - things are being worked on and are being tested , just relax and wait for an out come . None of us can do anything about it . We are all eager for this fix to happen .
  4. In the early days was not so much of a dream to fly . We are lucky we have a community and a dev team that is willing to change things with good data . The A3 is the best a;; round 190 .
  5. This looks great i can see contacts against the blue sky and so quick with the changes also what did you do ?? Looking forward to getting back to il-2 . Maybe i can start flying TAW again . This looks very promising .
  6. Have you tried else where in a flight sim . ? Sorry to burst your bubble . But there are alot of real pilots here and real taildraggers military old and new . Not wannabe youtubers . Get my picture .
  7. Not 100% sure , pull a maneuver and goes straight into black out seems for me there is NO gradual increase of G-forces . Or No sense of a blackout is coming , For me anyhow i don't see red-outs or grey-outs . ?? or its very very limited . Frustrating to be honest . But i am quite heavy handed on joystick with hard center . But then again i hear quite a few comments online where blackout just comes on while dogfighting . Fly a Yak7 - Yak1b and i can perform any type of maneuver with hardly any blackouts i can throw that thing around . Got to page two of this thread and the childish insults had already started . lol . ๐Ÿ˜ก Is there Red out . ive never seen it . Spot on .
  8. So Anapa and Gost are temp airfields . With no flak protection .
  9. No flak guns protecting spawning airfields . On two occasions now the enemy has attacked airfields killing red pilots even though Red is out numbered 2:1.
  10. Spitfire pilots would see Bandits at 20 miles . F-18 pilot can see SOS in sand at 20 miles .
  11. I think you will find people zoom in and out constantly . At the moment to stay tracked you need to be at full zoom to maintain contact . Zoom out and you loose that contact . Check your six or look around you loose contact even though in 3D space you know it will be in a certain area but finding it is the problem . So i think FOV has something to do with it . Rendering issues . Like i said and others here , go and fly CLOD and your have no issues in what ever resolution you fly 1080 ,2k or even 4k . However Clod did suffer early days with LOD and Fov . But they fixed it . Not sure what they did , anyone got any ideas . ? We all can stand on the ground and look up to see dark flying objects at 20,000ft or even satellites crossing over and them darn UFOs . ๐Ÿ˜ Quick one also , Does anyone think the scale is off too Small . ?
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