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  1. No way! I can't believe this finally happened. Congratulations guys!
  2. Shvaks are not so good. Or maybe I've just found a strong place in bf-109
  3. Agreed! Got some sorties today after several of months of break, stuttering is there but much less. Devs good job!
  4. We don't fly anymore, we're just doing endless tuning with no luck. Devs haven't responded for months. So I think it is enough, just forget about MP at least for a year.
  5. That's all good. But what's about stutters, visibility problems and disappearing planes?
  6. Very low settings: Offline Offline is very smooth: Frametimes: offline.zip Berloga 44 players There are no ground units on this server and no buildings. However there are stutters even at lowest settings on a powerful setup In-game frametimes. Record: Frametimes for record playback: Mission + record attached berloga_44players.zip Liberty 84 players Same for liberty. Even more stutters here. Frametimes in-game: Record is smoother (But there are glithes in head position which is strange a bit): Frametimes when playing the record from WoL: Record + mission (more than 5 MB): https://yadi.sk/d/dPS2mFRJxiJOnQ There are stutters even at very low settings on a powerful setup and only in MP.
  7. There is a video on russian forums to show how it looks in MP. First he talks about setup, which is RTX2080ti+9900k, graphics ultra, MP 50 players. Go to 4:30 to see stutters
  8. I think it is frame number on X axis. So spikes occur every 10 frames which for VRs 90FPS equals to 110 ms I've made the same thing. There is some effect of enabling HUD. Not sure how to interpret this.
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