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  1. Agree cant be done by all . But that`s down to personal preference . These air-frames are not hard to fly . Prop pitch Mixture flaps take off . The hard bit is seeing your enemy . Flying solo is hard work , constant checking six now ! might as well fly backwards .. lol . What is the setup to run the server hardware wise . ?
  2. One month Blue one month Red . That`s how i fly these days . When i was in a squad it was mainly blue . But we did change depending on campaigns . But that`s all stopped now . Il-2 1946 RIP.
  3. In VR . Hmd = on VSyc = off Antialiasing = X 2 Mirrors = low With VR you got too experiment .
  4. Thank you for your time and efforts on this server , can i ask what the issues are that you are facing.
  5. Bug on barges 1616 . Destroyed and was crossed off on map . Yet no stat report and Zero kill . Once landed safely. { Web-page has it corrected . } Also on trucks that are static along the roads after first pass , gun hits yet no damage is this a game bug or server side . On 262s pilots that are confident and can fly these Wonderbra machines should fly . Im thinking maybe put a message in chat if that`s possible maybe this will stop someone new that cant fly it .
  6. Spotting wasn't easy back then Hundreds of threads over spotting . but its better than what we have today . There is a bug with the zoom and colour .backgrounds .
  7. Thank you all for your hard work , just picked up the G6 today .
  8. Them videos say it all . Now go on YouTube and find videos from 2014 . I don`t understand why some people defend any type of game when its clearly has some issues . We should be talking to real pilots and taking their experiences . This is a game thing , this was also happening with ground targets . Last year ``Tanks or convoys would not come into view not unless you were right on top of them . The zoom in and out seems to effect the visibility , or a Pixel and none pixel . Older flight sims like il-2-1946 didn't have these spotting issues , CLOD did to start with but was fixed . RoF even has no issues . So its definitely the game engine , We all know that . But what can be done to fix these issues . Cliff of Dover in the beginning added sun glare . You would see the sun shine off the cockpits surfaces and it worked , later came a fix were we could spot a pixel . Im not sure what they did but it worked . The problem im seeing at the moment is the target blends into the back ground and becomes invisible . the naked eye can track and pick up moving targets with ease and keep it tracked and also the mind can work out where in 3d space the target will end up or its flight path . At the moment you are fully zoomed in . if you zoom out you loose pixel . Must zoom back in fully to regain target . And stay fully zoomed in . I hope that makes sense . If you check six for one to two seconds you have the lost target when back too gun sight .
  9. Can i ask what is the visibility set too on the server . Spotting . ect .
  10. It Seems your the only one in this thread that has no problems in spotting . Next your be telling me you live in the land of the free .. LOL I have been away from this Game for nearly a year and i can tell you NOW its a lot harder . Up close seems to be the problem here , i have had good sight on target checked my six and that target has vanished , !! its right in front of me .
  11. Been away for a while and have returned back to il-2 and the first thing i noticed was the change in spotting it was hard before but now its harder online servers only . Many people now have good monitors and are flying in high res 2k and above some say they fly in 4k . Must be very difficult . A year ago it was hard as the enemy would blend into back ground colour . As mentioned . I hope things pick up as it seems we have along way to go with the new campaigns that are coming up .
  12. Thank you for all your hard work gents ..!!!
  13. Yep that's pretty much spot on .
  14. Any chance to rotate maps to different times . Seems each night I play it's the same maps SAME TIME , Europe times GMT .
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