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  1. Try VR headset and see the difference . We can argue all day . I think an option on the pilot too take rear plate would be good . Or fly with wingman while its in place . Six Covered . But I feel in game its not modeled and offers little protection . Maybe someone has better understanding then me . Tested . Totally agree . Nothing is going to change . Nothing .. !! In fact its even worst now than 1950 . Just look at America . What a joke it is now . lol
  2. Like you said your new to TAW . And where do i quote that LG is biased and unfair .. Hmmmmm !!
  3. May I ask what the count is so far for each side . Axis = ? Allied = ? I would like to fly the lesser of the two .
  4. Doing this wont that effect the History . After all TAW is about historical reenactment's . Since i can remember RED has always suffered here in numbers or around the time scaling side of things . Big Axis squadrons come here . And so they should . I think the Devs have pushed more towards Axis but in real life wasn't Germany way ahead in the war in technology . I think squads should be asked too rotate through sides . If you don't rotate you don't play , that's my thoughts . Not all of you will agree . But who wants to fly 4v1.
  5. KoN_


    Just bought on steam in the sales . See you in the sky's gents . Repeat please . !!!
  6. How can you invite more people to TAW (mostly red side) to keep the teams most of the time? As already stated Red side is weak . Blue side is strong . fact .
  7. IT would be nice too have some Red players come and join in . 57 v 23 seem not right to me . But ever server is like this apart from WOL.
  8. KoN_


    Thank you . I was a clod fan for many years . I'll wait until sale .
  9. Stop crying . No attacks have been made on you none . I complained about lagg . Get your facts right . I even disconnected . Ran a test see above . Grow up . If you can't handle critical remarks go else where . Welcome to the real world . And I'm not the first person too remark on lagg .
  10. KoN_


    There is no price drop I've check a few times . ? I really don't want to go to another website and get this at half price . Millions are out of work and lost business due too covid19 . Asking for $70.00 for a ten year old game with bugs i just can not do . Yes i know you have poured hours into this and made it work for all of us . Its been a long slog . But the asking price is too steep . I think if it was at £25.00 you would of sold way more copies . Multiplayer would be full again . ? The price has scared people off . I know that for a fact . Me
  11. Very bad experience today online unplayable due too Lag . Slide show . 262s flying around tanks and bombs going off . Hits on my airframe not even knowing due too lag . Its great we have tanks but can this game handle that . ??? Seems there has been no overhaul of the net code .
  12. You need Steam VR . like above its an APP on steam you need this installed . Add il-2 to your Quest2 library . Use link cable . Its amazing when you get use too it . Jaw dropping at first .
  13. KoN_


    im sure i seen this on sale yesterday night . ??? Tobruk
  14. Add il-2 too oculus library start from that . Make sure you have stream VR up to date . I've added DCS and il-2 into my library and i now start there . Try coming out of steam VR start game normally make sure works in flat screen . Then restart using steam VR .
  15. This is very common now with online air battles 2020 . Its just not the 109s but also the 110s . Has the Allied effect of weapons been Dumb down or nerfed . ?? by mistake or is this the real deal here . I am Axis mainly but switch over to see the effects . Been flying Allied for three months now . Just two to three hits from Axis will give very poor performance of air-frame . Disengage and RTB . My thoughts only .
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