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  1. Not only was that just the right technicals I was looking for, it was very well edited and damn funny. Big ups fella.
  2. I'd be interested - would have to be ad-hoc attendance though as job, 4 kids etc....
  3. Either way, its an awesome 'experience'. When I was playing "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe" in the '90s I would only dream of this quality. http://www.pcgameshardware.com/&menu=browser&mode=article&image_id=817178&article_id=642347&page=1
  4. I would find it useful to plan a waypoint approach into a headwind so I don't have to manage target drift, in addition to the good points above.
  5. Hi Dev Team Have noticed on several occasions that switching to V=bombardier in the He111 immediately on game start (i.e. on tarmac or airborne in the short missions) that the screen blacks-out permanently, although I can hear the game continuing 'underneath'. Keep up the good work.
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