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  1. Today we fly our new Messerschmitt F2's against the RAF Hurricanes we have been recently 'battling' over Tobruk. We will now have an advantage with our increase in power and manoeurability. You are already an Ace and the Gruppen Kommandeur has promised you a promotion and command of a Staffle. You are looking forward to demonstrating to the Gruppe what your new F2 can do! You will be the last aircraft to taxi for take off, so you can start manually, warm up your engine, then follow 'Yellow 23' when he moves to the take off position. Mission by DFLion JG27_Ver101.zip
  2. Thanks for this campaign 'BlackSix' - just finished all the missions and was very impressed. As you know with most of my missions I'm very big on flying historical missions or near historical missions because you are simulating close to what really happened and that's more satisfying for me personally. Your campaign follows what really happened with 486 Sqn (NZ) near the end of the war. As you say in your scripting there were some days where nothing happened and other days where you are lucky to survive. I'm looking forward to having 'drop tanks' for the Tempests and getting the Typhoons into game. I'm gradually working on my own 'scripted campaign' which will be based on Pierre Closterman's memoirs in his book the 'Big Show'. DFLion
  3. Hi No.85_Camm, I was aware of the wrong code for 616 Sqn, unfortunately the only skins I could find were for 610 Sqn. If you know where I could find some 616 Sqn skins, please let me know. Thanks, DFLion
  4. 28th Feb 1941 Your Squadron (616) was to move to the South to Tangmere to relieve 65 Squadron. 616 Squadron would form part of the Tangmere Wing based at the satellite airfield of Westhampnett. 145 and 610 Squadrons would be based at Tangmere. The new Wing Commander would be Douglas Bader who was already a legend in the RAF, flying with two tin legs, having lost his real ones in a terrible flying display crash in 1931. We quickly settled into our new home at Westhampnett. Our Spitfire II's were to be progressively replaced with Spitfires equipped with two 20mm Hispano cannons and 4 machine guns. Bader wasn't happy with this situation and preferred his eight machine guns. Our aircraft would also have their fabric ailerons replaced with metal types - Bader managed to get the ailerons replaced very quickly by going direct to the factory manufacturing them. Once they were installed the difference in our manoeuvrability was amazing. This was the scene as Bader led us into battle against the Luftwaffe's formidable new Messerschmitt 109F's. Today we would carry out a sweep over the Channel, out from Beachy Head, enticing the Luftwaffe into battle. You will fly as Bader's wingman. 616SQN_Ver1.00.zip
  5. Recently I made a special 'Dambuster's' mission on the Rheinland map. East of the German towns of Meschede and Winterberg are the three major dam sites with their reservoirs, very well landscaped on the map with all the surrounding hills, rivers, towns and villages. I then downloaded a scenic add on which places the three major dams, the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe at the head of each reservoir. I then flew a Ju88 over the route of each dam attack made by the Lancaster's. I must say it was very realistic and quite amazing to simulate the attack on each dam and you did feel what those RAF crews must have experienced. After this experience I would really like to have a flyable Lancaster in the game, not only for the 'Dam Buster mission', the Lancaster was involved in many other missions both daylight and night time during Normandy then onto Belgium, Holland and Germany. Of course I would like to see the B17 and B24 in the game, particularly the B24 as my father flew one during WWII in the Pacific. Recently one of my father's friends passed away, (he was 98) he was a Lancaster pilot and flew 34 missions over Europe and survived along with his crew. He graphically told me about being hit by flak and attacked by night fighters and surviving. He said the Lancaster was joy to fly and you could trim the aircraft to fly hands off, it was very stable. DFLion A pic of a very good Lancaster model on my Microsoft Flight Simulator- hope this will help to wet our appetites? DFLion
  6. Hi sevenless, Glad you like my missions, I'll keep them coming. The reason I named this one, Mission 2 is that I did do an original 'Tempest_vs_FW190D9' mission as a test mission and I didn't want to confuse my mission directory. I might resurrect the original mission for you. DFLion
  7. As the weather has improved this morning, you have been ordered to patrol the Munster, Osnabruck, Bremen region with eight Tempests, looking for enemy trains. The weather in the last few days has been extremely poor with solid overcast, heavy rain, snow and sleet which made flying very difficult for both the Allies and the Luftwaffe! This is another historical mission from Pierre Clostermann’s book ‘The Big Show’. Mission by DFLion. NB. Look at this mission carefully on the ‘plane visibility question’ that Han recently posted on the forum. I would be interested in your thoughts. DF_Tempest_vs_FW190D9_Mission2.zip
  8. Thank you Han, an interesting topic. Firstly your ‘you tube’ documentary featuring RAF Flt. Lt. George Beurling. There is no doubt he had fantastic eyesight and he was a master of deflection shooting. George always spotted the enemy first and soon ran up a big score over Malta. I agree with you that our sim gives you the ability to better your eyesight by ‘zooming-in’ and scanning which seems to work very well for me. I know that some of our members don’t like this ‘zooming-in’ ability because it is not realistic – I disagree, it gives you a better chance to see the enemy in the game with all the other changing factors, 4K monitors giving a smaller DPI at distances, possibly increasing the 150km visibility etc. Moving to your last paragraph. You and the team are definitely striving, on every upgrade, for maximum realism in the simulation of air combat. I would personally hate to think you are striving to get maximum ‘fun’ from virtual air battles. To me you are flying a WWII aircraft in the sim and this is a serious business of personal survival to get you safely to the next mission and support your fellow pilots. I have noticed over the many years I have played the various versions of IL2 Sturmovik, my fighter pilot skills have become much better enabling me to survive most missions and move onto the next. You are keeping up this tradition as computer algorithms and graphics get better and better. I will finish with a couple of other thoughts for our current game based on the Western front of the European WWII aerial war. I am very keen on simulating real battles and due to you and your teams’ efforts, this is now much more realistically possible. For my mission builds, I am constantly reading WWII fighter pilots ‘real accounts’ of their combat experiences and it is surprising what you pick up. About spotting your enemy aircraft first. Using our ‘Bodenplatte Map’ and the upcoming ‘Normandy Map’ during WWII the RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe had the help of ‘group radar control’ which vectored their flights towards the enemy formations giving fairly accurate height and position. For example ‘Johnnie Johnson’s Wing’ (RAF fighter pilot) had help from 83 Group’s radar, codenamed ‘Kenway’. Once his flight was airborne they would receive instructions direct from ‘Kenway’ –“Kenway to Greycap, Bandits active, 5 miles south of Caen at low level, please investigate.” This information would take ‘Johnson’s flight’ to the right area. To get them even closer to the enemy aircraft, ‘Kenway’ would order them to activate ‘Canary’ which was an early IFF (Identification friend or foe) secret apparatus. The pilots pushed a yellow button in their cockpits and immediately ‘Kenway’ would see their aircraft on the radar screen and any other aircraft were presumed the enemy. ‘Kenway’ would then get ‘Johnson’s flight’ to fly even closer to the enemy using accurate height and position. In most cases the pilots would spot the enemy almost immediately, before engaging. The Luftwaffe had a similar system, if they could get radar coverage. I noticed in Gambit21’s campaign ‘Hellhawks over the Bulge’ the great customized voice messages and chatter did mention the USAF’s group radar control from time to time. Han, it would be good if radar control could be accurately programmed into the sim. This would mean that you could deviate away from your mission waypoints to a specific area to attack the enemy, hopefully being able to see them quickly, then return back to your original track. DFLion
  9. You receive an urgent request for help from a patrolling Focke Wulf Condor that the Afrika Korps convoy approaching Derna is under attack by 4 British destroyers . After opening your zip file, place the mission and briefing files in your Single mission file by opening:- 1.Documents 2.Ic Soft Club 3.il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover 4.missions 5.Single (place mission files in here) Go to 'Single missions' in the game, find DF_Tobruk_Ju88A5Trop single mission, then hit the fly button. Start up your Ju88, switching on your pitot heat, gunsight reticle and adjusting your oil radiator to half way. Then to save time you can now place your aircraft on autopilot for taxi and takeoff, or proceed manually. The Ju88 is a great aircraft to fly in the flight sim and worth mastering the dive bombing and level bombing using the bomb sight. Good luck? DFLion😎 DF_Tobruk_Ju88A5Trop.zip
  10. The second mission was very good. I liked the time of day and the 'order of take-off'. You then had everybody formatting very well. I thought the bombing mission was very good with just enough flak to keep you on your toes. One of our flight got badly hit and crash-landed back at base. Looking forward to the next mission. DFLion😎
  11. Well done, just flew the first mission and have just downloaded the skins. Will be going onto the second mission very soon. I really like your attention to detail around the airfields. My big like is the customized voice script, radio chatter, it adds a whole new dimension/immersion to the campaign and the flight sim. DFLion😎
  12. How are you Sokol1, To satisfy your curiosity, I created another file in the in the game files 'screenshots_to_use' (next to screenshots) - when you open up the screenshots on the Tobruk FMB you can't see the actual pics. So I go back into documents file where you can see the pics, select them, then drop them into my "screenshots_to_use' file. All you have to do is select the numbers in the file and you have your pics. DFLion😎 PS I can remember you from right at the beginning of Oleg Maddox's IL2Sturmovik - very good to see you still very involved
  13. Thanks DavePro, The Glad is certainly a lot slower but it is 'a great model of the aircraft' and good to fly in aerial combat. When making these missions, the sun coming up over the desert at dawn is the best time to do it, because of the lighting effects, which are very good as the sun rises - you can feel the heat coming on. DFLion
  14. Fly an early morning patrol over the northern Italian bases at Sidi Barrani. Italian aircraft have been reported in the area. After opening your zip file, place the mission and briefing files in your Single mission file by opening:- 1.Documents 2.Ic Soft Club 3.il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover 4.missions 5.Single (place in here) Go to 'Single missions' in the game, find DF_Tobruk_GladiatorIITrop_patrol single mission, then hit the fly button. In the parked position adjust your aircraft, turning on the pitot heater, gunsight reticle, adjust your oil radiator to half way and finally turn on your carburetor heat. To save time you can now place your aircraft on autopilot for taxi and takeoff, or proceed manually. Good luck? DFLion😎 DF_Tobruk_GladiatorIITrop_patrol.zip
  15. Escort Ju87's on there way to dive bomb British Ships evacuating troops in Bomba Bay, east of Derna. After opening your zip file, place the mission and briefing files in your Single mission file by opening:- 1.Documents 2.Ic Soft Club 3.il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover 4.missions 5.Single (place in here) Go to 'Single missions' in the game, find DF_Tobruk_Bf109E-7_escort single mission, then hit the play button. You can start your mission on autopilot, then adjust your aircraft in the air, turning on the pitot heater, gunsight reticle, adjust your oil radiator to half way and finally close your radiators to suite. Good luck? DFLion😎 DF_Tobruk_Bf109E-7_escort.zip
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