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  1. Yes ive seen the skins pop in and out .
  2. I see im having issues at the moment in multiplayer servers and i get stutters when in on someones six . i have all set to ultra but i never used to get this sort of bug before im thinking the 4k textures is the cause . Going to test later today . I thought this setting was to be able too see 4K skins . ??? I play in 2560 x 1440 . Thank you for your reply
  3. Thank you once again for your time and effort for yet another TAW campaign .
  4. Due to the poor visibility attacking ground targets is a huge give away and is well a one way ticket if done alone . The Flak gunners firing big clouds of black smoke . The Bright AAA small arms firing and of course the You attacking with your bombs and tracer rounds . Make one pass and get out of there but with targets not moving its easy for enemy to CAP over that target . Don`t fly alone or get some fighters to help if possible . More easier said than done .
  5. I’m guessing that no moving targets is a server restitution.
  6. All this 262 non-sense , its here , The Devs put it in game , so it should be flown . To be honest the 262 isnt making much impact on the maps , i dont see any high scoring 262 Aces here or any mass impact on the game / server . I could say the the same with the P-51 with its g-suit and no energy lost , Or the invisible planes that appear and disappear in the blue sky . Just go and enjoy the server if you can get on . There are far more things that need fixing in the game its self , than a 262 on a map . The visibility just sucks in this game now . Like some one has said they screwed it up and its back to front . 🤭
  7. I don’t think they were playing computer games back then.
  8. Now that’s playing the game. Lol I wonder how many 262s are vulchering the AF. Lol 😆
  9. With a delay you can drop low I’ve been playing this game from beginning the Russian bombing you can not be to low because of fuse won’t arm. Early days. But axis you can go low and skip bombing on ships now that’s low. sounds like there is bug or maybe we have missed some thing in new patch. On other server same altitude roughly same angle my bombs 💣 hit and explode.
  10. You don’t become famous by dying all the time. 😆 Is it possible to bring the D9 forward more to the front line. Tonight it was at the back airfield with the 262s. Allies have tempest and the starlingwood P51. Close to front lines. Just a thought.
  11. This tonight happened to me. JaBo Fw190. dropped five bombs on target none exploded. 10s delay guess there is a bug. never had this before not on Axis airframes. You can drop very low on targets with delay. Yet no bombs went off. very odd. with your 2000ib it would make big big cloud can’t miss it even if you miss bridge.
  12. Correct You have two needles (axis) one is direction and the other is distance ( left) . I think Distance needle is broken as i never see it move down the scale . i could be wrong though , Ive only just returned back too il-2 . Box .
  13. Tried to drop Paratroopers but was locked . Even though a Drop zone was on the map . Is there a special way of getting Paras.
  14. If your doing ground attack Make sure you have distant buildings set to ON . Your see your targets a lot better at distance and AAA . However doing ground attack is nearly a one way ticket . So be warned . !
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