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  1. Please post your settings in game , you should be able too see tracers rounds they are so bright it attracts all the flys . some thing dont sound right with your settings . FOV speed in camera options . play around in camera options . two are set too 47% some thing move to 80% Who has good spotting in game because i cant see shit anymore . What are your settings . !!!
  2. Just goes to show how the spotting has definitely taken a turn for the worst , if reshade is being used as a cheat . On comms is quite comical now . ``Its a P38 , no its a 190 , no it a dam P51 help . `` too late im dead . !! 🤤
  3. Not with this poor spotting we have now , no thanks . This game has become totally frustrating with its spotting and id difficulties .
  4. Seems some maps are dark or towards sunset , its very difficult to spot things . Even seen contacts . Any chance of more light . Also lots of players are following all the way back to base can we have more flak guns up along the routes . At least we can see flak . Players are completely missing out targets and just attacking spawn points or just plain camping the AF. more flak please .
  5. DCS - P47 is out could use this as a test bed .
  6. Good Speed and stable gun platform at the moment , i can boom and zoom keep tabs on the 190 . Rudder for me is abit wonky . input wise . i need to play around with settings i think . I prefer the blackout method in DCS . #
  7. Any one compared DCS model yet .
  8. v-joy with on the fly curves green background . you have link .
  9. There is a bug with visibility . Plenty of talk over in the forums . Do a search . Your find some helpful tips . Plenty of targets around the maps . No need to fly straight to a spawn point to too feel good . Use some skill . Talk to players . Use team tactics. Enjoy the server . You can use Zoom . its not banned . Devs are working on a fix for poor visibility . In DCS you can now see targets upto 20-miles . Which is about right . I have not tried the new update yet . As i am upgrading and waiting for hardware to arrive . I have a bad time spotting also IPS - 32" - 1440p ar 2k res . Is that YOU in the desert . That looks heavy how far did you carry that . . ??
  10. Sounds like your having a bad day boopeep . lol Has anyone rolled back to earlier drivers like 19.xxxx or 18xxx AMD. VR had problems with the 20xxx rolled back to 19.12.1 , i think that stopped graphic issues in VR . dont quote me
  11. I think you should test in single player see how it feels .
  12. DCS is fixed now , You can see contacts up to 20 miles . This Game needs a big fix . Its gone backwards in spotting to be honest who`s testing this game Before the release . So many people are complaining on this issue . some not . Most are . I want to try this mod . And ill give honest answer but by the looks of it its defiantly an advantage . With this mod all you need to do is sit two grid squares away from airfield and tallyho . !!! tacking is complete . 🤠 32" 1440p monitor . ``lost sight , check six , lost sight , crazy . You should try without icons see if you can keep track that target at low level .... . sorry late to the party . Wow..!! so many times ive seen flak yet no bandit . We have ongoing campaigns that are full real . This is advantage to a monitor setup . VR however has very low graphic settings not unless with NASA computer and 2k-4k VR headset . I can see the argument from VR players i tried VR but went back to monitor because of the poor spotting for me and low graphic settings to get 60fps . Good luck . Devs need to address the visibility and have a anti cheat in place its 2020 .
  13. This is all multiplayer from that list i would of thought . . Like i said some strange things happening in multiplayer . P51 guns now set to 200m and i got hits on D9 and he went down with two passes . Now im sticking with 200m and 700m centre line this works for me . Give it a try P51 jocks . Anyway back to Axis see you in the online servers . IMHO the net coding needs updating and a anti-cheat system . This will stop the negative feed back i would think . The DM update is a great patch needs a bit of fine tuning. I think The P-51 is very fragile in the elevator and rudder section with complete loss , after very little hits must bail . Have not yet made it back home with damage. Yet to test Axis . 190 and 109 . ect .
  14. Flying on a tail of a 110 seems a death trap ..lol . Its a circle that goes round and round . One side says one thing the other says another . Seems there some strange goings on in multiplayer . A 110 shot down, i land , no log , no kill . Very odd . Cant make records as this makes fps drop in combat-box so ive heard . Any truth in this . ?
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