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  1. Oh! Wow that's great
  2. Thank you for all your hard work gents ..!!!
  3. Yep that's pretty much spot on .
  4. Any chance to rotate maps to different times . Seems each night I play it's the same maps SAME TIME , Europe times GMT .
  5. I guess jumping around from plane to plane would make things harder . Or feel strange I tried again last night on server . The pitch is very twitchy . I have no fine tune . It's like there is a delay to input then reacts over the top . . Practice I guess or deadband adjustment needed .
  6. Tanks seen to be invisible then pop into view also flying at 100m of the deck so i can see . Damage on tanks cant be seen , no smoke effects , how do we tell if destroyed from air . Never used to be a problem but now it is. I feel the tank game is interfering with flight game , damage ect , am i wrong here . ??
  7. Fly any other plane in GB and your fly just fine , pull your turns hi g yoyo and the sorts yet the spitfire pulling up is just over the top it feels like too sensitive try following through when 109 pulls up , i pull up to follow and the spit goes up too fast cant follow its very off putting as for curves in DCS ``yes i wish we had that here for each plane like they had in Rise of flight . But for some strange reason we ended up with the settings we have here . . Russian planes easy too fly . Jump in full throttle nothing breaks ..lol Some thing is odd about spitfire elevator maybe its my joystick . ?? i just cant dog fight in this .
  8. Chasing a 109 and if he pulls up and I follow my spit goes way over the top . What is wrong with the elevator it's way way too sensitive and the ground loops on ice snow is just crazy . Lol i used tobe able to fly spit nice and stable but now I just can not fly this thing . Just little push and pulls throw me off aiming . Stopped flying it . Jump in Russain planes any of them and it's plane sailing . Lol . I mean so easy to fly .
  9. I noticed landing at friendly airfields count as a ditch . If not coloured .
  10. Did you try to call in air support. Why isn't anyone flying Red . . .
  11. Axis has won nearly all Campaigns . Squads with high members make a big difference to the out come .
  12. Can this game Handel that type of campaign. .? My thoughts are if you want to fly TAW campaigns you register your squads and you get picked for what team To fly for By the server admins . This is how it used tobe . Just Can't have this 40 v 13 , it's embarrassing. I stopped flying axis because I just could not get into this server . It ended up being a frustrating time trying to meet up with friends . So I went Red . At least I managed to get into server . I consider a flight sim to be for the adult community I'm sure most of us are man enough to expect the admins choice.
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