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  1. Well done JG7_X-man, I have just flown both missions and they are excellent. This was a very important time in the history of the WWII European Western air campaign's aerial warfare and you have captured the moment in history very well. Sadly a lot of lessons were found out by both sides during this time. I enjoyed flying the FW190A-8's - they are a flying gun, shooting down six aircraft and carefully avoiding the Mustangs? On the other hand the Mustangs are a joy to fly and I claimed 2 Fockes. The USAF Mustang was to prove to be the 'nemesis' for the FW190A-8 as the war grinded on t
  2. Thanks for your feedback -DED-Rapidus, my mission seems to be going well. DFLion
  3. Hi -DED_Rapidus, I have just solved the problem of the P38's not protecting the B25's - I didn't 'object' them onto the escort symbol - all working well now? I have noticed the AI A6's are still missing their targets - how are you going with that? I have just officially posted the mission, so hope everybody likes it. Thanks again. DFLion
  4. ‘Sturmstaffel 1’ You are the ‘Staffelkapitan’ of ‘Sturmstaffel 1’. You have just received an urgent message from the local air communications unit that a large force of Allied medium bombers are heading towards the City of ‘Rheine’, an important railway junction. You immediately order your Staffel into action, announcing that you will lead it. This mission will be the first against Allied bombers using your new ‘Sturmjagers’! DFLion DF_Sturmstaffel_01.zip
  5. Thanks -DED-Rapidus, Attached is my zip file of the mission for you to look at. I have just noticed another problem, the P38 fighters escorting the B25's intermittently engage the Fw190A-6's, which is very frustrating! If you can, have a good look at the mission and kindly let me know what you think? I am sure I have correctly designed the P38 intercepts. Many thanks, DFLion DF_Sturmstaffel_01.zip
  6. I'm currently working on a single mission based on I./JG1 'Sturmstaffel'. They will take-off from Dortmund on the 5th Jan 1944 and attack a RAF B25 Bomb Group attacking the rail marshalling yards at Rheine. When setting up the mission , I noticed the new A-6 was not hitting their targets - is there a problem here? I've attached 2 pics for you to look at. When the Me262's attack B25's they are right on their targets. DFLion
  7. Hi alpension, Go to 'Skins and templates' in IL2Sturmovik Great Battles and then scroll down through the various skins until you see what you want - download. You will then have to use the 'Mission Builder' to place your skins in the sim against your aircraft - you will have to learn to do this? DFLion
  8. This is a historical mission from Pierre Clostermann’s novel ‘The Big Show’. Clostermann flew this mission in April 1945 and it was nearly his last. May I recommend to you to watch ‘Lemsip’s’ excellent video of this mission. Clostermann’s ‘B’ flight only had 3 serviceable Tempests and their supporting flight, ‘A’ flight, had the remaining 4 serviceable Tempests. ‘A’ flight would carry out an ‘armed reconnaissance’ over German airfields to the north of Clostermann’s patrol area and come to their rescue if they got into trouble. They soon got into trouble? Clostermann’s flight ran
  9. Carrying on from my first 616 Sqn mission, follow Douglas Bader and Johnnie Johnson as they tussle with the "Abbeville JG26 pilots" and their new Messerschmitt Bf109F's. Today Bader will lead the Wing, protecting a 'Beehive bomber' mission over Amiens. I have included a zip file of 616 SQN Mission 01 with screenshot shots attached which were not included on my first post.(apologies) 1. Open the 'IC SoftClub' folder found in the main 'Documents folder'. 2. Then open the folder 'il-2 Sturmovik cliffs of dover' folder. 3. Then open the 'Missions folder' and place both missions in t
  10. Hi Hermod, Thanks for picking up this error. I've now attached the correct file for the Spitfire vs Bf109K. Regards, DFLion DF_SpitfireIXE_vs_ME109G_K.zip
  11. DFLion_SpitfireIXE_vs_Bf109K and Bf109K_vs_SpitfireIXE (update) Following a request from 'SkyStriker' I have upgraded my first 2 single missions to work correctly in our latest game ver. 4.505. The revamped cockpits are excellent. I also changed the cloud formation to make the ensuing 'dog fights' a bit easier. DFLion DF_SpitfireIXE_vs_Bf109K.zip DF_ME109K_vs_SpitfireIXE_Ver3.zip
  12. A good question admiralackbar86, I'm currently working on a bomber campaign for COD 'Desert Wings TOBRUK' flying the great Wellington Mk.1 bomber, which is a really good model of the real aircraft and very interesting to fly in the sim. I have already produced a Ju88 bomber campaign in the original COD, which worked well, the Ju88 is another great aircraft to fly in this sim. Because 'Team Fusion' have done such a magnificent job upgrading the COD flight sim, I will have to revise this Ju88 campaign to make it work correctly with all the latest updates. Down the track I will look at
  13. Good to hear from you HERCJG54, I appreciate your thanks for the last mission. You certainly have my permission to use my English briefings that I did on my IL 46 'Big Show' 52 mission campaign. For your information, I gave permission to another French flight simmer to convert the English briefings into French after I did that campaign. He in turn contacted a relation of Pierre Clostermann for permission to post the campaign in French, which she gladly gave. I think the French version of my campaign was posted on 'Check Six' quite a few years ago. Your project sounds very interesting
  14. ‘Green Hearts’ – Battle of the Bulge Mission 2’ It is the 31st Dec 1944 and the town of Bastogne is under siege. You have been ordered to carry out a ‘free-hunt’ mission in the area of Bastogne within the Ardennes battle zone, providing air cover for the hard pressed ground forces. Mission notes: This mission is semi-historical. The Gruppe had a fair distance to travel before they entered the Ardennes battle zone, things then start to ‘liven-up’. You can put your Fockes on autopilot and ‘speed them up to 8’ to cover the distance more quickly. You can also watch the arti
  15. Following my frustration in making the second 'Battle of the Bulge' mission, I solved the problem of the 'ground looping' Fockes - I applied a stiff 8kph breeze on takeoff and it solved the problem. Again the current Mission Builder does work well, though my 'Mission making notebook' is getting bigger and bigger? This mission is based on historical fact with III./JG54 Green Hearts and a mission that 12./JG54 flew over Bastogne on the 31st Dec 44 led by Staffelkapitan Oblt. Hans Dortenmann. DFLion
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