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  1. This is very common now with online air battles 2020 . Its just not the 109s but also the 110s . Has the Allied effect of weapons been Dumb down or nerfed . ?? by mistake or is this the real deal here . I am Axis mainly but switch over to see the effects . Been flying Allied for three months now . Just two to three hits from Axis will give very poor performance of air-frame . Disengage and RTB . My thoughts only .
  2. Saddened to hear this news i used them great skins . What a shame very talented . !
  3. Good by Server . Good luck Reds i don`t agree with chute kills .
  4. The devs are well aware of this . Before it was starlingwood ...lol
  5. I don`t understand negativity but its here . Do your self a favour mate don`t put me into a category .
  6. Thank you for you reply . It Was a coloured airfield greyed out line through it ,im well aware of airfields that you can only take off from . This is my question why a ditch if land at a greyed out airfield , why a shot down given if landed safe . That my question . It seems that if you land at greyed out airfields and have been hit its classed as being shot down and a kill award is given . How is that real to real life . ??
  7. So I could of just landed at any airstrip instead of flying all the way back to friendly lines and to a friendly airfield I dont get it . Said landed success . So I have to land at an open air field in the future .
  8. Landed my shot up aircraft at a friendly base . Ditched . ? Yet shot down is awarded . ? Awarded when landed safe . No bent props not that can be fixed with ground crew .
  9. The only way this server is to work is to have a balanced teams on both sides . 42 vs 42 if numbers cant be met lets say red side as its the norm Then why not use Ai to make the numbers up . Or have Ai patrol key points . Lets say Axis is full and you go to register a squad then that squad fly red instead . But i still don`t think this will fix the state of play . Or maybe have server running for 12 hours only . I dont know to be honest . Any ideas .
  10. Lets just keep going Red team we did so well on last map , that it was nearly over in 24 - hours and reds pulled it back to a Draw .
  11. Lol Red is back to square one from four days ago ...Good effort from red team . Some great raids well planned and executed .
  12. Suggestion: MP . Net code overhaul . Type of improvement: 100 player base game play . Ai and ground movements . Benefits: Growing online play for players and Map makers .
  13. I would think its a map rotation and its aim to move front lines . I think . Please correct me if im wrong .
  14. Red players have done well to keep this map going .
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