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  1. Not until Jason is back from vacation. Next week.
  2. yup would kinda like tank crew myself (50% off please)
  3. P-80 would be a better match
  4. Outstanding vid Wildcat. You made my morning
  5. 262 today ? Damn I guess not today.
  6. Need the Tempest to counter the K4 and D9 down low.
  7. I think this Thursday or Friday we'll get some new toys.
  8. Has anyone else noticed how quickly it (the D7) overheats?
  9. It would be pretty cool if their was a way to add our own faces like in IL2 1946
  10. I know its not on list or even relevant. But I would like to see an AI B-17 or B-24 for some bomber intercept missions.
  11. The Tempest and the 190D should be an interesting fight
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