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  1. It’s the 1st Sep 1944 and your Squadron has just arrived at Brussels to provide tactical air support to the Allied armies pushing towards Germany. The Wing Commander has just issued orders for you take out a flight of Tempests and carry out an air defence sweep over the city of Aachen which is under attack by the US 9th Army. Luftwaffe units are reported very active in the area. Mission by DFLion DF_Tempest_vs_FW190A8.zip
  2. It’s the 1 Sep 1944 and the US 9th Army is attacking the city of Aachen. This is the first of six integrated missions that semi-historically tells you what we think happened on that day, from the Allied and German points of view. Lead your P47 flight in a ground attack mission to knock out the German artillery which are accurately harassing the Allied advance! Mission by DFLion DF_P47D28_vs_FW190A8.zip
  3. Thanks for your help with jorgesco's request, 'DN308' much appreciated. DFLion
  4. Thanks 'MarcoPegase44' for the information on Pierre Clostermann's actual combat missions in WWII. I was aware there were quite a few anomalies in his book the 'The Big Show' and as you say it was more a novel with a bit of 'poetic licence' here and there. Because he was a journalist by profession, he certainly could put together a good story and there is no doubt some of his combat descriptions in the 'Big Show' are very to the point and well written and some aren't. Because of the lack of practice, my French isn't very good and I was going to ask if 'Georges-Eric Coisne' booklet Pierre Clostermann 'Journal of Operations' Jan 43 to May 45 is obtainable in English, it would be an interesting read. Regards, DFLion
  5. Keep up your great work 'ATAG_Pattle', I'm watching every update with very high interest, you and your team are doing a fantastic job and it can only enhance the whole IL2 Sturmovik family of WWII flight simulation, which is the best! DFLion
  6. I just noticed these American pilot graphic problems in the P38, the British pilot in the Tempest appears ok. I have the latest hot-fix. DFLion
  7. I have just played the first mission of the campaign 'Lightning Strikes' that 'Jaegermeister' created and I am very impressed. Your attention to detail is a big factor for me, especially as I am on the steep learning curve of my own mission/campaign making. The campaign is very inspiring, especially flying the P38 - what an aeroplane! I often think historically how this aeroplane was the major factor in the demise of Admiral Yamamoto (Pearl Harbour attack) in the Pacific war. I am looking forward to completing the campaign and taking in your expertise. DFLion
  8. Thanks for your prompt attention with this issue, attached is the mission as requested. DFLion DF_FW190D9_Green_Hearts_03_V2.zip
  9. Thanks '-DED-Rapidus', you must have read my mind. I did check my train issue today and sadly when you put carriages on the German engine and tender, the above picture is what happens in the new version. What I did then, was put some petrol tanks (only 3) on the German engine and tender and everything worked perfectly, away it went in a cloud of steam blowing its whistle! Obviously there is some problem with the carriages? Thanks for your attention to the problem and I hope you can fix it. DFLion
  10. Thanks 'jeanba', I will try and supply links to skins on future missions. Anyway I have attached a couple of links for you. The JG26 link will give you all the skins for the FW190D-9 for both JG54 and JG26. The Spitfire link I'm not sure about, anyway have a look? DFLion https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/47221-jg26-skins/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30587-supermarine-spitfire-skins/
  11. Hi everybody, Thanks again for all your help with the Mission builder. I have just posted the mission in single missions and you are quite welcome to have a look at the Destroyers again in the Westerschelde Channel. They started working, then stopped again, then started again, so very intermittent? If you have time I would be very interested in your thoughts on this for future reference. Regards, DFLion
  12. You watch I./JG26 Staffel take off from No.1 airstrip, 90 seconds later your green flare signals your take off from No.2 airstrip. As your Staffel climbs into the air above the town of Furstenau you think about the mission ahead of you – you study your map and look at the reconnaissance photos of your targeted Allied airfield, Grimbergen. If everything goes to plan the Allies should be completely surprised! Thanks to the skin makers who help to make the mission more historically realistic with their fantastic skins. I would also like to specially thank ‘IckyATLAS’, ‘Jaegermeister’ and ‘JimTM’ for their advice when I was making the mission. DFLion DF_FW190D9_Green_Hearts_04.zip
  13. Thanks for your help Jaegermeister. I'll put the finishing touches to the mission over the next 2 days then post it in the single mission site. You can then download it and have a look at the situation with the destroyers. I've seen ships firing during some of the Kuban campaigns, sadly there is not enough information in the mission building notes. DFLion
  14. Hi IckyATLas, Still no luck with these ships firing at the passing aircraft. I have attached a screen shot from my mission builder for you to look at, perhaps I'm doing something terribly wrong? The scenario is that that 12 Fw190D-9's flying at 200m are passing over the Westerschelde Channel which leads to Antwerp. This is a historic part of my Bodenplatte mission 01 (which I am about to release), where JG54 and JG26 Fw's were accurately fired on by British naval artillery, I presume from warships moving down the channel. Thanks again for your help with this problem. DFLion
  15. Thanks IckyATLAS, I'll give your suggestions a go and give you a report later. DFLion
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