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  1. Well done Lemsip, keep them coming. They were two of my favourite Chapters in the Pierre Closterman's book 'The Big Show'. "We shoot up Saint-Andre" was a classic mission with a decision made by two wild French RAF pilots to visit one of their original home bases now occupied by the Luftwaffe - they got more than they bargained for! "Flames in the Dusk" was another great chapter which you have really nailed, the weather at the time was appalling. I am currently trying very hard to learn how to use the Mission builder and re-create some of 'The Big Show' missions. Just a couple of questions - 1. Do you have to recreate the exact mission to successfully video it? 2. I noticed you had another Spitfire skin representing Jacques Spitfire, plus extra Tempest skins. Did you make these, if so I would like to get some copies with your permission. DFLion
  2. Wing Commander Johnnie Johnson's RAF Spitfires are to move from Le Culot airfield to Grave airfield which is closer to the front line. He soon discovers that the airfield is being bombed by ME262 jets several times a day and decides to mount a 'standing patrol' of Spitfires to catch them. The other problem Johnson has is that the airfield is being sporadically targeted by German artillery. Taxi out and takeoff to start a standing patrol, watch out for artillery fire and the ME262's? DFLion DF_SpitfireIXE_vs_ME262.zip
  3. I have made it work! A huge 'trial and exercise' situation. The very sad reality about the Mission Builder is that the written instructions are very poor and they need to be improved. I followed the instructions 'to the tee' yet nothing worked. Jason, down the track you must have a closer look at the Mission builder and its instructions, it has to be made easier for the sake of this terrific Flight Simulator. Please don't think I am being critical of you and your team, (you all have enough on your plate) though I am very experienced about what I am saying. Finally thanks for your help IckyATLAS, very much appreciated. DFLion
  4. Thanks IckyATLAS for your reply. I just need a little more detail. I set up my battery of light artillery (4 x lefh18) about 5000m out from the target airfield and target linked them to the No.1 gun. I then set up a 'complex trigger' and set its radius to 5000m, ticked check aircraft and vehicles - object script listed the Spitfire IXe's at the airfield and finally in the event filter ticked object entered. I then setup a 'Trigger timer' starting in 2 seconds and target linked it to a 'Activate Command MCU' which is object linked to the No.1 gun. Finally (phew) I added a 'Command Attack Area MCU' at the airfield set the 'Y' height to 500m and in the 'advanced properties' ticked attack ground targets and ground with an attack area of 1000m and a cut-off time of 5 minutes. As you can see there is a lot more involved in setting the artillery up - and for me it still doesn't work??!! Am I doing this correctly? DFLion😎
  5. I had a test drive of the new Panther V tank - wow! I got it up to 60 km/h (downhill) and 51 to 55 km/h along flat roads. ( see pic). One of the best researched publications is the 'Panther vs Sherman' Battle of the Bulge 1944 by Steven J. Zaloga - this is a must read for this Campaign.
  6. I have been trying to get an artillery bombardment working for one of my missions, sadly to no avail. I have carefully read all the support documents, read other posts where members are having similar problems, still no luck? I know you are all flat out, (really liked the new Panther V released today) though with the Normandy campaign coming up, the Mission building community need this feature to work. In the original IL2 Sturmovik I really liked creating the ground battle under the air battle - and it worked! Could somebody have a close look at this situation in the Mission Builder and give me a detailed solution if possible. DFLion
  7. How are you Gambit21. I just noticed your post regarding long-range artillery. I am having similar trouble with trying to get medium range German artillery to work over an 8000m range. Johnny Johnson's Spitfire Squadron moved to Grave airfield in late 1944 and quickly came under sporadic artillery fire from the German lines which I am trying to simulate - without success. I have tried everything in the book to get it working and it just won't happen. This is a pity because artillery fire is so important in this simulation, especially with the Normandy Campaign coming up. How did you go with testing it? I am looking forward to playing your campaign 'HELL HAWKS over the Bulge', should be very good. DFLion
  8. Reply to JD_LincsUK and Mike2945. My understanding of being able to include the AI version of a specific aircraft in a mission is that you have to have that aircraft, in this case you have to purchase the collector plane FW190D-9 (long nose Focke Wulf). I may be wrong about this, I am on a steep learning curve at the moment creating these missions? This mission is historic. If you read Pierre Closterman's book 'The Big Show' in the mission I created, his section of Tempests were 'bounced' by a large mixed formation of German Messerschmitts and Long nose Focke Wulfs. DFLion
  9. This is the second mission in my historical 'Green Hearts' series. III/JG54 have just received their new 'Dora's' and Allied reconnaissance aircraft are becoming a real problem on clear weather days. Gruppenkommander Hptm. Robert Weiss is determined to solve the problem! I would like to thank Tom Weiss for his excellent Spitfire IXE reconnaissance skin which you will be able to download through the forum (raf 4 sqnpl983c by tom weiss). After picking-up the Spitfire visually you will have to use all your piloting skills to catch it, if you can? DFLion DF_FW190D9_Green_Hearts_02.zip
  10. This Single Mission is semi-historical involving III/JG54 the first Luftwaffe Gruppe to receive the Fw190D-9. Your Schwarm will provide cover and assistance to 'Kommando Nowotny's' Me 262 Turbo's attacking Allied B25 bombers escorted by P51D Mustangs. Watch out for the B25 .50cal protective fire, its very intense and of course the escorting Mustangs! You will need the Fw190D-9 collector plane to fly this mission. DFLion DF_FW190D9_Green_Hearts_01.zip
  11. Hi Voidhunger, Your requested mission is posted. I hope you like it - give me some feedback. DFLion
  12. Attached is my latest Single Mission, ME262_vs_P51DMustang_vsB25. This was an interesting mission to make involving 12xB25's bombing their target area, escorted by 4xP51D Mustangs then intercepted by 2xME262's. The Me262's and P51's taxi for takeoff and 6xB25's takeoff and are joined by 6xB25's in the air. You are flying an ME262 which is a great aircraft to fly. The weather is fine, visibility is good and good luck. Happy Christmas to everybody, I liked the 'Christmas Tree' in the Hangar when you start the game. DFLion DF_ME262_vs_Mustang_B25.zip
  13. Hello Voidhunger, I am now in the testing stage of your requested single mission. 2 x ME262's will intercept 12 x B25 Mitchell Bombers, protected by 4 x P51 Mustangs (Aces). I have enjoyed making this mission and have learnt how to make the B25's bomb their target. I had a few problems getting the B25's to stay on their track after they bombed. I would like to hear from any Mission builder if they have had similar problems? The Me262's and the Mustang's taxi out and takeoff from their bases. 6 x B25's takeoff from their base and are joined by another 6 in the air. It is an impressive sight looking at the 12 x B25's in the air. The ME262's are based at Hopsten. DFLion
  14. Fly as Number 2 in a six plane Tempest Flight over the Rhine River to search for and destroy enemy trains. This Mission is 'Historical' taken out of Flt.Lt. Pierre Clostermann's (DFC) book the 'Big Show'. I suggest you put your Tempest on autopilot while you are flying to the target area and take in the sound of six Napier Sabre IIA 24 cylinder engines - with 11lb boost. (Thank you Jason and the Team) Watch out for the train flak and make sure you zigzag in and out of the target area. Also watch out for 'the bounce' from enemy aircraft. You will need to have the Fw190D-9 Collector Plane to fly this Mission. Unzip the Zip file and place the folder into the 'Mission Folder' in your game IL2 Surmovik, Great Battles. DFLion DF_Tempest_Train_Busting.zip
  15. I will put this on my list of single missions to do. Even single missions take a while to do including testing. The current Mission builder is not as easy as the old ones in IL2 Sturmovik 1946 and Cliffs of Dover. DFLion
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