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  1. Hi, I've spotted that some campaigns in this pack need BOB to work, is it still possible to download the full pack and play the campaigns which don't need it? And then only those BOB ones would be greyed out in game?
  2. @Garafrax sorry but I can't make sense of that XML or how it's relevant to what I'm trying to get working.
  3. Tried running as administrator, that's still not working.
  4. Okay, I've tried the notepad test and that doesn't work. I can see in joystick Gremlin when I press say button#5 etc that it highlights that button in the profile, so it's seeing that it's been pressed but it doesn't do mapped action.
  5. Okay but it still doesn't explain why it's not reading the mapping correctly
  6. Sorry, that's still not working. It works if I press and hold Left Control on the keyboard + button# 3 which then fires just the cannons. edit: just to note IL2 reads button 3 on the joystick as button 2 in game. Joystick Gremlin does see it as button 3.
  7. bumping this again. Has anyone got any solutions for getting this to work as mentioned in the first post?
  8. I'm trying to get the mappings to match what was in the link in the very first post.
  9. Still not having much look getting this set up. I tried doing this 'map to keyboard' option for the keys I wanted but that doesn't seem to have picked anything up in game.
  10. Sorry, I've had a look through that link and I'm not sure how it's relevant for me. Forgot to mention in Joy2Key I've mapped ctrl, shift, alt etc there. Do I still need to have J2K running when using Joystick Gremlin?
  11. Just getting round to setting Joystick Gremlin up. Does it matter what the delay is? default is .05
  12. When I picked up BoS a few months ago I looked at getting Joystick controls set up using (https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30538-setting-a-shift-button-with-a-t-flight-hotas-x) but I've been running into issues with it reading the mappings. Joy2Key looks fine and if I go to a text editor and press which I've got Lshift and 'a' it'll appear as 'A'. I then remapped the BoS controls using the keyboard for these keys but when I got in flight they don't work. What seems to happen is that for example if I go to id do Lshift + joy button 5 nothing happens and it won't do the action for joy button
  13. I know, I just used the wrong term, I was talking about the base career mode.
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