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  1. Can i ask what is the visibility set too on the server . Spotting . ect .
  2. It Seems your the only one in this thread that has no problems in spotting . Next your be telling me you live in the land of the free .. LOL I have been away from this Game for nearly a year and i can tell you NOW its a lot harder . Up close seems to be the problem here , i have had good sight on target checked my six and that target has vanished , !! its right in front of me .
  3. Been away for a while and have returned back to il-2 and the first thing i noticed was the change in spotting it was hard before but now its harder online servers only . Many people now have good monitors and are flying in high res 2k and above some say they fly in 4k . Must be very difficult . A year ago it was hard as the enemy would blend into back ground colour . As mentioned . I hope things pick up as it seems we have along way to go with the new campaigns that are coming up .
  4. Thank you for all your hard work gents ..!!!
  5. Yep that's pretty much spot on .
  6. Any chance to rotate maps to different times . Seems each night I play it's the same maps SAME TIME , Europe times GMT .
  7. I guess jumping around from plane to plane would make things harder . Or feel strange I tried again last night on server . The pitch is very twitchy . I have no fine tune . It's like there is a delay to input then reacts over the top . . Practice I guess or deadband adjustment needed .
  8. Tanks seen to be invisible then pop into view also flying at 100m of the deck so i can see . Damage on tanks cant be seen , no smoke effects , how do we tell if destroyed from air . Never used to be a problem but now it is. I feel the tank game is interfering with flight game , damage ect , am i wrong here . ??
  9. Fly any other plane in GB and your fly just fine , pull your turns hi g yoyo and the sorts yet the spitfire pulling up is just over the top it feels like too sensitive try following through when 109 pulls up , i pull up to follow and the spit goes up too fast cant follow its very off putting as for curves in DCS ``yes i wish we had that here for each plane like they had in Rise of flight . But for some strange reason we ended up with the settings we have here . . Russian planes easy too fly . Jump in full throttle nothing breaks ..lol Some thing is odd about spitfire elevator maybe its my joystick . ?? i just cant dog fight in this .
  10. Chasing a 109 and if he pulls up and I follow my spit goes way over the top . What is wrong with the elevator it's way way too sensitive and the ground loops on ice snow is just crazy . Lol i used tobe able to fly spit nice and stable but now I just can not fly this thing . Just little push and pulls throw me off aiming . Stopped flying it . Jump in Russain planes any of them and it's plane sailing . Lol . I mean so easy to fly .
  11. I noticed landing at friendly airfields count as a ditch . If not coloured .
  12. Did you try to call in air support. Why isn't anyone flying Red . . .
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