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  1. Hi DN308, Thanks for your appreciation. I am starting to get the grips on the mission maker with all these single missions, though I still have a lot to learn. I will be working on putting a campaign together, probably using the 'Big Show' missions. If you have the original IL2 Sturmovick flight sim, I produced a 52 mission campaign following Pierre Clostermann's career in the RAF using his book 'The Big Show' for reference. I got permission from his family to use the name 'The Big Show'. This Campaign went viral with hundreds of downloads and it was even translated into French with many more downloads. You should be able to still find it on 'Mission 4 Today' website. The new IL2 Sturmovik 'Great Battles' flight sim is certainly a much more authentic environment for making these historical missions and I am looking forward to the 'Battle of Normandy' Map which will link in very well with the 'Bodenplatte' map. DFLion
  2. ‘Tempests over Remagen’ Fly an historical mission with Pierre Clostermann. He had a shot at Me 262 but it got away on one engine. (You may have a chance to do this?) This is a reciprocal mission to my ‘Bomb the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen’ - from the Allies point of view. Be careful of other Allied fighters in the area (P47’s and P51’s) and watch out for the Me262’s and FW190D-9’s? Good Luck! A Mission by DFLion DF_1945_Tempests_over_Remagen.zip
  3. ‘Bomb the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen’ – Single Mission by DFLion After successfully photographing the Bridge in the morning you attach yourself to III./JG7 in the afternoon to bomb the bridge, which must be destroyed at all cost! Late intelligence has reported that the Allied fighter presence over the Bridge has increased significantly? Good luck. DFLion DF_1945_Remagen_Mission_02.zip
  4. I have revised 'Remagen Reconnaissance' with the helpful suggestions from 'Zeev'. This new version will keep you more aware of the Allied fighter presence, going down to the target area and coming back. You have to watch out for Lt. Glostermann when you return over Hopsten? Thanks again Zeev, I think you will enjoy this version much better. Will look forward to your comments. DFLion DF_1945_Remagen_Mission_01(revised).zip
  5. Hi Zeev, Thanks for the feedback. 1. I will increase the 'a/c detecting perimeter' around waypoint 18, so should solve that issue. 2. Recon missions are boring until you are over the target area. I decided to wait for the action to start when you are travelling over the Ludendorff bridge at 500 meters doing 800kmh. I will think about putting some intercepting Allied aircraft on the return leg, to liven it up a bit. 3. The target area has 4 Thunderbolts and 4 Mustangs circling the bridge at 500m. I must admit I have had mixed success in getting them to intercept the jet, it seems to happen randomly? I am quite happy for somebody to have a look at that in the mission builder to see if they can make it work better. I have added extra waypoints with 'attack links' to the jet, though I think at this point in the mission the jet is going too fast for them! 4. On taxying out to the runway you turn right, go to the runway end , turnaround and takeoff, I will add a friendly vehicle to help guide the jet. I really designed the start to put the jet on autopilot and watch it taxi out and takeoff itself. Once in the air you can speed up the autopilot to get it to the target area, before switching it off again. 5. I will expand the last waypoint further away from the airfield for a better landing approach. 6. I am a bit of a 'historical buff' and now we have a 'historical map' I like creating the missions as the actual pilots experienced them. You can speed everything up using the autopilot. The Me262's actually flew that distance on the day from Hopsten to recon and bomb the bridge. Will get back with an amended mission asaspo, again thanks for your feedback. The bombing mission of the bridge will be a much more challenging and hectic affair. DFLion
  6. This is a semi-historic mission leading up to the bombing of the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen by the Luftwaffe. The US 9th Army have just captured the bridge intact and you are ordered to fly a photo reconnaissance mission in your Me262 prior to the bombing of the bridge (which will be the second mission, that will be posted later). The flak will be heavy around the bridge along with the Allied fighters. You must get the photos back to Hopsten using your flying skill and speed advantage! Good Luck, DFLion DF_1945_Remagen_Mission_01.zip
  7. Thanks 'Utopioneer' - you nailed it, all working now. I will update the post. DFLion
  8. “Rat Catching” – a historical Mission by DFLion taken from Pierre Clostermann’s book ‘The Big Show’. Kenway control was having extreme difficulty picking up the Me262 jets on the Allied radar network because of their 600mph speed. RAF Wing Commanders Lapsley and Brooker have worked out a means of intercepting these jets. The ‘Rat Code’ was born (which was soon called the ‘Bastard Code’ by the pilots). Two pairs of Tempests were kept on a permanent state of immediate alert at Volkel. As soon as a ‘262’ crosses the Rhine towards the Allied lines – ‘scramble rat’ was ordered. The quarry being too fast for any attempt to catch it, the two Tempests would immediately scramble for Rhine/Hopsten jet fighter base ready to intercept them when they slowed down for landing. You are sitting in your Tempest, along with your Wingman and ‘scramble rat’ came over the radio! Good luck! Watch out for the flak. Mission fixed Me262’s now drop their bombs. DF_Rat_Catching.zip
  9. That's better. Thanks again, especially Megalax. DFLion
  10. Thanks everybody, great response. I've downloaded quite a few skins and they look great. I would especially like to thank MarcoPegase44, Raptorattacker, aminx504 and Megalax, keep up your good work. DFLion
  11. Tempest vs Messerschmitt – a mission by DFLion This is another historic mission created from a chapter from Pierre Closterman's book ‘The Big Show’. Watch out for ‘The Hun in the Sun’ and as Clostermann says in his briefing, keep your Tempest speed high in a dogfight and use your 4 x 20mm cannon’s sparingly or you will soon run out of ammo. If you are in close to an enemy fighter, it doesn’t take many 20mm rounds to knock it out! I have requested from our wonderful skinners, that RAF 3 Sqn 122 Wing skins be posted again, if possible, for us all to use in this Mission. Good Luck. DFLion DF_Tempest_vs_Messerschmitts.zip
  12. I have heard that one our great skinners recently put up a collection of RAF Tempest skins representing 3 Sqn 122 Wing based in Belgium. I then heard they have now been taken down. If at all possible could this collection be posted again as I am now creating some of these missions based on 3 Sqn during 1944/5. I will be shortly posting one of these Missions - Tempest vs Messerschmitt based historically on a chapter from Pierre Clostermann's book "The Big Show". Many thanks, DFLion
  13. Thanks for the link Lemsip, much appreciated. DFLion
  14. Well done Lemsip, keep them coming. They were two of my favourite Chapters in the Pierre Closterman's book 'The Big Show'. "We shoot up Saint-Andre" was a classic mission with a decision made by two wild French RAF pilots to visit one of their original home bases now occupied by the Luftwaffe - they got more than they bargained for! "Flames in the Dusk" was another great chapter which you have really nailed, the weather at the time was appalling. I am currently trying very hard to learn how to use the Mission builder and re-create some of 'The Big Show' missions. Just a couple of questions - 1. Do you have to recreate the exact mission to successfully video it? 2. I noticed you had another Spitfire skin representing Jacques Spitfire, plus extra Tempest skins. Did you make these, if so I would like to get some copies with your permission. DFLion
  15. Wing Commander Johnnie Johnson's RAF Spitfires are to move from Le Culot airfield to Grave airfield which is closer to the front line. He soon discovers that the airfield is being bombed by ME262 jets several times a day and decides to mount a 'standing patrol' of Spitfires to catch them. The other problem Johnson has is that the airfield is being sporadically targeted by German artillery. Taxi out and takeoff to start a standing patrol, watch out for artillery fire and the ME262's? DFLion DF_SpitfireIXE_vs_ME262.zip
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