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  1. Sort of... Hat 2 gives you the DXHATUP/DN/L/R command, which correspond to the snapviews you setup (or the ones I included, your choice) The BSF/B merely zooms the view (mapped to the quickview function). Although not listed on any of the pdfs, when you put the BS back to the middle, it resets your view. One more thing, the files I uploaded here are for the warthog WITHOUT the Deltasim SC mod. I use different mappings for the modded throttle (HIGHLY recommended!!!!!) See the readme for more info.
  2. I have updated somewhat, I'll include them here, the files are MUCH more efficient. PM me if you have any questions. TM Warthog IL2.zip
  3. Always available to help, just pm me, we can set up a time, I can run you through it.
  4. Nothing for DCS, FAR too many aircraft there. After the next BOX update I'll be putting out an updated version, much simpler, more efficient, better maps, smaller download...
  5. Looking at the rest of the tanks, all I can say is out of the 12 that are available, I think only 1 or 2 seem to work correctly. I offer the following: The PzKpfw III Ausf.L and the T-34-76 (1942) I believe are included with BOS. Players can only get to the driver who has limited head mobility in the seat, and the gunner in gunsight mode. Not really an issue, as I think they are just there for air users to have access to rudimentary tank cockpits. For the vehicles included in Tank Crew: The Sherman crew positions are doubled at the commander's position (RShift 2 and RShif
  6. Should not be an issue. You will likely have to edit the fcf files, to put null commands for those buttons you choose to map in-game. Not sure why you would do that though, the end result will be the same, but now you have 2 separate systems running the joystick. Make sure you still run TARGET, as the game will see the Thrustmaster Combined joystick. Then map whatever buttons in-game you want to that.
  7. Using the keyboard key bindings in settings does not allow me to get to the 4th crew member in the T34 (they guy who sits to the right of the main gun, but up in the turret). I can get to the driver (RShift 0), no issues. The guy who sits on the driver's right (radioman), is on RShift 1. Next is RShift 2, which says gunner, but should be the commander. The confusing thing here is that the HUD says gunner, but when I open the hatch techchat says "Opening Commander's Hatch". Is he the commander, or gunner? The fourth guy, to the right of the Commander/gunner in the turret, is unreachab
  8. No need for further explanation, makes sense. I was a bit worried it was an issue with my system, which is prone to stutters now and again, and the fact that I had not noticed it before. Thanks for the reply
  9. A burp is all I can think of calling it... When throttling up on the A3 and A5 (didn't look at the 8 or 9 yet), when going through about 1.0 ATA, the gauge seems to "burp". That is, it does not keep increasing with the throttle, but hesitates just above 1.0, then drops under 1.0, then increases normally. Same when reducing throttle, it hesitates around 1.0, jumps back to above 1.0, then decreases normally. Its almost as if it is correcting itself, or the gauge hit an air bubble. This phenomenon happens regardless of throttle rate of increase (I can slam it, or ease it, same thing happ
  10. If you have any questions, let me know. I JUST finished another update (moved some stuff around, added some better view routines etc), but have not posted it yet, if there is interest I will, if not, I won't.
  11. There are literally unlimited permutations and combinations on how and where to assign commands onto different buttons. IMHO, as long as it works for you, then have at it The system I came up with works for me, and POSSIBLY (no guarantees) for others, as it is fully documented, meaning that you don't have to figure out what is where and why it's there for yourself. It follows a logical methodology and functional grouping. Notwithstanding that, other folks may have other ideas on how and where to group stuff (like flaps on the china hat ... actually, I kind of like that idea, I may test
  12. I wrote a TARGET profile system that over several different files, incorporates all of the current BOX/FC aircraft. One of the things about this system is that it is FULLY documented, so in terms of WHY a certain function is put onto a specific button, the answer is there. I am always tweaking this, but try downloading the files here, and give them a shot. Works really well for me. Make sure you go to the Dec 5 post there, it contains the latest version (which has changed since then, I just haven't posted it yet).
  13. OK, cool. I use that switch as well, for all lighting (cockpit, nav, form and landing)
  14. Should be able to, but in general the joy pinky is the "shift" button. I don't recommend using it (up to you of course). Perhaps try the S4 (paddle)? In TARGET its easy.
  15. This is why TARGET (the software GUI programming utility that comes with TM joysticks), IMHO, gives far more flexibility to customize what you want to do. There are simply some things you cannot do with the direct in-game keymapping. @Tripper, if you want to PM me I can run you through setting it up, and running it.
  16. You can get around that by having TG1 (button 1) as either the same command as TG2 (button 6), OR having button 1 as a shifted function and separate un-shifted function (pinky S3 in (/I) or out (/O)). For example, I have button 1 and 6 mapped as follows (remember that the functions listed here, the ones I use, MAY be different from the game defaults): TG1 /O RALT Space which fires Wpn Group 1, it is unshifted. Typically, these are machine guns only. TG1 /I LALT Space which fires Wpn Group 2, this is shifted (you need to press S3 pinky at the same time). Typically, these are ca
  17. Well after reading some of the comments, having the half-flap option now seems to make sense, as it gives rookie pilots 1 less thing to think about in a task-saturated situation. Think of reducing the pilot workload by limiting his choices (... last 2 aircrew are a pilot and a dog. The pilot is there to feed the dog, and the dog is there to bite the pilot if he touches anything). When I looked at it in detail earlier, I couldn't for the life of me figure out WHY you could not get to full flaps from half-flaps. It HAD to be a software bug! But clearly, it isn't, and the developers got
  18. I don't disagree with all of the above. Just me with my modern-ish experience flying, thinking that "this makes no sense at all..." However, in terms of matching RL (thanks Sokol1), I guess if that was the way it was, then this is the way it is. Having a take-off setting, and only able to raise it to full up when talking in terms of pilot skill and experience actually makes kind of sense, 1 less thing for a likely task-saturated, inexperienced pilot to think about. The Russians are masters of simplicity, if it breaks, glue on a new one. Reminds me of the urban legend of develop
  19. I guess that explains it. Seems weird though to have a half flap position only for 1 regime of flight. I was thinking more of approach flaps (half position) then the option to extend them further would be available on short final.
  20. Salute! I'm trying to figure out the flaps mechanism on the subject aircraft. I can get to half flaps from the fully up position only (hold the flaps down key), or to full flaps from the fully up position (tap the flaps down key). So far so good, works as one would expect. Here is the issue... how do I get from the half flaps position to the fully down position without first fully raising the flaps? I get the flaps released message, but no movement. You cannot go anywhere from the half position except to the fully retracted (up) position. I posted about this earlier in the bugs
  21. That's what I figured. Trying to bind it to my Logitech G13 thumb joystick
  22. Trim and prop pitch are both held functions. On any button on the Warthog, if you hit a button or hat or whatever, it sees it as a PULSE, that is it only sends 1 instance of the command. You need to make them both HELD functions, that is the command is sent every 25ms as long as you hold the key down. Have a look at the FW190 fcf file in TARGET, both prop pitch and trim are there, prop pitch on the Multifunction hat switch (thumb hat on the throttle, Up/down) and stab trim on the the joystick pov hat (H1) up and down. This works on german ac that have adjustable prop pitch. For th
  23. Salute! Does anyone know if there are actual keyboard keybindings (other than Left Mouse Drag) for scrolling the Mission Map? Would love to map that function off of the mouse. Are there any for map zoom other than the mouse wheel?
  24. When my Cougar went TU, I had a fairly complicated setup for AH2. Tried as hard as I could to work it in TARGET, but Foxy was better FOR THE COUGAR. I found that working with TARGET for the Warthog gives me much more control, layers, and shifted keys, and once I got it figured out, works quite well for what I want it to do. If you have any questions, just message me directly
  25. If you want to use shifted functions or layers, TARGET is what you need. Once you are used to the interface, its pretty easy
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