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  1. It's possible, I suppose you have many more flight hours than me as a bomber gunner
  2. an artilleryman comfortably sits on a stable 350 km platform watching a plane in a predictable trajectory, precisely because of its high speed, and the fighter, is piloting, aiming in a plane maneuvered at high g and 700kmh. Who has more facility to hit? The only advantage of the fighter is its size and firepower, things that do not guarantee to emerge unscathed
  3. I am that pilot you speak of and you received as many shots as I did and you also returned to base, attacking a peshka from behind has its risks, or do you think you are untouchable?
  4. I had the same problem, two transport missions without CM, one gave it to me diched (the airfield was closed but with 3% damage) and another in an open airfield with 15% damage. The two occasions with Pe2 empty and 100% fuel.
  5. Enhorabuena a todos los 666giap, es un placer volar con vosotros y una leccion cada vez que lo hago, aunque a veces no coosigo seguiros el ritmo, espero seguir teniendo la oportunidad de seguir compartiendo los cielos con todos.
  6. I don't know very well what they have done with the damage model, but the wings of the red planes are made of paper, more than half of the times they have knocked me down it has been for the loss of a wing, even with very devile impacts they break. the iguas that the IL2 depth control, have taken them so much that now it is very difficult to survive an attack on the ground where there is a minimum antiaircraft defense.
  7. RIP. Vuele en paz, ahora el escuadrón forma cerrado y completo
  8. Thank you very much, if possible I would love to participate in the BOK
  9. First of all, I don't understand this derogatory tone towards the WOL, when there is no TAW it is the most visited server, and the administrators provide us with fun of very good quality and throughout the year. Secondly, personally I only have the BOS and the BOM and it's the maps of the beginning that I like the most, the last maps because I don't have the BOK, the possibilities are reduced for me drastically, so much so that in the last map, I only have one fighter available, one bomber and one attack plane. If including BOB planes means eliminating Moscow or Stalingrad planes, I think the last maps will be flown by a lot fewer people than before. I know the developers want us to buy the new products, and I assure you it's not for lack of desire, but we can't always have what we would like.
  10. Many thanks to LG and STG2 for the campaign, it is the best campaign at the moment, and I have to say, that whatever I could say, it has been with encouragement to keep the interest in this great campaign. Thank you again
  11. Well I would love to be able to get into TAW to help, but after this wonderful patch, every time I give him to create the plane, either in online or offline the game is closed and he sends me to the desk. I don't know if it happens to anyone else.
  12. In this TAW I have flown little, and almost always bomber, I have made many flights to the depots, and I have never been shot down before releasing, even when there were several fighters in the release area (Unoparauno y Navarro por ejemplo jejeje), so if I agree that something has to be done about it. This is added to the disproportionate importance that the state of the depots has in the dynamics of the columns, making an early attack from either side on the depots, rendering them practically useless, decanting the map to either side. Once the method has been discovered, either something is changed or the next TAW will be more or less the same, one way or the other. Trying to balance the number of pilots is very complicated because each one flies at a different time, I think the only solution would be to extend the registration period so that the squadrons could change and balance, although that would not be a guarantee that in many cases there were unbalanced quorums. In my opinion the main interest of TAW is the excitement, the competitiveness, and the possibility that the work with the squad will have any effect on the development of the campaign. If for one or the other olive tree this disappears, it doesn't matter who wins, the campaign will lose interest.
  13. During this night (European time zone) a non-existent column when it stopped flying at about 7 pm has advanced by itself more than 120 km reaching the depots of the south and this time the depots were more even. It's not that there are more columns, it's that the blue ones are advancing at breakneck speed, whether they have opposition or not.
  14. Obviously, but it is more than likely that the changes you like are not to the liking of others, which for you is an improvement for others will be a step backwards.
  15. In my country we say," It never rains to everyone's taste". We each contribute our own suggestions and our own point of view, and I think I'm not mistaken in saying that the purpose of all of us is to make the campaign more interesting. We may not agree on many things, but what is undeniable is that this is the most immersive campaign that can be flown today.
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