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  1. Ive just watched a YouTube video on cliffs of Dover blitz and you can spot the enemy nicely. And you can play your tactics . Going to give that ago again . Not flown for a while .
  2. Maybe That's the reason they don't level bomb because they can't see the target above 5km . You can't even see tanks until your on top of them . TAW . END of the day the engine can't handle it . The planes are going to get faster that means your 10km bubble is going to get smaller Reaction time . The 262 is coming . So spitfire pilots could see swarm of bees at 10 miles . That's 16km . Now if we had a 16km bubble that's some thing to think about . Dcs is leaps and bounds ahead in jet warfare but not WWII. spotting is a big issue .
  3. Thanks mate . Well at least it was given ago.
  4. Con

    Tactical Air War

    The problem is the game limitations also . You think your flying alone yet there are six other pilots around you yet you have not seen . You spot your target you pull the trigger then all hell breaks loose . Suddenly you have six other pilots chasing your target . ..lol
  5. Why not put AAA batteries in around airfields . Or over the front line . Just a thought .is this to stop the vulchering.
  6. Con

    Tactical Air War

    I hate to say it but you are right about what's going on here . Mine mine , mine , Its a shame . Lol ...but true . Would bring in Ai help with the game balance. . If at all possible .
  7. Con

    Tactical Air War

    I hope the developers are seeing all these shenanigans. Man it must be crazy to run a campaign with 84 players . Thanks for your hard work . I really hope it's going to get better for the online community. Well to start if you die that's a two hour ban . . Have you noticed even if you bail out you die when hitting the ground . Really not sure about this .. Lol
  8. Con

    Tactical Air War

    What a crazy night trying to get squad members to join . Kicked and kicked and kicked . Lol . And wait and wait and then kicked .. Lol .... NUTS .
  9. Thank you . Let's see how it goes .
  10. I can only describe what I saw , I seen no flak protection upto 10km , three A20 shot down with in minutes of taking off . I myself shot down twice on landing . Landing wtf . Who follows you all the way to land . AAA only started firing once he flew over strip . There is lots of vulchering going on at the moment . And there is no need . Reds are out numbered 2-1 . As it is .
  11. Is it possible to set up flak guns in and around airfields I've noticed that certain players fly just outside of flak range and pounce on the just taken off pilots who are still climbing and levelling out especially the bomber crews . I would like to see AAA in a better position than just at the end on the run ways . This is true to real life AAA batteries .
  12. Its a good update i like the DM 90% a few weird moments but that could be net code . Keep up the good work strong following here . few bugs but thats in bug report .
  13. Thats it in a nut shell so there is no icon for timer and your right you cant time it when dogfighting ` in cliffs i would hear the scream of the engine telling me that im close to blowing engine . In here it just goes , it needs some thing added .
  14. Noticed last night with a full server that i would loose all sound and rubber banding when getting behind enemy six . What is the max ping for players . ?
  15. Multiplayer Has sound issues . No hit sounds its goes all quite in cockpit I cant hear engine either , it seems to happend when players are near or in contact dogfighting . Sound bug . Multiplayer is very laggy when near explosions or more than 5 players dogfighting this is With 80 players on server and game is laggy the dogfight server used too run well but now with 30 player in close its laggy `net code need addressing . Stats incorrect again . P47 too easy too kill should be tougher like a 190 . Fragile engines No icon for engine over heat and engine just blows without any warnings ..?? no icon Spitfire on ice taxiways spins and spins there seems tobe lag between throttle and movement or spitfire is too sencative on ice with a good undercarge this shouldnt doug-nut all the time.